Chapter 54: Yearning a Family’s Love

Chapter 54 – Yearning a Family’s Love


*splash*    *splash*


The whole world seemed to be frozen in place.

A lone girl stood within the audience as tears streaked down her pale cheeks.

“Rory… “

Her heart was crushed as she saw the mutilated state of her little brother. A feeling of desperation suffocated her mind, as she felt her heart numbing to all emotions.

She wanted to feel angry, but besides the soul-crushing pain in her heart, she could not muster up the will to feel any anger.

Her heartbeat slowed down as she continued to gaze at the broken figure of her little brother.

Fatty’s right arm was twisted, as fragments of his bone stood out against the dark crimson blood covering his body.

Multiple cuts and wounds were scattered across his body, and even his clothes were completely shred apart, with his split skin clearly visible.

Blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth and nose, as it slowly dripped onto the stage.


Her knees starting quivering as she continued to see the sight of her brother in that state. Felice recalled their childhood memories, and the countless times that Fatty had tried to gain the attention of her parents, but only to be rejected and ignored, time after time.

However, his eyes never lost their luster, as her little brother continued to hope that one day, he would have a family that accepted him.

As each drop of blood dripped from Fatty’s body, Felice felt the life of her little brother slowly drain away…


“Big sister! Look at these pebbles! I collected them all for you!”

A cute chubby boy with dark black hair excitedly shouted, as he ran towards a little girl with equally dark hair.

The little girl stood just a little bit taller than the chubby boy, as her ice-blue eyes twinkled in happiness when she saw the boy running towards her.

“Rory, quiet down! The guards might hear you and then they will tell my mother! She was already quite furious when she saw me giving you candy yesterday!”

Felice quickly shushed down the chubby boy as he arrived in front of her.

However, the joy in her face and eyes remained unperturbed.

“Hehe, it’s alright! Big sister, look, this is the prettiest stone I found! It’s blue, just like your eyes!”

The chubby cheerfully said as his arctic blue eyes shined with life.

“You are so cuuute!”

Felice suddenly exclaimed as she grabbed the chubby boy and tightly hugged him, while pinching his cheeks with her other arm.

“Keke, aren’t I so handsome?”

The chubby boy proudly boasted as the little girl continued to hug him.

“Of course! Rory will always be the one I love the most!”

The little girl softly stated, as she petted the boy’s hair.

“I love big sister as well!”

The small chubby boy cheerfully responded as he rubbed his head against his sister’s belly.

“Hahaha, Rory, stop! That is tickling me! Hahaha”

The merry sound of two children laughing and giggling filled the empty garden as the gentle breeze embraced them.

“Big sis… why does step-mother hate me so much?”

The chubby boy suddenly asked as he sat down on the grass.

A sad and lonely expression flickered across his face, as he gazed into his sister’s eyes.

The little girl felt her heart twist with pain, as she saw the forlorn look in her brother’s face.

“I don’t know, Rory… I’ve asked her many times, but she refuses to answer.”

Felice gently replied as she looked into her brother’s eyes.

“I… I just want to have a family. Can you tell her that I promise to be good? And I will also not play pranks or eat her food… I just don’t want to live alone in that hut anymore! It’s so lonely… ”

The chubby boy tearfully asked the little girl, as he sobbed between his sentences.

“Oh, Rory…”

Felice felt her eyes moisten as she sensed the pain and anguish contained within her little brother. He had spent his whole life alone without the love of a mother or a father.

The little boy only wanted to have a family, and he did not understand why other people hated him so much.

He had cried outside the doors of the Axier mansion many nights, but no one ever opened the door for him.

This heart-wrenching pain would crush the soul of any child, but the little boy continued to hope that one day, his family would accept him.

“Rory, I will always be your family.”

A soft whisper echoed within the gentle breeze.


Chax was holding Fatty by the neck as his legs dangled above the ground. A sinister smile was spread across Chax’s face as he cruelly gazed into his opponent’s eyes.

Fatty desperately struggled to break free, but his strength was slowly being depleted as his breath was constricted by Chax’s chokehold.

“B-big brother…  I tried… cough cough… I’m just not… as cool as you… “

Fatty rasped with a slight smile, as he felt his consciousness start to slowly fade away.

Calron and Felice were the only family he ever had, and what Fatty regretted the most, was that he was unable to even slightly deter Chax.

Fatty recalled the first time he had met Calron, and in a way, it was because of him that his big brother got involved with Chax.

I hope big brother will not be mad at me…

And then, Fatty’s consciousness faded away.


Seeing the mangled body of his opponent desperately struggling to escape from his grip, Chax felt a sick sense of pleasure as he saw the helplessness in Fatty’s eyes.

Since he was a kid, no one had ever dared to oppose him on account of who his father was, but here was a nobody who had defiantly stood against him.

“Now, only that lightning trash is left!”

Chax gleefully whispered as he looked into the audience to locate Calron.

Just as his eyes were scanning the crowd, he suddenly felt a dense killing intent directed at him from the corner of the stadium!

This was unlike anything Chax had ever felt before!

Even with a large distance between him and the audience, Chax started to feel suffocated as his nerves went wild with panic!

With his hands trembling, his grip on Fatty’s neck loosened up a bit, as Fatty’s broken and injured body abruptly collapsed onto the stage with a deafening thud.

Fatty’s body lay completely still.

Suddenly, the suffocating pressure on Chax intensified by several degrees, and he felt as if a predator had just started its hunt!


Meanwhile, the nearby crowd slowly started to back away from the stranger who was currently emanating such a dangerous killing intent! They felt their hearts tremble with fear when they realized just how young the boy really was!

The nearby Felice abruptly snapped out of her daze, as she also felt the intense bloodlust near her.

“Y-you… “

Felice’s heart started to rapidly pound against her chest, as she saw the twisted expression on the boy’s face.

He was no longer the calm and collected boy that she had previously seen!

Thick bulging veins popped all across his body, as a dark crimson mist floated around him.

The scent of fresh blood polluted the air, and the nearby crowd felt their minds quivering under the savage aura released by the boy!

No one knew what that crimson mist was, but from the pungent smell that filled the entire vicinity, it seemed as if it was actually real human blood!

Before they could even contemplate this any further, the boy suddenly bellowed out with a mighty roar!

“TI…..TAN’S….. FURY!”

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