Chapter 60: Epilogue

Chapter 60 – Epilogue

The melodious sound of a flute echoed throughout an isolated small mountain.

Surrounded by lush green trees and grass, a boy of thirteen years old was seated on the grass as he leaned against a large rock. Wearing only a pair of shorts made of animal fur, the boy was completely bare-chested!

His fingers rhythmically moved, as the mesmerising sound of the flute resonated in the air. The music was calm and soothing, as it exuded a feeling of both warmth and loneliness.

The long black hair of the boy obscured his entire face, and only his lower jaw was visible as he gently continued to play the flute.


Suddenly a clutter of soft footsteps could be heard in the area, as a series of small animals curiously observed the strange human with their large innocent eyes.

Their tiny ears all perked up as they reveled in the beautiful and enchanting music. They wanted to approach closer to the human to listen better, however, they were still wary of the boy playing the flute.

One of the furry animals in the group, was a wolf pup with pitch-black fur. Its fuzzy fur appeared to be extremely soft, and its twinkling eyes brightly gazed at the mysterious human.

The wolf pup cautiously sniffed the air around the stranger, and sensing that nothing was abnormal, it slowly prowled towards the boy while crouching to the ground.

The other small animals carefully observed the human, and remained on high alert so they could warn their wolf friend to escape if the human tried to attack.

After a few moments, the small wolf pup finally arrived in front of the stranger and curiously tilted its head to look at the boy’s face.

A slight smile slowly formed on the boy’s face, as he noticed the cute antics of the wolf pup. Continuing to play the flute, the boy completely ignored the small beasts surrounding him.

After sniffing the human’s skin, the wolf pup finally felt assured that the stranger was not dangerous and abruptly jumped onto the boy’s lap and blissfully laid down, while closing its eyes and enjoying the melodious music.

Seeing that stranger had no malicious intent and that their wolf friend was safe, the other small animals rushed towards the human and cheerfully played around him.

Baby birds fluttered their wings clumsily as they practiced flying, while the other four-legged creatures playfully wrestled with each other.

A pair of small furry tigers ran around the large rock, as they tried to bite each other’s tails. Meanwhile, a black bear cub lazily spread itself next to the human boy, and laid its head on its paws as it started to doze off.

The parents of these animals had all left them as soon as they were born. Life was harsh and cruel in the Desolate Mountains, and every beast would have to struggle on its own to reach the peak.

Most of the beasts surrounding the boy were all common beasts, but there were a few magical beasts mixed in with them. As babies, they all stuck together until they could fend off for themselves.


Suddenly, the deafening cry of a large beast reverberated throughout the small forest!

Hearing that roar, the small creatures all scurried away in panic. Even the bear cub rushed to hide itself as it protected the smaller animals within its embrace.

The strange human boy abruptly stopped playing the flute and set it onto the grass beside him. Reaching out his hand, he gently petted the quivering wolf pup until it calmed down and tentatively licked his palm.

The boy tenderly smiled at the cute wolf pup on his lap.


The sound of a large tree splitting apart echoed within the forest, as the atmosphere suddenly became dark and tense!

The large beast was clearly still some distance away, as none of the creatures could currently see it.

Gently picking up the wolf pup, the boy set it on the ground while he slowly stood up. Tilting his head towards the direction of the large beast, the aura around him abruptly changed!


Faint bolts of Azure Lightning spread across his body, while his long dark hair wildly fluttered in the wind, as it suddenly revealed his face!

A pair of striking grey eyes pierced into the large beast when it just entered the small forest! The large beast fearfully took a step back as soon as it felt the bloodthirsty aura around the human.

The boy’s grey eyes suddenly flashed with an unnatural white glow, as a savage grin spread on his face!

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