Chapter 95. Initiation (2)

By definition, it was the innate physiological property or health-related trait of a person’s body.
The same definition applied to this world’s meaning of Physique, making it somewhat similar to Gifts. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it the body's Gift.
Recovering quicker, taking in mana better, having superior organ functions; there were all kinds of Physiques.
However, the Physique I planned to create now was a little more complex.

[Magic Dysfunction Physique]
□Magic Dysfunction
—Physique that prevents the body’s emission of magic power, trapping mana inside the body.

Magic Dysfunction Physique.
A body that can’t use magic power.
At first glance, it was easy to see it as an undesirable negative Physique.
However, that wasn’t the case for me.
Since I couldn’t use the magic power in my body anyways, I wouldn’t be suffering any loss. Stigma’s magic power was a different entity than my body’s magic power.
That was the important thing.
I wasn’t suffering a loss.
So I could just give up on it.
But objectively, being unable to use magic power was a huge flaw. In other words, this was a huge restriction. By applying a negative effect that served as a huge restriction, I could apply an equally powerful positive effect at cheaper cost.

Energy Conversion
—Mana stored in your body will not disappear; instead, it will be converted into energy and stored. Stored energy can increase your physical stats up to twice their base values, but will be used every time you move your body.

This was the positive effect.
Simply put, my physical stats would increase up to two times if I just ate well and slept well.
However, the stored energy would be used up with physical activity, so I would get weaker as the fight dragged on. Still, having my stats doubled could prevent me from dying from an ambush.

I thought of this Physique to protect myself from my greatest weakness – ambush. I could only trust in my luck so much. After all, my stats were just too pitiful.

[Strength 2.570]
[Stamina 2.580]
[Speed 3.265]
[Perception 4.220]
[Vitality 2.670]
[Magic power 1.930]

Nothing increased over 0.2 points since a month ago. At this rate, I would only be in the 4~5 point range in 10 years. With those stats of a low rank Hero, there was no way I would survive in the main story.
As such, this Physique was the best way to bridge the gap.
Without hesitation, I clicked on…

“Oh, wait….”

I tried changing my Physique just to see.

[Mana Affinity Physique]
[You do not have enough SP]

“Can’t you tell me how much I need?”

I got my reply pretty quickly.

[About 5500 SP is required.]

“…Fine, fine.”

I changed it back to Magic Dysfunction Physique and hit save.

[500 SP will be consumed. Would you like to save?]

Because of the restriction of being unable to emit magic power, I needed much less SP than expected. With 500 SP, I would have about 350 left in my bank.
Currently, my singing performance was spreading through social media like wild fire, raising my SP periodically.
I hit Enter.


Suddenly, a golden light erupted from the laptop screen, and several messages popped up.

[Your special stat, accumulation of luck, activates!]
[Golden characters rain down, forming words!]

Then, a new low rank Physique appeared.

□Blessing in Disguise
—With a certain chance, a tiny portion of your stored energy will lead to a permanent stat increase. (the stat increase chance is affected by your invariable luck stat.)

“…The heck.”

I became absent-minded for a moment.
This… it seemed like a weaker version of the ‘Getting Stronger Everyday’ Gift I thought of long ago.
…In any case, it was free so I had nothing to complain about. Even a 0.001 increase per day would be a net gain.


Unable to hold back my joy, I hugged Evandel who was munching on a chicken leg next to me.

“Ak, what is it?”

Evandel continued eating even in my arms. Nom, nom, nom, nom. She sped up, thinking I was trying to steal her food.


The week after Class Competitions.
Cube suddenly became desolate.
It was because cadets knew exams were coming up in two weeks.
Cadets moved back and forth between the Fitness Center and the library with tired faces, and they looked even more dreary during class. Naturally, they were less energetic for team challenges.


Days went by in this way.
Currently, it was Thursday after class.
I stood in front of Cube’s Portal Station.
My destination was Seoul.
There were things I needed to bring from Seoul before the next main story began.
While I was checking my wallet and cadet card in front of the Portal Station’s automatic door, a voice rang out from my right hand.

“Hajin, Hajin.”

“…Like I said, you’re not allowed to talk.”

“It feels stuffy.”


Currently, Evandel was inside a pet cage. When I told her I was going to Seoul, she threw a tantrum saying she also wanted to go, so I had no choice but to bring her along.

“I want to get out of here.”

She transformed into a rather unique puppy. She looked like a short-haired Pomeranian, but she had long golden hair growing on her head. Because of it, she looked cuter and more high-class.

“I’ll take you out once we arrive, so wait until then.”


Evandel whimpered instead of talking. I let out a dry cough and approached a Portal worker.

“Oh? A star is here.”

That was the first thing the Portal worker said.
I tilted my head.


“Haha, I was just listening to it. If.”

The Portal worker laughed and showed me her watch.
[Kim Hajin (Singing Competition vers.) – If.mp3]

“There’s an mp3 version of it?”

“It’s extracted from the video. Many people downloaded it, you know.”

“Oh… really?”

“Yes. You were great.”

The Portal worker smiled as she wrote my name down.

“Take care. Though, I don’t know where you’re going with your pet.”

“Ah, yes, thank you.”


[Athenian Citizen’s Obsidian Bracelet] [Magic Artifact]
A bracelet with magic seals. Used by an ancient Athenian noble.

I went to the Seoul Magic Tower and brought back the obsidian bracelet I left. The obsidian bracelet had a new magic seal – magic power reinforcement. It was similar in function to qi reinforcement.

—You will only be able to use it once, so only use it when it’s absolutely necessary.

That was what the artificer told me, but that was because he didn’t realize the bracelet’s Automatic Recharge function. Still, I was impressed with his honesty. I made a note to myself to recommend him to Yoo Yeonha’s future Magic Tower.

Next, I went to SH Agency’s office. There was something I had to pick up from Park Soohyuk.
When I went there, I was shocked by the scale of the agency’s office.

“We already have 11 employees and 5 hunters with exclusive contracts. Ah, this office is thanks to Lady Yoo’s investment.”

Park Soohyuk spoke proudly. Lady Yoo was obviously Yoo Yeonha.

“That’s great. You didn’t forget what I invested right?”

“Of course not. You gave it in stocks. I’ll multiply in tenfold and give it back.”


I looked around the office in awe. The interior design was sleek, and there was even a café. It was also located in a good environment.

“Let’s go downstairs. What you ordered is in the parking lot.”

Park Soohyuk spoke with a smile.
I went downstairs with Park Soohyuk to pick up the bike I ordered before.

“Oh, is that it?”

Once I arrived at the parking lot, I saw a sparkly motorcycle taking up two parking spaces.

“By the way, Hajin, where did you get this puppy? She’s adorable.”

Park Soohyuk smiled like a dad looking at Evandel in his arms. Evandel was smiling brightly as she calmly leaned against his chest.
Little did he know, Evandel was cuter in her human form.

“Uh… try contacting a pet adoption center.”

I replied half-heartedly and examined the bike.

[Agusta Vigilante] [Masterpiece]
□High rank Mana Frame
□Weight Reduction & Reinforcement Preservation
—Reduces the weight of the vehicle and increases its speed. Reinforcement Preservation prevents the weakness to strong impact that would result from Weight Reduction.
□Mana Booster
—Uses mana for instantaneous acceleration.

It was labeled as a masterpiece even though it was a manufactured product.
It was worth its cost, but its size made it cumbersome to bring along.

“Ah, Hajin, I have to go now. My employees are looking for me.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll see you later then, Hyung.”

“See you~”

Luckily, Park Soohyuk had to leave. He put Evandel down and quickly ran off.
Once he disappeared, I looked around the parking lot.
As expected, there were security cameras.


Without any other choice, I picked up Evandel and got on Agusta. I slowly drove to a nearby alley.
Then, I added a setting.

—By using Stigma’s magic power, it can transform into a suitcase.

[100 SP will be consumed.]

Thanks to having Stigma’s magic power be a requirement, I only needed 100 SP for the modification. A vehicle was something I desperately needed for the next main story, and also the ‘work’ I planned on doing.
I hit save without hesitation.

“Let’s see…”

I tried imbuing Stigma’s magic power into the bike. The motorcycle then creaked and was dismantled. Then, it reassembled into a suitcase form.
I picked it up by the handle.
It was heavy. It had to be at least 20kg.
But well, with my strength, it wasn’t the least bit burdening.

“This is great.”

Holding the suitcase in my hand, I muttered in satisfaction. Evandel stood on her hind legs and asked.

“Hajin, Hajin, where are we going next~?”

“Let’s go eat. How’s steak?”


Oh right, she’s never eaten steak before.

“It’s really yummy.”


“Yeah, but first… transform back into a human. I think it’s okay now.”


Seoul Cheongdam-dong intersection.
Yoo Yeonha was walking down the street with her mother, Jin Yeojung, for the first time in a while.

“Take a good look. All this land will become yours in the future.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already thought about how to use it.”

This cleanly arranged intersection was Jin Yeojung’s property.
She was one of Korea’s top real estate chaebols and an extraordinary businesswoman who invested her rich farmer father’s money to make billions of won. Not only did she own Essence of the Strait’s guild building, she also owned the buildings of Essence of the Strait’s businesses, like ‘Essential Armory’ and ‘Essential Insurance’.
There was a reason why Yoo Jinwoong the Berserker was like a child in front of his wife.

“Yes, I believe you Yeonha. You’re not a kid like your father.”

“Dad isn’t that bad. He’s gotten better lately….”

Yoo Yeonha suddenly stopped her sentence and sniffed the air. A delicious smell had entered her nose. She glanced at her mother, then slowly looked around the intersection.
In a nearby alley, there was a food stand selling spicy rice cakes, sundae, and tempura.

‘Ah, I know that place. It was even featured on a TV show for being delicious. I want to try it, I want to try it…’


At that moment, Jin Yeojung’s cold voice rang out. Startled, Yoo Yeonha turned back to her mother.
Jin Yeojung looked at the food stand Yoo Yeonha was looking at, and furrowed her brows.

“Yeonha, don’t tell me you haven’t quit yet.”

“Yes? Ah, sssp, of course not. I’m not a child… ssp. I already graduated from that a long time ago.”

Yoo Yeonha shook her head nonchalantly.

“Then why are you drooling?”

“Yes? Ah~ my mouth has been dry lately.”

Yoo Yeonha quickly averted her gaze elsewhere.
At that moment, her eyes widened.


She saw someone familiar.

“What are you talking about. We have many things to do today. We have to inspect the area and meet with the occupants. You’ll inherit this place, so you need to know what’s going on.”

“Mother, there’s something I need to—”

“Quiet. Follow me.”

Jin Yeojung snatched Yoo Yeonha’s wrist.

“Ah, Mom, really… Aaah….”

As Jin Yeojung lived a tough life of her own, Yoo Yeonha couldn’t win against her strength and was dragged away.

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