Chapter 35. Exam Period (3)

With exams starting next week, the Fitness Center was filled with cadets.
Haaap—! Yaaaap—! The spirited shouts coming from the sparring rooms pierced through the walls, while clashing of magic power created sharp sonic booms.
In the physical training room, cadets could be seen lifting 120kg dumbbells effortlessly. 

I was also working out among such monsters. What I could do was pitiful compared to other cadets, but I was pouring out sweat and effort in my own way.



Using my smartwatch’s vibration as an excuse, I put down the bar I was lifting. Dizziness immediately came over me. It seemed 130kg bench press was still too much.
I wiped my sweat off with a towel hanging around my neck and checked my smartwatch.

[The documents are ready… But are you really going to invest so much money in us?]

It was a message from Park Soohyuk.
Of the 500 million I earned from selling the ginseng, I bought stocks with 250 million and invested the rest into SH Agency. I knew SH Agency would become just as successful as Packhorse Master.

[Of course. I’ll see you tomorrow.]

[Um… Why us?]

It seemed Park Soohyuk was quite confused, but I couldn’t blame him. The current SH Agency was a tiny nameless company that had yet to accomplish anything.

[It’s fun, growing bigger together. Don’t you think it’ll be nice to see each other grow?]

I wasn’t investing in a company, but a person. That was how exceptional Park Soohyuk was. He was a future tycoon, jumping into this business without any connection and managing to achieve the world’s most brilliant enterprise.

[Ah… Yes… Then I’ll see you tomorrow with all the documents and contracts. Thank you once again.]

[No problem. See you then.]

After ending my conversation with Park Soohyuk, I lied down on the bench press once again. But immediately after I put my hands on the bar, my wrist vibrated once again.
Who was it now? When I looked at my smartwatch, I couldn’t help but furrow my brows.
It was Yoo Yeonha.


I couldn’t understand why she would suddenly message me, but the content of the message was even more mysterious. It was a single number. Did she press the wrong button?

“What’s up with her?”

Since she didn’t say anything else, I ignored it and put my hands back on the bar. Putting strength into my entire body, I lifted it up with regular breathing.
One, two, three, four… nine.
Nine. 9.
Suddenly, I thought of something.

“…Don’t tell me, is this a rescue signal?”


Yoo Yeonha was currently detained in the penthouse room of Cube’s second year dorm.
No matter how much of an elite Yoo Yeonha was, she couldn’t do anything against a Djinn who was loved by Lilith. Yun Hyun easily subdued Yoo Yeonha before storing her in an extradimensional pocket and moving her here.
He couldn’t show the meticulousness he usually did in hiding his tracks and Yoo Yeonha’s struggle was surely caught on CCTV, but since he planned to leave Cube once this matter was finished, he didn’t care.

“Oh, this is him? The quick-witted one who said I was a Djinn?”

Yun Hyun looked at Yoo Yeonha’s smartwatch he just snatched and grinned. The message Yoo Yeonha sent Kim Hajin was displayed on the smartwatch screen.

“Looks like I’ll need to kill him later… Anyways, what’s this? 9? That’s all you sent to ask for help? Who would understand something so cryptic?”

Yun Hyun dropped the smartwatch and stomped on it. Cube’s proud smartwatch was shattered easily.

“Of course, even if he understood what you meant, he wouldn’t be able to come in here. There’s a barrier around this place, you see.”

Yoo Yeonha fiercely glared at Yun Hyun while clenching her teeth. Seeing Yoo Yeonha’s glare, Yun Hyun trembled in ecstasy.

“Ah, amazing. Those eyes are amazing. It’s okay, Yeonha. Soon, you’ll come to like me too.”

Tap, tap. 
Yun Hyun slowly approached Yoo Yeonha, who was tied to a chair. She struggled fiercely, but the restraint spell prevented her from moving.

“You have beautiful skin.”

Yun Hyun put his hands on Yoo Yeonha’s thigh. A faint handprint was left behind on her white skin. At the disgusting sensation akin to a snake licking her, Yoo Yeonha teared up.

“Once is enough. You won’t be able to escape afterward. Lilith-nim allowed it for today too. That’s right, Lilith-nim wants you too.”

Yun Hyun spoke leisurely. The Devil of Enchantment bewitched people on a fundamental level. Once Yun Hyun had his way, Yoo Yeonha would become a completely different person.

“Yeonha, weren’t you lonely? I know that feeling too.”

Speaking persuasively, Yun Hyun placed his hand on Yoo Yeonha’s neck. A mind-muddling magic power was imbued in his breath. Yoo Yeonha trembled. No matter how powerful her mental power was, ecstasy forced by magic power wasn’t something she could resist. If she could, she would not have hesitated to bite her own tongue to end her own life.

“It’s easier if you give up.”

Yun Hyun caressed Yoo Yeonha’s face and whispered softly. A magic power of passion flowed into Yoo Yeonha from his hand. The magic power stimulated many parts of her body and urged her to submit. An intense pleasure akin to euphoria overwhelmed her.
In the end, she let out a small aroused moan.

But at that moment, a flash of light erupted from the window and a translucent beam of light pierced Yun Hyun.


Yun Hyun was dazed by the unexpected attack as he fell on his knee. While he was struggling to comprehend what just happened, an unidentifiable voice rang out from the room.

—Serves you right for not listening to me and suspecting me.


Yoo Yeonha’s eyes shot open at the familiar voice. Yun Hyun used this chance to imbue magic power into his injured leg, but the special regenerative power of Djinns didn't activate and only the pain increased.

—Don’t think about recovering from that wound. I refined that bullet to be a bit more efficient. Unless you undergo a surgery to take it out…

“Shut it!”

Yun Hyun shot up with a roar. Red magic power erupted from his body. His eyes, which had turned bloodshot, glanced around the empty room in vain.

“Where are you! Show yourself!”

Yun Hyun swung his magic power around desperately. The storm of magic power swept through his surroundings, but there was nothing out of the ordinary.

—You can try all you want, but you won’t be able to reach me. I’m far, far away, you see.

“You little rat—!”

As if to respond to Yun Hyun’s curse, a single bullet shot through the window and pierced Yun Hyun’s shoulder. Yun Hyun felt rage before pain.

“You, You—!”

Yun Hyun swung his arms frantically.

“Show yourself—! Show yourself, you son of a bitch—!”

His frenzied cry muddled his speech, and it became harder and harder to tell whether a human was talking or an animal was crying.

Then, a few more bullets flew in through the window. Yun Hyun erupted in a furious rage. Now, he was no different than a beast.

Yoo Yeonha watched this overwhelming scene in a daze. Setting aside where the bullets were coming from, just how could mere bullets injure a Djinn to this degree? She grew deeply curious at this unprecedented power.

—So this is why people enjoy sniping. 

With a mocking taunt, another bullet flew in. This time, the bullet hit Yun Hyun’s chest. He collapsed from the shock, then began to crawl pitifully using his hands. Immediately, bullets pierced his knees and shoulders. It was a critical blow preventing him from further movement.


The bullets had all come from the window. Yun Hyun thought that he just had to hide from sight.
But the cold-hearted sharpshooter didn’t allow any mercy. Another white shooting star flew in through the window and pierced his back. Yun Hyun’s hands trembled, while his bloodshot eyes widened.

—So durable… Oy, Yoo Yeonha, I’m about to use up all of the bullets you gave me. If you have a conscience, provide me with better ones.

Yoo Yeonha couldn’t laugh at the man’s joking words.
Yun Hyun was in a pitiful state, while a man was protecting her from a faraway place. Realizing that she would survive, she relaxed. When the tension in her body disappeared, drowsiness overwhelmed her.

—If you’re tired, just sleep. Kim Suho should be arriving soon.

Before she fell asleep like the man said, Yoo Yeonha asked the one question she had.

“By the way… Where are you talking from?”

—Above you. The ceiling’s speaker, I hacked into it.


I see…
Yoo Yeonha chuckled and closed her eyes.


At first, I thoughtlessly asked the Book of Truth whether Yun Hyun had kidnapped Yoo Yeonha.
The Book of Truth answered ‘yes’, and I shot up in surprise. Not only was the schedule moved up, I was also notified of a settings change.
Because my novel was for an audience of all ages, I made Yun Hyun impotent, but an absurd setting had been added to his genitals…

I immediately alerted Kim Suho, but since every second was vital, I set out myself.

I ran to a mountaintop that had a clear view of the second year cadets' dorm. I only needed five minutes to climb the mountain thanks to my increased vitality and stamina. As a result, I could save Yoo Yeonha before it was too late.

“Thank god I chose to come.”

Just now, Kim Suho barged into Yun Hyun’s penthouse after breaking the barrier. Yun Hyun resisted with what little strength he had left, but Kim Suho cut him down with a single slash.

“…But this, it’s better than I expected.”

I stared at the giant anti-material sniper rifle in my hand in admiration.
With a length of 1.5 meters, it flaunted a domineering and beautiful appearance. The gun barrel, designed to amplify the gun’s firepower, looked extremely vicious, but its platinum color and the golden patterns surrounding it gave it a noble elegance.
This sniper rifle was the result of Aether and Desert Eagle’s fusion. I had created it just now using SP.

[Sniper rifle mode – transforms into a high-powered sniper rifle when fused with Aether.]

Even after adding the restriction that Aether had to be used, the modification cost 250 SP.
Using this anti-material sniper rifle, I sniped down a target 1.5km away. I saw the enemy from a distance I couldn’t be seen, and sniped an enemy from a distance I couldn’t be attacked.
It was quite exhilarating.

“I’m sure Kim Suho will take care of the rest.”

I canceled the fusion between Aether and Desert Eagle. The 1.5m long sniper rifle returned to its normal handgun form.

[You obtained 457 SP!]
[An incredible luck applies. You obtained an additional 11% as a bonus!]
[You succeeded in a long range snipe. Proficiency of Master Sharpshooter increases to grade 7.]

I gained a lot of SP in a single day. It was to be expected since I completed a major arc.

I sat down on the ground and watched what was happening far away. Kim Suho was putting Yoo Yeonha on his back, while Cube’s Heroes were rushing into the dorm.

With this, the number of victims had decreased. Though faint, a point of contact was also created between Yoo Yeonha and Kim Suho. Since Kim Suho was a kind main character, I was sure he would treat Yoo Yeonha well.
Though things had become a bit messy, overall, I was satisfied with the outcome.

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