The Divine Twilight's Return

The Divine Twilight's Return

15 Reviews
Sadoyeon (사도연)
The Divine Twilight had been a mere mortal, but he successfully became a deity. 
While living as the notorious fiend, he lost his divine essence, faith, and divine rank. His divinity was also severed, and he no longer had divine power; he had lost everything.
“I want you to do a job for me.” Thanatos, the ruler of the Underworld, made an offer…
The Divine Twilight took his offer and began to live as the Player Lee Chang-Sun again to strangle the deities that had pushed him to the abyss!
‘I’m really back.’
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548 Chapters
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The latest series from Sadoyeon, author of Second Life Ranker

Status in Korean: completed with 547 chapters

Editor: Felis, Invictum

Original work © Sadoyeon / Samyangcnc 

15 Reviews
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a year ago
I've been reading the Manhwa on Tapas and I'm looking forward to reading the series here too. Thank you, Editor Felis for a good quality reading experience, I'll be following along!

The main character in this is an antihero type. He's not a paragon of virtue, but he doesn't act like an evil nut job. If you prefer an MC that is more selfless and kind then you might not like this series. It's about a regressed MC on a quest to regain his former power. He's working for the Lord of the Underworld to punish gods that break laws because they're dumb gods.🤣🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

a year ago
I absolutely love this manhwa! The premise is very interesting in that the MC is a mortal that became a deity, but then he was punished by other deities by being stripped of everything. I also think that it is cool that the Ruler of the Underworld essentially contracted the MC as a fixer to deal with law-breaking deities. Obviously, it has all the characteristics of the "returner" trope, but I quite enjoy it, especially because of the "commentary" by the gods that wish to sponsor him. That bit of comedy goes a long way to livening things up between bouts of cool action!

Hou Yuhao
a year ago
This is a great novel and a great translation. If you are a fan of Second Life Ranker or just a general fan of mythologies, then I highly recommend this novel. Unlike Second Life Ranker which is somewhat too weighed down in parts due to the revenge plot (in my opinion), this novel has a more lighthearted theme to it which I really like. Without getting into too many spoilers, this novel does a good job incorporating various mythologies into the world build and also has a main character who is motivated by revenge, a desire to become stronger, and a desire to fix his mistakes from the past.

Translator's Notice

Chang-Sun Says Goodbye

a month ago

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