The Prodigies War

The Prodigies War

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Xiao Jinyu (萧瑾瑜)
Aran & Yeow & Mo Ly & Sanguine
Abandoned as a baby, all Lin Xun had ever known was life in the sunless mine prison. His mysterious guardian, Mister Lu, never spoke much about Lin Xun's origins, only teaching him the art of runes and treating him as a servant.
The gears of fate begin to turn when disaster strikes one day, destroying the only home Lin Xun has ever known. Before the mine prison is destroyed, Mister Lu thrust an old wooden box into Lin Xun's arms and tells him to go to the Ziyao Empire if he wishes to know his parentage before throwing him into an endless dark tunnel. When Lin Xun regains consciousness, he finds himself alone in the barren wastelands and discovers a strange rune brush and a mysterious old book in the box.
What secrets do these mysterious treasures hold?
Join Lin Xun as he embarks on a journey into the world of cultivation to find his path, uncover the truth behind his birth and ultimately his destiny.
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2 years ago
At 12 chapters it is much too early to judge this novel, but so far it seems to be pretty good. Similar to another of the author's novels, Talisman Emperor, it starts off with an abandoned MC becoming a rune master who's really good at the basics but not much else. I just really, really hope it does not do what Talisman Emperor did and toss aside the rune making as soon as the MC gets a bit of power. We shall see.

Who am I kidding? We all know that's exactly what is going to happen. Anyway, one way or the other, I'll update this review a bit further in.

Edit as of ch287 (no spoilers): I've been putting off this update as I feel my original review still holds. I hated Talisman Emperor due to how its unique and interesting premise (talisman crafting) was quickly thrown away in favor of repetitive cookie-cutter fights. Greatly tempering my expectations after that experience, I was not as disappointed when this one did the exact same thing. If fights get one whole chapter and jade beauty descriptions get 2, the tattoo (rune) creation gets 1 or maybe 2 sentences if it's really heaved defying. I think there might have even been an entire paragraph once.

If you love verbose descriptions of battles and hate crafting then you'll love this novel. Otherwise, not so much.

Edit again: What? Editing a review deletes all votes and bumps it to the bottom of the list? Really? Looks like I will not be making any more edits.

[Unknown Account]
2 years ago
I’ve read this before long time ago they renamed it although quarterly, trust me this is a good one and you could truly get immersed in it. This novel has a slow pace but it keeps you grounded to the story, and it’s refined unlike author other novel. The mc is intellectually, cunning and he definitely knows how play his cards. He’s the type of mc that willing to take a step back to take two steps forward.

Definitely looking forward to it, a recommend read for sure! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Dodge Chance
2 years ago
The story is similar to the author's other novel, which I enjoyed, although this feels somewhat more polished, perhaps because of his experience from that writing Talisman Emperor. This novel seems to be going for a fairly traditional Chinese fantasy-style story with enough new/originality to keep things interesting. Which I'm actually happy about, because it is that very style of story that I originally fell in love with, despite all the flaws which may accompany it, and it's what first brought me to Wuxiaworld all those years ago. I was actually worried stories like this would start drying up with the recent acquisition and the subsequent addition of all these Korean novels (not that I don't love them too).

At the end of the day I'm only at chapter 30 at the time of writing, so honestly, this can only be considered an expression of interest or a preliminary review at best. Regardless, I like what I've read so far and I think this novel has laid a strong foundation.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what's to come.

Edit: as of chapter 800 I can reaffirm that I am greatly enjoying this novel. Definitely within my top 3 currently releasing novels. A lot of the recent reviews are very negative, but I'm definitely still enjoying this novel.

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