The Nebula's Civilization

The Nebula's Civilization

67 Reviews
 Lost World.
A game where you can become a god and build a fantasy civilization.
Choi Sung-Woon, the number 1 player of the game, realized that everything he had been doing so far was nothing more than practice for the real thing.

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333 Chapters
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Original work copyright ⓒ wirae / Bluepic

Translator: greenfroggy

Editor:  HouseAu3

Korean Original Status: Completed @ 322 chapters

Release rate: 6 chapters a week with an occasional bonus 7th chapter

67 Reviews
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a year ago
Disclaimer: I've only read the 3 chapters available at the moment.

I'm having a hard time pinning down the actual quality so far. It's a break from the familiar which is much much welcomed and I'm glad to see it. The translation is solid so far, as to be expected from wuxiaworld. It didn't waste any time getting the premise started, either.

But in terms of the novel's own quality it feels very surface level. I think the best example is that so far we haven't been shown the Lizardmen interacting with each other. On some occasions we are *told* they've spoken with each other but this has no meaning; we didn't get to see it and it doesn't impact the story.

Now that I think about it, has the MC actually had a single conversation with anyone?

To me it doesn't feel like the MC is actually *interacting* with anything and it makes the worldbuilding seem shallow and uninteresting. The writing thusly feels rushed to me, and I don't feel connected to the story.

But it's an interesting premise with a stellar translation so I'll probably read a few more chapters when they come out.

In terms of "Do I recommend it" I would say it depends entirely on your tastes. I do not think the novel is bad yet, so it really depends on what happens in future chapters.

In conclusion; not the most promising start but the chapters are short so it doesn't take much time to read the first few chapters and feel it out. Hope things improve as the author finds their footing.

a year ago
I've read up to chapter 25 so far. As the other reviews said, it changes a lot from other wuxia novels. The mc is a "god" who needs to developp a civilisation, so we're very far from the usual op mc that regressed. The pace of the story is good, the novel is well written and is very promising. The interactions between the other characters really start after a few chaps, but it gets really interesting, and now it takes most of the chapters (the author shows us the mc point of view and reasoning every few chaps, kinda the opposite of traditional wuxia novel). The novel's pacing is relatively slow, but it stays very, very interesting. I think this is one of my favorite novels so far, so go ahead !

Bhelliom Rahl
a year ago
Interesting premise. I have read a lot of Dungeon Core stories and greatly enjoyed them, particularly the development of the Dungeon; Creatures, Technology, Society, etc. So the idea of the character being a god who has to gather followers and grow his own civilization was interesting and something I thought I would enjoy. It has only been three chapters but I have enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to seeing how it will develop.

Interesting concept, a World which had fallen to ruin because its gods left and a being who wants to bring new gods to this world so that it can develop once again. To Find the right people creates a "Black and White" style god game to select the prospective gods.

Get the feeling that there is more to this situation but will have to read it to find out.

I like that the MC can't immediately appear to the creatures and direct them but has to work through small actions, called miracles, affecting the world and through that build a connection to his chosen subjects. How this will progress I am unsure but believe he will at some point create an avatar to interact in the world but how much of an influence this will have I am unsure.

Mechanical Stuff:

The novel is well translated and edited. It is easy to read and so far has a nice pace. The ideas introduced have not been too complex and have not needed me to spend time re-reading sections to make sure I understand what it wants to say. This is as much due to the Translation and Editing Team as the Author.

The pages are not too long which makes it a good novel to read when you have that 10-minute break during the day and just want something quick to enjoy and relax.


To early to tell, I have enjoyed it so far but it has only been three chapters, will have to read more chapters to get a better feel if I will continue.

As always my recommendation is if you like Worldbuilding and God Games give it a read, at least for 20 chapters when it comes out to get a feel for it and whether you enjoy it or not.

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