The Emperor Has Returned

The Emperor Has Returned

37 Reviews
The savior of mankind and the conqueror of gods.
Juan Calberg Kennosis, the empire’s first emperor, is betrayed by his loved ones and finally meets his death.
…Or at least he should have.
“—I was determined to die back there!”
To expose the dark secrets behind his death and resurrection, Juan fights against the empire in the name of heresy.
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270 Chapters
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Original work copyright ⓒ 2017 Corgibear / Dasanbooks

Translated by Ristretto

Edited by Darkhound

37 Reviews
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2 years ago
Ever read or played something related to Warhammer 40K? Congratulations, this is the closest thing to a korean adaptation of the setting.

Emperor has returned isn't a kind read, this is a grimdark setting, and you will feel the cruelty on everything, from the cowardly and miserable masses, to the sadistic and petty knights, to the treacherous and psychopathic elite, everything in this world that cannot go well will not go well, and insanity is one of the core elements in the setting.

Now why would you read it then? For a similar reason that people like 40K, because it's filled with awesome fights and because while MC is facing something that looks impossible to fix, every little victory counts.

Those wishing for comedy, cuddly harems and standard wish fulfillment may want to stay back, those wishing for a darker read, go ahead, this is the good stuff.

a year ago
I read this till chapter 47 years ago and boy it was good. It has a dark theme and this is what makes is unique. Altought mc may seems a little cliche at the begining he will have a character later on. Plot is good not woah but not ehh either. I suggets you to give this a chance. When this hit the chapter 50 i will comeback and edit this comment (if i still have vip and if i cant edit feel free to comment below) anyway it is decent. At last mc isnt a cringe edgy grandpa stuck in a teen's body. You will feel that he is mature like how he should be.

a year ago
Not recommended
I had high hopes for this story. I stuck around for some 100 chapters but even then, it was boring.

World building 3/10

Main character 5/10

Characters 3/10

Plot 4/10

Powers 5/10

Enemies (bosses) 6/10

Overall 4.5/10

The low score isn't because it's "bad" but rather because it has such high potential in many areas that are severely lacking. It isn't bad, but it also isn't good, it's just .. boring

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