Chapter 57: Dilemma

Chapter 57 – Dilemma

—A Few Hours Ago —

“Captain, why did you stop me from interfering in the battle? It is my duty as the Moderator to stop such things before they get to this stage!”

Jarin angrily muttered as he stood next to middle-aged woman with dark blonde hair.

Her gray eyes calmly gazed at the brutal scene unfolding on the Arena, and not a hint of emotion flickered across her face!

“One of those boys is the son of the city Lord of Vernia, and judging from that unique frosty essence, the other one seems to be connected with the Axier family.. It is best not to get involved between the conflicts of these two powers.”

The middle-aged woman serenely replied as she continued to observe the chaos on the stage.

Next to her, Jarin bitterly gazed at the defeated boy as he tightly clenched his fists.


“Sir, we just received a transmission from Lord Mort!”

A tall man in an assassin’s garb suddenly turned around as he angrily stated.

“Stop wasting time and quickly report the Lord’s orders!”

The tall assassin had been inwardly raging from the very moment that Fatty was beaten, and if not for the massive crowd present in the Arena, he would have intervened long ago!

Very few people knew Lord Mort’s deep affection for his son, and this tall assassin was one of the few that knew this fact.

Lord Mort’s commands were to keep an eye on the boy, and to only intervene if his life was threatened. However, the Lord had also ordered that the Shadow Corps should never reveal themselves to the public!

How could they have possibly known that a situation like this would arise in front of such a large audience?

With those two orders clashing against each other, the tall assassin could only wait for further orders before acting. If it were not for Lady Selia’s insistence on ostracizing the boy, then the assassin would not have had to wait for more orders to act in this situation.

“Lord Axier has commanded us to protect Roran at all costs!”

The subordinate hastily informed the tall assassin.

“Haha, finally! Order the third squad of the Shadow Corps to follow me immediately!”

The tall assassin roared as a ferocious smile spread across his face.

“Little Lord, we are coming!”


Arriving at the Arena and taking a closer look at the state of their Lord’s son, the Shadow Corps felt a blazing fury ignite within their hearts!

Unlike the normal guards of the Axier Family, the Shadow Corps were under the direct command of the Lord Axier, and their allegiance only extended to the direct heirs of the family!

There were many sub-branches in the family, and the formidable might of the Shadow Corps was what helped the main family maintain their influence.

Because Lord Mort had officially claimed Roran as his son, the boy now had the right to inherit the family throne after his father!

“Quickly give that elixir to the little Lord!”

The tall assassin commanded as he saw that Fatty was in a dire state.

A figure suddenly flashed next to Calron and Fatty, as he immediately knelt down and poured the contents of the glass container into Fatty’s mouth.

Both Fatty and Calron made no move to stop the figure, as they knew that the Shadow Corps were the only chance they had of surviving today.

Just seconds after Fatty ingested the unknown elixir, his wounds started to rapidly heal in front of Calron’s eyes!

The flesh around his right arm expanded and contracted as it straightened the bone back into place, and the blood vessels and arteries started slowly to reconnect to his body.

Within a few minutes, Fatty’s entire body was completely back to normal!

Seeing that the elixir had healed the boy, the kneeling assassin let out a sigh of relief.

A famous individual in the continent of Agatha had concocted that elixir, and it was known as the Elixir of Rejuvenation! It could instantly heal mortal wounds of any cultivator below the Vajra stage!

The preciousness of the Elixir of Rejuvenation was many grades above the elixir that was being awarded to the first place winner of the tournament. How could an elixir that could bring someone back from the edges of death be comparable to a mere cultivation aid?

Seeing that Fatty was no longer on the verge of death, the nearby Shadow Corps and Felice all inwardly felt their nerves calming down. It was unknown what would have happened to this school, if Lord Mort had arrived here and found his son dead.

Fatty slowly stood up and helped Calron next, as they watched the Shadow Corps confront the city Lord of Vernia.

“Any further threats against the Axier family, and you shall forfeit your life!”

The tall assassin icily stated as he glared at Regis.

Noticing that the shadow technique these assassins used were similar to Viktor, Regis immediately guessed as to who they represented.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I have offended any members of the Axier fam- “

Suddenly Regis felt his heart quiver in shock as he gazed at the arctic blue eyes of Fatty and his dark hair. Noticing the similar features in the girl that just threatened him, Regis felt his soul suddenly collapsing.

No, no, no! How could I have not realized who they were? The signs were all there! Sh*t!

Regis furiously cursed inside his mind as he faced the current dilemma.

Although Regis had a much higher cultivation than the tall assassin, who was merely in the second rank of the Vajra stage, it was the power behind the Shadow Corps that truly frightened him!

The current Lord of the Axier family was an expert of the Saint stage!

If he wanted to, he could single-handedly destroy the entire city of Vernia!

“I would advise you to take your son and leave immediately. Lord Mort will be arriving here soon!”

The tall assassin calmly stated to the numb Regis.

Hearing those words, Regis knew that he had no further choice but to back down in this matter. However, just as he was about to order his guards to retrieve Chax, Regis suddenly glanced at Calron from the corner of his eyes.

“Very well, I will immediately leave this school right now, but I assume you have no problem with me dealing with that boy? He is not part of the Axier family.”

Regis slowly spoke as a sinister smile spread across his face.

Unlike Fatty, Calron did not have a major power backing him, and Regis doubted that Lord Mort would even care about others as long as his son was unharmed.

Before the tall assassin could even respond, Fatty suddenly shouted in a fierce voice.

“If you try to hurt big brother, I will fight you!”

Fatty knew that the current Calron was extremely drained of energy and there was no chance of him resisting the city Lord!

“Hahaha, I might be a bit apprehensive about your father, but even he would not dare to cause trouble for me without a valid excuse! That slave there belongs to me!”

Regis roared as he suddenly rushed towards Calron!


Felice abruptly yelled as she activated her movement skill and darted towards Calron as well.

Hearing the command of their little Lady, the Shadow Corps immediately burst into motion as they obstructed the path of Regis.

“I do not wish to fight against you! Just let me take the boy and I will leave right now!”

Regis coldly stated as bursts of flames ignited on his body.

Just a second later, Felice arrived next to Calron as she frantically whispered.

“You need to leave right now! Without father here, we will not be able to hold out against the city Lord for long!”

“Big sis! How can you tell big brother to suddenly leave? Where will he go?”

Fatty sadly replied as he gazed into Calron’ eyes.

Patting Fatty on the shoulder, Calron gave him a slight smile.

“Fatty, you are the first brother I ever had, and I’m glad that I met you in this life. Take care… ”

Calron softly whispered into Fatty’s ear as he tightly hugged him.

Fatty started to weep as he hugged Calron even tighter.

“Big brother! Please don’t leave me! You are the only brother I ever had as well!”

Fatty sorrowfully cried as his tears dripped onto Calron’s back.

“You idiot! Who says we won’t ever meet again? Fate has brought us together once, and it will bring us together again!”

Calron whispered as stepped back from Fatty and gave him a sad smile.

“Big brother… “

Tightly clenching his fists, Calron slowly drew a faint trickle of source energy for a final burst of the Blood Mist Step!

Inwardly screaming with pain once it activated, Calron turned around and gazed at his brother for the last time.

With tears flowing down his cheeks and a slight smile on his face, Calron’s body exploded into a burst of crimson mist.

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