Chapter 83: Hope for the Future

Chapter 83 – Hope for the Future

A gentle breeze drifted above a small forest, causing the wilted leaves to slowly rain down onto the ground.

The entire forest seemed to be holding its breath, as not a single sound echoed within the area besides the faint whimpering of a small beast.

“How long are we going to stay like this?”

Ezkael asked in an exasperated tone within Calron’s mind.

For hours, his student has been silently sitting below a tree without making a move to leave. Calron simply watched the wolf pup and continued to stare at the little orphaned beast.

“The dead bodies will soon cause other beasts to arrive at this location, so make your choice right now.”

Ezkael firmly stated when he saw that the boy was not responding back to him.

“I don’t know what to do, Teacher. Do we take her with us and risk her life, or do we leave her here to fend for herself against other beasts?”

Calron softly whispered with a sorrowful expression on his face, as he gazed at the little wolf pup attempting to burrow herself within her dead mother’s embrace.

“Kid, if we are to continue on this path, then we will have to deal with more cases like these. Are you planning on taking in every orphaned beast we encounter?”

Ezkael inquired in an even tone.

“I know that I’m being unreasonable, and it is probably foolish of me to think that I can save everyone, but I can’t seem to force myself to leave her here.”

Calron replied as he leaned back against the tree behind him.

“Good! I just wanted to test your resolve. You don’t need to have the answer for everything in this world, Calron. Sometimes, taking risks are what makes life worth living. We do not even know whether travelling with us would put her in danger, maybe it will be safer for her or maybe not, but you have to take the chance.”

Ezkael affectionately conveyed as he materialized next to Calron.

“Just when I think you want me to do something, you immediately switch it around.”

Calron lightly laughed as he slowly stood up.

“I think I know just what might cheer her up.”

Calron muttered to himself as a slight smile spread across his face. Just as Calron was about to turn around to begin the task he thought of, Ezkael suddenly voiced out within his mind.


“Yes, Teacher?”

“You’re a good kid.”

Ezkael murmured with a smile before dispersing away.


After an hour, Calron returned back carrying a large perfectly roasted bird within his right hand, and a small wooden structure within his other one.

Placing the cooked poultry on top of a nearby flat rock, Calron sat down next to it while gently bringing the small wooden structure closer to his lips.

It was a flute.

Since he had given his previous wooden flute to the little beasts, Calron had quickly constructed another one so he could play for the wolf pup. He secretly hoped that music was something that all beasts enjoyed and not just the baby beasts he had met on the outer ranges.

Although the current wooden flute within Calron’s hand was not as refined or smooth as the one he had made before it, as long as it achieved his goal, it did not matter to Calron.

“I hope this works… ”

Calron murmured to himself and began closing off his eyes.

Lightly breathing into the flute, Calron started with soft and gentle notes on the instrument. It was neither a happy beat nor a fast one.

It was a slow, and sad melody.

Calron knew that playing a happy song would not work on the little wolf pup, as the tiny beast needed something to understand its pain, rather than something to cheer it up. Calron had gone through those same emotions, so he knew exactly how the wolf pup felt.

Calron put his entire being into the music he was playing. He conveyed the tragedy that happened in his life, the injustice wrought on by those with power, and the deaths of his family members.

Deeply immersed within his emotions, Calron momentarily forgot about the wolf pup and simply played the flute with his soul.

He wanted to tell a story.

A story about him, and a story about the people in his life.

He played about his entrance into the Red Boar school, and meeting someone for the first time who both understood him and accepted him. His Master, Elias.

He played about the first friend he ever had, a brother willing to give up his own life for Calron’s sake.

He played about the silly times with Fatty, training with his Master, and even the childish crush he had on Lora.

Soon the sad melody began to morph into a song about hope and living for the future.

Unknown to Calron at that moment, a small figure was standing in front of him with its large, innocent purple eyes staring into his face.


Avi did not know who this human was, but she saw that it was the same human that had fought the beast that killed her mother. It was also her first time seeing a human.

This human was nice.

He played music that Avi liked, and she wanted to listen to it more. The little wolf pup did not understand how the human was making the sounds, but she definitely sensed the emotions of pain and loss from his music.

It was because she felt the same way.

However, the human soon changed the melody and played a different song. This song made Avi’s heart tremble.

It was because the song was about hope.


Once the song ended, Calron slowly opened his eyes. Gingerly touching the wetness on his cheeks, Calron realized that he had unknowingly shed tears while playing the flute.

At this moment, he felt like a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders, as a tranquil peace took place within his heart.

Suddenly, Calron sensed a lump of weight sitting on his lap. Tilting his head downwards, Calron came face to face with the tiny wolf pup.

With its large purple eyes gazing upon him, the wolf pup placed its soft furry paws onto his chest and stood up on its hind legs, as it began licking Calron’s chin.

“Oi! That tickles, stop it!”

Calron laughingly protested, as he gently nudged the tiny pup’s head.

Happy to see the little beast warm up to him, Calron tenderly petted its soft fur as he whispered to the wolf pup.

“What’s your name, little guy?”



The tiny pup cutely barked as its eyes shined brightly.

“Avi… Well, Avi, are you hungry?”

Calron asked as he eyes darted towards the roasted bird next to him.


The wolf pup excitedly barked again as a line of drool started to seep out from its mouth when it saw the delicious cooked meat.

Calron ruffled the pup’s ears while chuckling, as he tore off the bird’s leg and placed it in front of the little beast.

Looks like she’s even younger than I thought…

Calron silently pondered when he noticed that the wolf pup only knew her name and nothing else. According to Calron’s guess, Avi was only a few weeks old!

Knowing that she had lost her mother at such a young age, Calron felt another pang within his heart.

However, it soon disappeared when he saw the little wolf pup adorably gnawing on the bone while letting out cute tiny growls.

Glancing up at the sky, Calron reveled in the feeling of the cool breeze darting past his bare skin.

“It’s finally time to use the Divine Perception to find the city…”

Calron silently muttered while closing his eyes, as a wide smile spread across his face.

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