Chapter 53: A Teardrop

Chapter 53 – A Teardrop

“No need to wait anymore. Let’s begin.”

When the figure slowly stepped on stage, Fatty sensed the intense pressure exuding from Chax!

Feeling his hands faintly tremble, Fatty tightly clenched his fists in order to steady his nerves.

Dammit dammit dammit! Why did it have to be him!? There is absolutely no way that I can fight against Chax! Maybe, I should give up…

Fatty’s thoughts frantically raced in his mind, as he debated on what to do next.

Turning his head to look at his big brother, Fatty saw the pale faced Calron worriedly gazing at him.

Seeing the expression on his brother’s face, Fatty felt the turmoil in his heart slowly resolve. This was his chance to do something for Calron, and besides, how could he simply surrender to someone who constantly looked down upon his big brother?

“Hehe, how can the little brother be a coward, if the big brother is so amazing? If I give up now, I will never be able to catch up to big brother!”

Fatty softly muttered to himself, as he gave a small smile to Calron, and then turned to face the opponent in front of him.


“Fatty… no, don’t do this… ”

Calron whispered to himself as his heart violently pounded against his chest!

“He looks up to you… I don’t know why, but he adores you like his own blood brother.“

A gentle voice sounded out  from behind Calron, as he suddenly felt a soft hand on his shoulder.

Felice slowly stepped next to Calron while she continued speaking.

“He told me that he wanted to be as amazing as his big brother, and it was his motivation to train relentlessly. Even now, he wants to fight to prove his strength to you!”

Felice softly said as her eyes started to get misty.

How could she not know what her little brother was thinking? If it was not for Chax constantly oppressing Calron, why would her little brother continue to stand his ground against someone of Chax’s strength?

“Fatty… “

Calron clenched his fists until the veins on his arm slowly started to pop.

“Just watch him. Rory is not so weak as you might think.”

Felice gently whispered with a slight smile on her face, as she withdrew her hand from Calron’s shoulder.

Tilting his head to look at the girl he was once extremely weary of, Calron did not know how to feel about the current Felice.

Calron realized that this was the first time that he had truly talked to Felice! Her previous cold and heartless exterior had completely vanished, as it left behind a girl who was simply worried about her little brother.

Although Felice spoke in a light tone, Calron could still detect traces of worry in her face.

“Fatty, you better not lose… “

Calron murmured as he turned his attention to the stage.


“The heavens must really favor me, to make you my opponent for this duel!”

Chax loudly stated as he gave a low chuckle.

Fatty remained silent, as he knew words would just be wasted on the arrogant boy in front of him.

“What happened? You were pretty impatient to fight me back in the booth, don’t tell me that you’re afraid now because that lightning trash isn’t behind you?”

Chax continued to taunt Fatty as he walked towards the center of the stage.

Hearing Chax insult his big brother, Fatty’s expression abruptly changed as his eyebrows knitted together in a furious anger!

“You can insult each other as much as you want, but wait till I give you the permission to start your duel.”

The old man’s voice echoed in the stadium as it was amplified with essence.

“Are the two participants ready?”

The old pervert inquired as he looked at the two disciples.

“I’m ready to give this punk a thrashing!”

Chax fiercely growled, as his eyes bore into Fatty.

“I am ready.”

Fatty replied to the old man in a firm tone.

“You may begin!”

The old man suddenly bellowed as he stepped away from the stadium.

Immediately, Chax released his essence as a fiery wave of scarlet flames coalesced around his body!

Cracking his knuckles, Chax laughed out loud.

“You still haven’t told me your name. Well, whatever, it’s not like it matters!”

Hearing the large boy continue to taunt him, Fatty remained still for a while, and then suddenly released his own essence!

A wild howling wind viciously screamed in the air, as bursts of arctic blue essence circulated around Fatty!

A cold freezing mist exuded from his body, as the temperature abruptly dropped by several degrees! Ice started to form beneath Fatty’s feet, as the expression on his face slowly morphed into a chilling anger!

Seeing the two contrasting forms of essence behind the boys, the crowd felt their heartbeats race in excitement!

From the threats exchanged between the two boys, the intensity of the flames around Chax, along with the bone-chilling mist around Fatty, the audience knew that this was not going to be a simple duel.

Meanwhile, Chax knitted his eyebrows in doubt as he sensed the cold and frosty aura around Fatty.

“Why does he give off the same feeling as Felice… “

Chax had still not realized that the person in front of him was Felice’s little brother and a member of the Axier family!

“Hmm, seems like you have a few tricks up your sleeve, but it won’t make a difference. Your cultivation of the third rank is simply too pitiful!”

Chax calmly said, as he put aside his doubts and focused on the duel.

“Shut up!”

Fatty stated in a low frosty voice.

This was first time that Fatty spoke since the duel had started!

The current Fatty was completely opposite to the one that used to goof around and play pranks on Calron. This was a rare side of Fatty that slowly started to emerge once he had awakened his element!

How could Fatty be so simple? The Blood Legacy coursed through his veins just like Calron!

The path of blood and carnage was their true inheritance!

Subconsciously, the Blood Legacy had started to add fuel to Fatty’s rage, as his skin started to slowly emit a faint crimson hue!

In the audience, Calron felt his heart wildly thumping against his chest.

“The legacy is activating within Fatty!”

Although the change in Fatty was very difficult to detect, but how could Calron not sense the presence of the Blood Legacy?

Calron had a much stronger mental fortitude than Fatty, so he was able to mildly control the bloodthirsty urges of the legacy. Fatty, on the other hand, was just starting to get used to the Blood Legacy!

“Curse this tournament! Fatty, surrender NOW!”

Calron sent a furious mental message from the source pool, and towards Fatty’s bridge. This was the first time that Calron had tried to mentally communicate through the Blood Legacy, but he had no other choice at this moment.

The crowd was howling and cheering with excitement as they encouraged the two disciples on stage to fight. Calron’s voice would never be able to reach Fatty over the yelling of the crowd!

Calron knew deep within his heart that it would not work, as Fatty was already too immersed in the bloodlust of the legacy.

Fervently hoping that his brother would hear his message, Calron intensely watched the scene on the stadium.



A torrent of flames blazed behind Chax, as he abruptly rushed towards Fatty!

“Your time is up, punk!”

Chax loudly roared, while his fists exploded in a surge of scarlet flames, as he prepared to strike at Fatty!

Seeing the large boy advance towards him, Fatty let out a similarly loud roar as he charged towards Chax as well!

A mist of ice-cold essence violently burst out from behind Fatty as his fists suddenly started to emit an arctic blue gas!

The stage quaked with faint tremors, as the two forces were about to collide against each other!


A gust of violent wind spread from the center of the stage as the two fists collided!

Immediately after the first collision, another explosion sounded out!



The crowd all numbly watched the scene in front of them.

The voices and the cheering from the audience abruptly stopped.


“W-what is this?”

A disciple in the crowd muttered in a quivering voice.

“I can’t watch this anymore… this is too sick… “


Except for the sounds coming from the stage, the whole Arena had turned completely quiet.

Within the crowd, a teardrop suddenly splashed against the ground.

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