The Regressor Can Make Them All

The Regressor Can Make Them All

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Lee Se-Hoon, the blacksmith of humanity's last desperate united force, fought against the demons until the very end. However, the result was mutual destruction, with the world coming to an end. The moment he took his own life over that futile conclusion—
“…What is this?”
He had regressed to his days as a candidate at the hero training institution, Babel Academy. Having obtained a second chance, he swore to use anything as material to gain victory this time. Anything at all!
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Status in Korean: Ongoing

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30 Reviews
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5 days ago
Not recommended

If the nonsensical title didn't irritate you enough, the writing will.

Despite forcing myself to read 24 chapters hoping to find some reason to give it a positive review, I've come to realise theres honestly nothing redeeming about the novel thus far.

Its an extremely generic regression story, in fact think of any korean regression story and you'll have guessed half the plot.

It's hard for me to elaborate on my frustrations without giving spoilers, but in essence, the mc's abilities and what changed after his regression isn't explained well, the side-characters are very 1-dimensional, not existing out of the mc's realm, so it doesn't feel like the world is real, it instead seems like the world stays static without the mc's presence.

The mc themselves after 24 chapters, doesn't really have a noticeable personality which anyone would be able to describe and his unique ability DOES NOT suit the mc's personality at all. Figuratively speaking if his talent was the power of friendship and for 24 chapters you had to read about an absolute npc of an mc, thinking why he can't make bonds, trust me, you would feel irritated as well.

Unfortunately this novel also falls into the classic trap of telling instead of showing.

Instead of demonstrating events to show the mc is mature, as he's a 50 year old regressor among teens, the novel just constantly hits you with the:

Side character A noticed the mc had a "mature glint in his eyes, unnatural for his age"

and dialogues similar to this are thrown in every other chapter, yes yes the mc is very special and unique, we get it.

I also wasn't a fan of the multitude of side-characters none of which are particularly important, this wasn't helped by the fact the progression is just really slow, this novel BEGS for a time-skip.

In fact from as earliest as the first 4 chapters I felt like dropping this novel, as the main reason they were not able to defeat the demons was because the strongest heroes couldn't work together, and to rub salt in the wound, 3 mercenaries were nearly able to get the job done in the end before the regression.

So now that the mc has regressed theres 0 TENSION. His power is literally to do with friendship and bonds, so what do you guys think will happen?

Also another pet-peeve I had was the mc is meant to be the best blacksmith before his regression, he already has a easy way to solve the future, make the op bastards work together, but now the guy is learning new skills in school as well, which arguably in my opinion is stupid as he should already know this basic stuff. Maybe it was because of this, these 24 chapters have been so draining, it's like a guy sharpening his sword to open a treasure chest despite having a matching key to open it, and the audience knows this.

13 days ago
Disclaimer: written as of being 6 chapters in

Setting: MC is a highly ranked blacksmith in post-apocalyptic world where people develop skills and fight back against demons. MC fails to stop the demons but is able to go back in time 30 years to try over.

A great start to the novel so far, interesting world and focus on the blacksmithing/bonds. Whilst the MC has regressed and has knowledge of the future including grudges, he seems to be focusing on the task at hand (so far).

Difficult to say this early if it will hold up and avoid the cliches, but optimistic to see where it will go.

14 days ago
So far so good.

Am hopeful for another good read.

Feels a little like a Persona noch novel because the MC hast sone Kind of bond Skill in his occupation which makes him and His works stronger through bonds with Others.

Another good Thing ist that the blacksmithing is so far a very good Mix between real world blacksmithing and some Fantasy Elements.

Also Something of Not ist that the MC seems Like He ist Not the Main Fighter even If he is the regressor which could Change since WE are Not yet that far into the Story.

For now i remain hopeful

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