Book 5, Chapter 36 - Rhino's Decision (Teaser)

Rhino, Sandspire’s ultimate warrior, was a man known as much for his arrogance as for his strength. That mighty conceit took a blow when he suffered defeat at the hands of the southern strangers. It was one of the lowest points in his life.

But what he really couldn’t stomach – the fact that ached worst of all – was how that invincible southerner had crumbled before Greenland’s plain-looking representative.

Such a dramatic contrast in power made Rhino finally grasp how insignificant he really was. All of his posturing and conceit was merely a show. He had been the biggest ant in the anthill, only to be stomped on by an elephant.

Although Rhino was somebody in Sandspire, that city was nothing compared to the vastness of the wastes. Out there in the barren expanse, he didn’t even amount to a fart on the wind. Before the truly strong, he was about as threatening as an insect.

Luckily, his hide-like flesh saved him from death, though the defeat was a crushing and bitter one. The wounds it left behind weren’t of his body, but of his spirit. It changed him, so that as he recuperated he made no threats to anyone and kept to himsel...

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