Chapter 96: Lightning vs Lightning

Chapter 96 – Lightning vs Lightning

“Why do people always chase after power? It is such a waste of time when there are plenty of other things to enjoy in life…”

A handsome dark-haired teenager quietly muttered, while staring at the ball of lightning dancing above his fingertips.

Seated at the edge of a small pond, the youth was completely alone except for a few wandering beasts nearby, but none of the creatures dared to disturb this young man.

With a snap of his fingers, the small ball of lightning burst into several smaller spheres and began to orbit around the youth’s palm.

Absentmindedly gazing at the tranquil water in the pond, Raizel stared back at his own reflection.

Although there were still traces of childish chubbiness to his face, it was clear from his sharp eyebrows and angled jawline that he would grow up to be a strikingly handsome man.




The sound of thunder rumbled in the sky, as two primordial beasts fought against each other. With both their bodies reaching monstrous heights of over fifty feet tall, the two divine birds completely enveloped the sky.

The heavens shook under the might of these titans, as both azure and violet lightning clashed in the clouds above.

Meanwhile, twelve figures quietly observed the fight as they floated around the two primordial beasts.



A loud yell abruptly snapped Calron out of his dream, forcing him to suddenly open his eyes.

You really need to stop making a habit of passing out every time something happens; it’s not a very attractive trait.

Ezkael joked, once he sensed that his student was out of danger.

Groggily gazing around, Calron noticed that he was covered in a warm hide of animal fur and surrounded by a range of tall trees. A dark wolf pup also appeared to be snoring right beside his arm.

Gently stroking the soft fur of the little beast, Calron felt slightly guilty for putting Avi through all this mental stress. The poor pup had already lost her mother, and Calron was now the closest thing she had to a family in this world.

Teacher, why do I keep having these flashes of Raizel’s past memories?

Calron asked in a serious tone, as he started to recollect his thoughts.

Each time that something occurred, he would have a flashback to the past and it always involved his ancestor, Raizel.

Hearing the name of his closest friend, Ezkael turned silent for a brief moment, but soon began speaking.

When a primordial beast awakens his bloodline, all the memories of his ancestors would be absorbed at once, including the inherited abilities. However, since your blood has been diluted by that of humans, your mind is too weak to absorb all that information at once. Hence, your inherited memories are all jumbled up with no chronological order in regards to the time flow.

But, why is it always Raizel?

Calron inquired after thinking for a while.

That is because he was the last person within your ancestry who awakened his primordial bloodline. Enough of this talk, you need to be careful of this wacky raccoon. There must be a reason as to why she chose to help you, and someone as powerful as her does not do things on a single whim.

Ezkael cautioned in a somber tone.

Calron wanted to continue asking Ezkael questions, but he knew the matter of Raizel was a sensitive issue to his Teacher, so he temporarily dropped it.


A small inaudible bark sounded next to Calron’s ears, signaling that Avi was finally awake. Seeing that her guardian was finally awake after an entire day, Avi jumped on top of the human and swiftly began licking his face while she furiously wagged her tiny tail.

“Hahaha! Stop it, Avi!”

Calron let out a small laugh, as he gently nudged the slobbering pup off of him and patted her furry head.

A small whine escaped from Avi, as her bright purple eyes started to become misty.

“I’m sorry, Avi… It was my fault. I should not have carelessly entered that fight when I knew from the start that it would be dangerous.”

Calron softly whispered to his small companion as he gingerly picked up the wolf pup and held her close to his chest.

Avi rubbed her soft furry head against Calron’s chin as a token of her forgiveness.

“It’s strange seeing a human care so deeply for a beast.”

An elderly voice echoed above Calron’s position, causing him to glance up.

Nimbly jumping down from the branch of the tall tree, the old raccoon slowly walked towards Calron.

Noticing the grey raccoon, Avi leapt off from Calron’s chest and rushed towards the old beast. Standing on her tiny hind feet, Avi scratched the raccoon’s knees with her paws while letting out eager barks.

“Gahaha, here you go, little one.”

A small yellow fruit mysteriously appeared within the raccoon’s claws, as she bent down and let Avi bite into it.

Pleasantly surprised by Avi warming up to this crazy raccoon, Calron spoke out.

“What do you want from me?”

His tone was neither warm nor cold.

“What makes you think I actually want something from you? You can barely use your own strength, you don’t know anything about lightning, and you’re simply useless in a fight.”

The old raccoon calmly stated without turning her head, and continued to feed the little wolf pup.

Well, she does have a point. You become completely useless in your beast form.

Ezkael chimed out from within Calron’s mind.

Who’s side are you on!?

Calron shouted, mentally shoving Ezkael aside in his mind.

“I’m still getting used to this body. In my human form, I am much stronger.”

Calron declared in a defensive voice.

“Oh, is that so?”

A small smile crept up from the side of the raccoon’s face, as she let Avi carry away the half-eaten fruit from her claws.

Standing up straight and folding her claws behind her back, the old raccoon raised her eyebrow.

“Why don’t we test that claim out?”

The beast stated in a mirthful tone, but Calron could sense the aura around the raccoon rapidly changing. It caused him to suffocate under the pressure, eliciting a series of coughs.

Dammit! How is she so strong?

Calron cursed inwardly, but immediately began channeling lightning into his arms and legs.

Without hesitation, he bolted with a flash and arrived right behind the old raccoon. Raising his left arm, Calron swiftly struck the small beast.

“Bahaha, is that all?”

Wildly cackling with laughter, the raccoon lazily lifted her claw without turning around and instantly stopped Calron’s attack.


Muttering with astonishment, Calron quickly retreated and evaluated his opponent once again.

It should be known that from the time Calron brought out his lightning to the moment he struck the raccoon, it had happened all within the span of a single second! Yet, the raccoon easily stopped his attack without even glancing back to check where the attack was coming from.

“You do not understand lightning, human…”

The old raccoon sighed, as she slowly turned around to face the human boy.

A steely determination slowly seeped into Calron’s face, as strands of electricity darted around his eyes.

Drawing forth every single drop of essence he had, Calron prepared to strike once again with all his strength.

However, before he could even begin to channel the lightning, the distant image of the old raccoon flickered before his eyes and in the next instant, Calron felt a mind-shocking pain rush throughout his body.

This was the first time that he had ever been hurt by lightning.

Without even seeing, Calron knew that it was the old raccoon who had attacked. Her speed was so fast that he did not even realize the moment when she had arrived behind him.

“That is how it is done.”

A calm voice sounded out next to his ear.

The current attitude and the powerful presence of the raccoon was entirely different from the wild and crazy beast that Calron previously encountered.

Lying down on the ground as his body uncontrollably twitched with the foreign lightning coursing through him, Calron glanced at the wrinkled face of old raccoon.

Bending down and gazing deep into Calron’s dark eyes, the beast asked in a commanding tone.

“Boy, do you want to learn what lightning truly is?”

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