Chapter 76. Short Break (2)

Rachel returned to the Royal Court under the protection of numerous Heroes.
Her mother and father, the Queen of England and her consort, were worried sick, thinking that she had been abducted by Evil Society.
Rachel corrected their misunderstanding, that she wasn’t abducted, but had left of her own accord. Naturally, she had to tell them about the giant who ended up taking the White Crystal.
Then, their worry became anger, and Rachel ended up being scolded.

Their nagging continued for 30 minutes, telling her not to do something so reckless ever again, and that she would be transferred to England Academy if something similar happened again.
After enduring their threats and scolding, she returned to her room.
She felt like her ears were bleeding.
Tired, she buried herself on her bed.


Many things happened today that caused her to sigh.
Roton Corporation’s CEO, Zelen, was taken to the hospital after fainting. Once the stock market opened tomorrow, Roton Corporation’s stocks were sure to plummet.

What happened today wouldn’t hurt England. Zelen had written a contract, vowing not to blame England no matter what happened.
However, the ‘Royal Court’ guild would undoubtedly be impacted as Roton Corporation was its biggest sponsor. If Roton retracted their support, the Royal Court guild would surely falter financially.


Putting aside such concerns for now, Rachel thought about the incident that happened only two hours ago.
First was Kim Hajin.
He had used some unknown method to identify the Djinn who fled with the crystal and then chased after him. He had almost succeeded in retrieving the crystal, but a mysterious giant intervened and took the crystal away.
In the end, the crystal was lost.

However, the image that stayed in Rachel’s mind wasn’t the lost crystal, but the man who bashfully confessed that he was her fan.

…Suddenly, other thoughts began to emerge in her mind.

He had left behind many ‘hints’. The biggest hint was the theory class.
Kim Hajin was good at studying, but he was well known for not sharing his knowledge with others. She had also heard the slanderous rumors about him.

‘But… it was different with me. He always answered any question I asked. And during the final exam, he immediately revealed his location with me, strongly expressing his desire to be with me. But I refused, and he watched over me from afar, helping me when I was in a dangerous situation.

‘At first, I didn’t understand why. I couldn’t find any reason he would help me. But now… everything makes sense. If what he did wasn’t directed by reason but feelings, then everything makes sense.’


At that moment, Rachel was struck with a flash of insight.
Perhaps, this was a great opportunity. The Royal Court guild needed someone strong in both theory and combat. Kim Hajin was such a person. If it was him, he would be able to raise the Royal Court guild’s prestige.

‘Then, if I could lead the favorable feelings he has for me in that direction…. No.’

Rachel shook her head.
It was still someone’s feelings. Manipulating and making use of someone’s feelings was something that people shouldn’t do. Rachel immediately shook off the horrible thought she had.
She even smacked her own head.


10 P.M.
I came to the first floor of the hotel-casino. I thought that traveling club’s members would be waiting there. However, Chae Nayun was the only one in front of the hotel entrance. She was killing time tapping on the ground with her toes.


Chae Nayun yawned as though she was sleepy, and then noticed me.
She looked at me and grinned.

“Why are you staring?”


I shrugged without answering her.

“Where are the others?”

“They went ahead. Why are you always late?”

I ended up being late because of the video call with Evandel.

“Sorry, I had something to do.”


Chae Nayun took out the magic sword I gave her from her pocket.

“Anyways, thanks for giving me this. It helped a lot.”

“No problem.”

I didn’t really need it back, but I still took it and put it in my pocket.
Chae Nayun pointed to the front and exclaimed heartedly.

“Let’s go. I’ll pay for the food.”

She then stomped forward excitedly. I followed her out of the hotel.
It was dark outside, but beautiful lights lit up the darkness. Because today’s trouble was limited to Clancy Hall, other places were operating as usual.


While I was walking slowly, Chae Nayun suddenly tapped on my shoulder.


“Isn’t that yours?”

“What… Huh?”

At the place Chae Nayun pointed, the motorbike I drove earlier in the day was parked. I sneaked up to the bike. I really wanted it. It seemed the owner of the bike was a guest of this hotel.
Chae Nayun smacked her lips and asked.

“Can we ride it there?’

“It’s not mine. I borrowed it back then too.”


We both walked away reluctantly.
Tak, tak.
We began to walk towards the restaurant again. I turned on the smartwatch GPS. Chae Nayun was the last person I trusted to guide me.


I was walking silently, and Chae Nayun suddenly initiated a conversation. I looked back at her.
Under a dim streetlight, she smiled coolly. Then, she asked fleetingly.

“Don’t you think we can be friends?”

My feet came to a stop.
Friends. It was a word that never crossed my mind.
I stared at Chae Nayun blankly. She was playing with her hair and pretending to be indifferent. I didn’t know what she was thinking or why she suddenly said what she said.


Staring at her directly, I cut down her offer coldly.

“I don’t think so.”

There was no way we could be friends. As someone who would eventually leave this world, and as someone who would kill her most precious person…
I couldn’t become her friend.


Chae Nayun stood still, seemingly taken off guard. She stared at me without even breathing. Soon, with a slightly stiff expression, she let out a sigh, then forcefully made a smile.

“S-Screw you. Fine, if you don’t wanna be friends, then screw off.”

She smacked my shoulder, then ran forward.


Silently staring at her back, I rubbed my shoulder.

“…That freaking hurt.”

To be honest, it felt like I was hit with a hammer.


Next day.
I went shopping, finishing up what I went to do yesterday.
I visited another antique shop. Although most antiques were only a little special in appearance and otherwise useless, I was able to pick up two items.

[Horse Saddle] [Antique]
A horse saddle used by a nameless cavalryman 500 years ago.
If you sit on this saddle, you will be able to handle rides better.

[Hornflute] [Antique]
A flute used by a wandering minstrel of Joseon.
If you blow this horn, your throat will become clean and your voice will become clearer for three hours.

They were useless in combat and were for more practical uses. Still, I really liked the horse saddle. Although it was expensive, I knew it would pay for itself one day.

“Let’s go.”

Now, it was noon.
We stood in front of Clancy Islet’s Portal. With our status being clear, we didn’t need to undergo further investigation.
But behind us, a group of five people was lined up, waiting for their turn. I tried my best not to stare at them inadvertently. They were all members of the Chameleon Troupe, who were disguised with Jain’s Gift.

From Clancy Islet to England, then England’s Portal Station to Seoul.
We used two Portals in total.

“There was an unexpected trouble yesterday, but as Heroes, we should start getting used to such situations.”

That was what Oh Hanhyun said after we arrived at Seoul Portal Station. Everyone nodded as they made bitter smiles.

“Now, let’s all go back home. Well done everybody, both yesterday and today!”

After Oh Hanhyun’s words of encouragement, we left the Seoul Portal Station.
Then, everyone other than me froze.
The outside of the Portal Station was bustling with reporters.

—Ah, they’re here!
—They’re back!

The reporters’ cameras flashed blindingly.

—Is it true that Princess Rachel was abducted yesterday in Clancy Islet?
—Just what happened!?
—There have been reports that Kim Suho cadet performed great service at the incident…

The reporters bombarded us with questions. Videos of what happened in Clancy Hall must have spread to Korea, and Kim Suho’s outstanding performance surely made headlines.

The other club members were standing in a daze, but I wasn’t. I knew that the reporters would have no interest in me.

Stealthily turning back, I sneaked away to a restaurant known for its roasted chicken.
I had to buy snacks for Evandel who was waiting for me at home.

“Give me two… no, three.”

“Three, got it.”

After buying three roasted chicken, I went back to the Portal Station.
The interview was still ongoing. Yoo Yeonha, who liked media attention, was talking to the reporters as her hair fluttered in the air.
Ignoring them, I went to the Portal leading to Cube.


Cube’s scenery was familiar like home. Feeling the air of the East Sea, I walked through the central park. Soon, Dorm 1 appeared. My room was number 109, which was convenient since I didn’t need to take the elevator. I put my thumb on the fingerprint scanner.
Tiririk— The door opened with a ringing tone.
I slammed the door shut as soon as I got in.
At the same time, Evandel and all the animals she created ran at me.


I hugged Evandel who ran into my embrace. She rubbed her face against my chest, showing her joy. In an instant, my heart became calm and full.
I wondered if I’ll be able to feel this when I have kids in the future.
Evandel looked at me with twinkling eyes and asked.

“Did you buy chicken?”

“Yeah, I bought a lot.”

I held up a plastic bag full of chicken.


Three days until the start of the second semester.
I thought I had quite a fruitful break. I hunted hard, trained hard, and added another function to my laptop - 'Smartwatch Link'.
It was annoying having to open the laptop every time something happened, but I was putting it off because I didn’t want to use SP.

[An incredible luck applies, warding you from certain death!]
[Narrow Escape from Death (3/9) – A special stat, accumulation of luck, becomes partly unlocked!]
[You obtained 193 SP!]

I made the change using the 193 SP I gained thanks to Cheok Jungyeong. Now that I had it, I wondered why I delayed such a convenient function until now.

—Oh, Hajin, what’s up?

I called Park Soohyuk using my upgraded smartwatch.

“Hyung, did you get what I wanted?”

Last week, I asked Park Soohyuk to get me a motorcycle. I was calling him now to check how it was going.

—Yeah, I looked up the motorcycle with the best specs like you wanted, but it’s really expensive. 150 million won. Agusta, I think it was called?

“Is that including all the additional functionalities you can put on it?”

—No, it gets even more expensive. With things like mana coating and engine reinforcement, the final cost will be way more than what it’s worth.

“Do it anyway. I won a lot of money at the casino.”

I won 2 billion won at the casino. Plus, that day was also approaching.
The day Packhorse Master would conquer Suwon Devil’s Nest, and consequently, the day I would become rich.

—…Okay, I’ll put in an order. But where are you going to ride it? There isn’t anywhere in Korea that’s suitable for such a high spec motorcycle.

“It’s fine.”

I had Aether, and I even had Horse Saddle which would improve my driving skills even more. In the case of an emergency, I could also use Bullet Time.

—Okay, I’ll order it under our company’s name, so come to pick it up later.

“Thanks. Oh right, is the company growing well?”


Park Soohyuk replied with a laugh.

—We have 13 hunters with us now. You don’t have to worry.

“Ooh, what an improvement~”

—Haha, it’s all thanks to you. We’re preparing to expand our business. We’re going to move to a better place soon too.

“Then I’ll invest. Like I said before, I won a lot of money at the casino.”

When I was excitedly talking with Park Soohyuk, an alert suddenly popped up on my laptop.
In an instant, my face stiffened.
It was from Violet Banquet.
I hung up the call and confirmed its content.
Someone had made a commission to the Truth Agency. It was the first commission in about a month and a half.

[Please find this person.]

Although the sentence was short, it came with the detailed personal information and picture of a man.
His name was Fernin Jesus


I knew who this man was.
Fernin Jesus.
This was the man ‘Tomer’ loved and hated more than anyone – her father.

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