Chapter 52: Behind the Scenes

Chapter 52 – Behind the Scenes

A few hours ago.

“Lord Regis, the tournament has started.”

A middle-aged Elder in black robes stated in a respectful voice.

Standing in the courtyard was a stocky man, who was surrounded by an entire brigade of guards.

The guards all wore pitch-black armor that had the red insignia of a bear. Their appearances were completely different to the usual guards stationed around the city, so it was clear that this was an elite group of soldiers!

Hearing the sudden voice, the stocky man turned around as he faced the Elder of the school.

“Why hasn’t Orlon greeted me yet?”

A calm voice sounded from the city Lord.

“The school Head is currently still in cultivation and hasn’t returned from his previous destination.”

The Elder responded in an apologetic tone.

It had been years since the Head last came to the school, and many Elders of the Red Boar School were worried about his disappearance. The Head would occasionally communicate and send orders, but none of his messages contained any hints of his location or when he would return.

“Hmm, very well. Where is my son?”

Regis inquired in an unsatisfactory tone.

Considering his noble title, it was beneath him to be welcomed by a mere Elder, but since he only came to watch his son fight, Regis let such matters slide.

“Chax has received the white armband for his victory in the first round, so he should be preparing to the enter the duels for the second round.”

The Elder answered in a polite voice, as he sensed that the city Lord was slightly disgruntled at the absence of the school Head.

“Let’s go to the stadium then. It’s better than standing around here.”

Regis stated in a brusque tone as he gestured for two of his guards to follow him.

“The rest of you stay here. I will be back after Chax wins the tournament.”

After those final words, Regis abruptly started walking with two black armored guards behind him.

Seeing that the city Lord had not even waited for him, the middle-aged Elder could only sigh in resignation as he walked behind Regis as well.

Watching the intimidating guards and an Elder of the school quietly walking behind a stocky man, the nearby disciples and servants all stopped what they were doing and simply stared at the awe-inspiring scene.

Most of them guessed, from the overbearing attitude and the insignia on the guards’ chest plates, that the stocky man in front of them was the city Lord himself!

Although the city Lord had a disdainful look on his face, the regal and oppressive aura around him was unmistakable!

For the disciples and servants who had previously met the Red Boar School’s Head, the pressure that the city Lord emanated was akin to the Head’s aura!

No one knew the real cultivation of the city Lord, but he had to be at least above the fifth rank of the Vajra stage! Equally impressive, were the two guards marching behind the city Lord!

The cold and merciless gaze in their eyes, combined with the sharp movements that they executed as they walked, all made the hearts of the surrounding disciples quiver with excitement!

They all hoped that one day they would become as strong as those elite guards and serve the city of Vernia by keeping its peace.

After a few minutes, Regis and his group finally reached the Arena.

“Follow me this way, Lord Regis.”

The middle-aged Elder stepped forwards as he proceeded to guide the city Lord into one of the ornate booths erected close to the center of the stadium.

Seeing that he was given a prime location for viewing, Regis gave a nod of satisfaction as he entered the booth allocated to him.

“The second round should begin shortly. If you need anything else, I have a servant stationed outside the booth that can cater to your every need.”

The Elder politely stated while giving a slight bow, and proceeded to exit the booth.

As soon as the Elder left, a shadow suddenly darted into the city Lord’s booth!

Without turning around, Regis quietly asked.

“What is the news on the boy, Viktor?”

The shadow coalesced into the figure of a tall wiry man, as he slowly started to speak.

“There are many rumors about the boy floating around the school. It seems your son has a bit of a history with him.”

“Chax? Report to me on their encounter. Do not leave anything out!”

Regis abruptly turned around to face Viktor, as he asked in a serious voice.

For a full five minutes, Viktor recounted the rumors and gossips about the fight between the two boys.


The sound of a wooden table being splintered loudly resounded in the booth.

“That little bastard dares to fight back against my son? A slave should behave like a slave!”

Regis furiously roared as faint traces of essence leaked out from the pores of his skin.

Viktor silently stood there as the city Lord fumed with anger.

This bloody moron! Is a person supposed to quietly take a beating just because it’s your son? Such a despicable family…

As Viktor’s thoughts raced within his mind, his outward expression did not change in the slightest.

“I want you to kidnap the boy after the tournament ends. It is obvious that he is no longer just in the first rank of Spiritual stage!”

Regis muttered in a chilling tone.

“Is that wise? He clearly has someone teaching him, as there is no way the boy advanced on his own in such a short period of time. It’s better to wait until we have more information on his master.”

Viktor advised in a neutral voice.

“I did not hire you to give me your opinion. Do as you are told, unless you want me to replace you as well.”

Regis slowly stated as his eyes fiercely penetrated into Viktor.

“Very well, I’ll do it.”

Viktor calmly stated as if unfazed by the city Lord’s scrutiny.

Within the blink of an eye, his figure formed into a shadow and silently darted out of the booth!

“I do not trust him, my Lord.”

One of the black armored guards said in a steely voice, as he gazed at the booth’s exit.

“Neither do I, but his element is useful.”

Regis softly declared as he entered the balcony of the booth and took his seat.

Knowing that the city Lord did not wish to further talk about Viktor, the guard silently followed behind him.

The booths were set up such that they all stood a few feet higher from the ground, so they had the best visibility of the stadium. The distinguished members who were given a booth were all high-ranking officials and guests of the school.

Many of the officials and guests seated in the adjacent booths gave a respectful nod or slight bow to the city Lord.

Returning their greetings, Regis turned his head towards the stadium as he calmly observed the current duel.

His mood had completely shifted from before, as he eagerly awaited to see the development in his son, Chax.

Regis had personally called in many favors to convince the renowned Master Dane to take his son as his disciple, and it was finally time to see the results!

“What rank of cultivation do you think Chax has reached?”

Regis asked without shifting his gaze from the stadium.

“I think little lord should be around the eighth rank by now. The beast cores you sent last month had greatly accelerated his growth.”

The nearby guard quietly answered.

“Good, good. By the way, when does Chax enter the duel? I do not want to waste my time by watching these talentless punks fight!”

Regis muttered in a low voice, as his fingers impatiently tapped the side of his chair.

“Little lord should enter right after this duel is over. He was registered for the third duel.”

The guard promptly replied as he sensed the impatience of the city Lord.

“…. disciples assigned to the third duel, please step forward!”

The old man’s voice echoed within the audience.

“Haha, Chax’s fight is soon about to begin!”

Regis exclaimed in an excited voice.

After a few seconds, a large boy immediately stepped on the stage.

“Hmm, that must be Chax’s opponent. A pity… he is nothing compared to my son.”

Just as Regis was muttering to himself, suddenly, a familiar voice resounded in the stadium.

Chax had just entered the stage!

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