The Mirror Legacy

The Mirror Legacy

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Ji Yueren
Lu Jiangxian died after staying up late one night. Yet, he finds his soul trapped in a fractured, bluish-gray bronze mirror. He falls into a boundless world of immortal cultivation and finds himself in the perilous landscape of Mount Dali. There, a small family from a small village by Meiche River picked the mirror up and is bestowed with the ancient teachings of the immortal ways, heralding the dawn of a splendid new era.
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74 Chapters
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China Literature


Translated by Crow

A message from the Translator:

Heya, it’s Crow, the translator for The Mirror Legacy. I’m glad to have the opportunity to translate one of the top ten books on Qidian.

This is perhaps a different type of Xianxia novel that is quite unique in its own right. Instead of following a single main character through the story, there are no main characters in this novel, or maybe everyone is a main character. After all, the main focus of the novel is the characters rather than cultivation.

If I have to describe what this novel is like… then I’d say it’s a Sims 4 Legacy Challenge, but set in an eastern fantasy world. If you can find satisfaction in watching generations of a family building themselves up and enjoy books with good characters, then this is the novel for you. The story progresses slowly in the beginning, making this a great read before your bedtime or on a lazy afternoon in the cafe with a cup of tea in your hand. (You may also need a tissue box for your tears, that’s all I’m going to say.)

The story starts with a guy named Lu Jiangxian who died after staying up till late to work. He transmigrated, not as a human but a mirror (a broken one at that)! Upon discovering that he could absorb the essence from moonlight and gain power from it, he decided to find ways to restore his mirror body and find out its origin. He was later picked up by Li Xiangping, a teenager from a humble farming family that soon discovered that the mysterious artifact they found could turn mortals into immortals. With such a powerful artifact in their house, they feared that tragedy could befall their family. There was only one thing for them to do—become powerful to protect their secret and family!

11 Reviews
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9 days ago
Honestly, I really like this novel. Not a lot of CN focuses on Kingdom Building, especially Xianxia. I've read a few novels with a similar premise, but I think they took inspiration from this novel. I'm excited to read more of this! So far, there are only a few chapters, so I can't really make a judgment on this novel, but based on these chapters, it looked very promising.

9 days ago
Super interesting novel and scratches a niche I personally enjoy a ton. We're seeing so many new great novels coming through right now, which has been great. This is a 'kingdom building' novel so far (and from the translator's description) where you replace the 'kingdom' with 'clan'. It takes the perspective of a transmigrated earth MC turned artifact spirit of a mysterious and powerful, but extremely damaged, immortal object. I can see the bones of what is happening already: the clan uses the artifact to embark on cultivation, and in turn help restore the artifact's strength. Over many generations, the clan will grow in power, and the artifact in turn will heal and grow in a virtuous cycle. How this plays out will be the intriguing aspect, along with answering the question of the artifact's origins.

6 days ago
18 chapters in and I have to say it's something new for me. The MC is the spirit of a mirror so the focus doesn't lie with the MC but the Li family as they begin their cultivation journey.

The characters are nice and have personalities and depth to them. In terms of world building, well there are only 18 chapters so I can't make an assessment of that. It's written rather nice with a good pacing. The only negative thing I can say is that our MC is too much of a background character. I'd like more from him. I'd also like more information about cultivation because it seems rather unique.

All in all, a novel with immense potential. May update later

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