Chapter 3. Cube (3)

Guns were still excellent weapons in this world. But that was only for ordinary soldiers who couldn’t wield mana.

Rather than traditional bullets, this world’s guns used ‘magic bullets’, bullets containing compressed mana with the power to kill low-intermediate rank grade 8 monsters. In comparison, the training saber said to cost 5 million won could only kill low-rank monsters on average. So, the gun was a stronger weapon on its own.

But Heroes and mercenaries who could wield magic power didn’t choose guns. That was because ‘magic power’ couldn’t be applied to guns, so no matter how strong the user of a gun was, the weapon had a clear limit in potency.

In choosing a main weapon, the most important aspect was its origin. In short, a weapon’s grade went up the grander its origin was.

For instance, guns were separated into three grades - mass-produced, custom-made, or masterpiece. Swords, on the other hand, had much more – artifact, armament, treasured, mythical, legendary, etc.

This was because myths and legends were manifested in this world.

The sword was a weapon of long and deep history. Naturally, many swords had descended from myths and legends.
Sword of Freyr, demon blade Muramasa, magic sword Tyrfing, holy sword Durendal, king’s sword Excalibur, etc… In this world, many swords of legends remained undiscovered in ‘Dungeons’ or ‘Towers’. Each of them was a priceless treasure. Of course, these treasures could only be used by those who were proficient with swords.

Consequently, Heroes chose more ancient weapons. Even if they reached a bottleneck in their growth, a high grade weapon could help them break through.

“… Kim Chundong.”

Kim Soohyuk called my name once more before activating his smartwatch. For some reason, I could also see the information hidden by the information protection system.
It was information about me, cadet Kim Chundong.

“Didn’t you use a sword?”

As expected of an extra, Kim Chundong was an ordinary swordsman.

“I decided to change my weapon.”

“After coming all the way to Cube?”


Kim Soohyuk didn’t look happy with my choice but he nodded with a slight frown.

“That’s fine. Cadets can make their own choices at Cube. Instructors won’t interfere at all. But that also means the responsibility falls on cadets.”

Kim Soohyuk moved on, but the whispering among students didn’t stop. Whispers that should have been too quiet for me to hear, for some reason, I could hear them clearly. It seemed this was Chundong’s Gift. How useless.

“Gun? Is that guy insane?”

“Why did he even come to Cube if he wants to be a mercenary?”

Before entering Cube, cadets got to try all sorts of weapons. It was to find the weapon that suited their Gift. But a Gift wasn’t needed to use guns. You just had to put your finger on the trigger and pull.

“You can easily change the main weapon you chose today. And regardless of what you chose, you will go through the same training and tests. That means the weaknesses of a weapon will be yours to handle.”

Kim Soohyuk announced while looking my way.
I get it, damn it. I just didn’t have any other choice!
The cadets here had been attending military academies since they were 7 or 8. In other words, they had been practicing cutting, slicing, breaking, and shooting for 10 years.

But I was different.

I didn’t inherit Chundong’s memories, and I was far from a swordsman in the real world. Heck, I wasn’t even into sports. I wasn’t much of a thrill-seeker either.
In the end, I could only choose a long ranged weapon, so a bow or a gun. Thanks to Korea’s military service, I was at least familiar with guns.

“Now, we’ll assign you your rooms and your personal belongings will be sent there. Afterward, you’re free. Classes will start four days later, that’s next Monday.”

Kim Soohyuk spoke as he looked at me with pity.
And thus, the main weapon selection ended.


“Yo, gunner, are you for real?”

“I just don’t understand. Are you one of those attention seekers? This is the first time I’ve heard of someone choosing a gun at Cube.”

On the way to the dorm, a group of guys struck up a conversation. I simply ignored their sarcastic remarks.
Seeing me unperturbed by their provocations, the group left after snickering to themselves. As expected of teenage boys, they were more interested in female students.
Even I turned my sights their way.
Chae Nayun, Rachel, and Yoo Yeonha. These three girls’ beauty had far surpassed my settings.
While I observed them with a side-glance, we arrived at the dorm.

“Here are the dorms for the first years.”

Six extravagant skyscrapers stood in front of me.
According to Kim Soohyuk, each building had 100 floors, each consisting of 5 rooms.
The rooms were distributed according to grades, but even if one’s grades were dead bottom, they still their own room. Agent Military Academy’s top three male and top three female cadets got the penthouses. Kim Suho was the only one who gave up on it, saying it was too big for him to use.

“Guys are to the right, girls are to the left. The key to your rooms will be stored in the smartwatches you’ll get now.”

While Kim Soohyuk explained, other first year classes arrived. If I remembered correctly, the first year classes were Veritas, Acceptance, Intelligence, Wisdom, Cultivation, Honor, Virtue, Friendship, Potential, and World – a total of 10 classes.
Should I try looking for other major characters? Some of them should be antagonists…

“Chundong, Kim Chundong!”

“Huh, me? Why?”

“… Why?”

Kim Soohyuk was calling me. I was just distracted for a moment, but Kim Soohyuk’s eyes narrowed like a hawk. His fierce gaze made me froze. Seemingly disappointed by my reaction, Kim Soohyuk closed his eyes and sighed.

“… Your smartwatch, come to take it.”

“Ah, yes.”

I almost fell over from my legs shaking. I could hear other students laughing behind me.
You dare laugh at your creator?
I got angry momentarily, but I generously chose to forgive them.
Since I didn’t have a way to get back at them, I didn’t have any other choice.


The room assigned to me was bigger than Chundong’s apartment and came with a couch, bed, rice cooker, TV, computer, and even magic tools.

“… I still can’t get used to it.”

Slouching down on the comfy couch, I pondered.
The weight of the handgun in my hand didn’t feel real.
Thinking about it now, it might have been better to leave Cube if I was going to choose a gun. Having been a cadet at the Agent Military Academy should have been enough to let me live without starving.

But my problem didn’t end there.
Why I was sent to this world and how I could go back. To find out, I had the feeling I needed to stay close to the main storyline.
… Though, I doubt I could get too close with just a gun.
Should I try shooting it to see its power?


I thought of something good.
Jumping up from the couch, I aimed at the wall and closed my left eye. Just when I was about to pull the trigger…

—ding dong

The bell rang.
An electronic voice rang out beyond the door.

—Rank 934, Kim. Chun. Dong. Take. Your. Luggage.

It was a robot. Throwing the gun on the couch, I opened the door and saw a fairly big box on the ground.
It seemed Chundong sent his belonging beforehand. I picked up the box and brought it in.

[Agent Military Academy Rank 1543, Hero Military Academy Rank 934 Kim Chundong. Personal belonging.]

Rank 934, wasn’t that too average?
With a smirk, I pulled off the tape.

“… Huh?”

There was only a single item in the big box.
But I knew what it was.
This wasn’t Chundong’s, but mine.
This was from my previous life… Though, it felt a bit weird to call it a ‘previous’ life.

Anyways, this was the laptop I had used on Earth to write my novel.

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