Chapter 49: The White Armband

Chapter 49 – The White Armband

“I surrender.”


The crowd mutely watched the current scene unfold before them. A sixth rank cultivator had actually surrendered  before the fight had even started!

“What kind of battle is this?”

Some members of the audience complained, as they did not get to see the final battle of the batch.

“Batch forty-two’s battle has ended, and the winner is… Calron!”

The bald Elder yelled when he saw that the blonde haired boy had removed his armband. Although he was also a bit disappointed in not being able to watch more antics of that hilarious lightning boy, he still had to follow the rules of the tournament.

“Calron… so that is the funny boy’s name… “

The crowd muttered amongst themselves as they etched Calron’s name to their minds.

“Let’s see how he does in the actual ranking battles. Every single one of those disciples should be the strongest of their batches, so he won’t be able to con his way through the second round!”

Some members of the crowd whispered as they eagerly awaited the second round of the tournament. Although, they found the lightning boy amusing, they had still not seen any display of power from him.

“Disciple Calron, come in front to receive your new armband.”

The bald Elder stated in a serious tone.

“Uh, yes!”

Calron hurriedly replied as he got out of his daze.

He was completely taken aback when Tarth had suddenly surrendered. Calron was hoping for a decent battle, and he did not understand why Tarth would suddenly surrender.

Unbeknownst to Calron, his past incident with Tarth had deeply scarred the blonde haired boy and given birth to an instinctual fear within him!

Slowly walking up to the bald Elder, Calron patiently waited as the Elder took out a pearl-white armband from within a small wooden box, and presented it to Calron in front of the crowd.

“Regardless of what happened today, you are the final one standing and thus the victor of this batch. Congratulations, and this is the armband that will let you compete in the top fifty ranks. Good luck!”

The bald Elder said with an amused smile on his face.

“I will help myself then!”

Calron casually stated as he picked up the white armband and placed it on his right arm.

“Woohooo! Big brother won!”

A loud cheer suddenly erupted from the audience.



“He won… he actually won!”

A red haired girl within the audience quietly whispered with utter shock on her face.

What surprised her even more than the dark haired boy winning was the fact that Tarth had actually willingly surrendered!

Having known the obnoxious boy for several years, Lora knew just how much pride the blonde haired boy had, and for him to do something like this, there must be another reason.

How could Lora know that Calron had already miserably beaten up Tarth before!

“Pfft, I still can’t believe he ripped someone’s robes off in a battle!”

Lora softly murmured as she burst into fit of silent laughter.


“The second round will begin shortly, so quickly go to the main stadium and register under that white armband. You will then get your entry number and be officially recognized as the contender for the top fifty positions.”

The bald Elder stated, as he gave a rough pat on Calron’s shoulder.

“Yes, Elder! I will take my leave now.”

Calron replied as he rushed to meet up with Fatty.

“Big brother! I knew you would win! Look, I won too!”

Fatty excitedly yelled as Calron approached him, while simultaneously showing his white armband on his right arm.

Unlike Calron, Fatty had no restriction on revealing his element! After his battle had started, Fatty had viciously attacked every disciple near him regardless of their cultivation, until only disciples of the fifth and sixth rank remained in the ring.

Just with his cultivation of the third rank, Fatty had completely suppressed everyone!

He easily defeated even the fifth rank cultivators, and only the last sixth rank cultivator had given a slight resistance under Fatty’s brutal onslaught.

The reason for Fatty’s overwhelming strength hid within the Axier Family’s cultivation secrets! How could the cultivation techniques of such an influential family that even the city Lord of Vernia himself would have to pay respects to, be so simple?

Fatty’s display of power had completely shocked the audience, and right after he was declared his batch’s winner, several Masters had approached Fatty to make him their personal disciple!

Evading their requests with stupid responses, Fatty had quickly left his ring and returned to watch his big brother’s fight.

“Haha, I knew you would win, Fatty! By the way, did anyone become suspicious of you?”

Calron gave a low chuckle as he saw the excited Fatty, and quietly asked his question.

Both Elias and Calron knew that Fatty cultivated in his family’s secret arts, and the astonishing might he had. Fatty had even once challenged Calron to a spar after receiving the Axier family’s techniques from his sister.

Fatty had hoped to at least deal a serious strike against his brother; however, with just using the Blood Legacy, Calron had easily suppressed him!

Within the past few months, not only had Calron increased his cultivation, he had also become much more proficient in the control of his source energy and the Blood Mist Step!

“Hehe, of course not, big brother! I used my brains and smartly evaded all their questions!”

Fatty responded while puffing up his chest in pride.

If Calron or Elias had heard some of the idiotic responses that Fatty gave to the other Masters, they would have banged their heads against a brick wall!

“Hmm, alright, let’s go to the stadium! The second round should begin soon!”

Calron cheerfully said as he pushed Fatty to start walking towards the center of the Arena.


Meanwhile, within the audience, a blind old man was currently sitting as he gazed into the crowd in front of him.

Tapping his wooden stick against the ground, the old man slowly walked.

“I sometimes forget that he is only eight years old, Haha!”

Elias softly murmured as he gave out a small laugh.

He had watched the fight of both his disciples, but he had been focusing more on Calron’s battle so that there were no possible accidents that might happen. Unlike Roran, if Calron had a sudden burst of rage while fighting, there would be fatal repercussions for those around him!

This was the first time that Calron would be fighting in public, so Elias had been extremely worried about his first disciple.

However, contrary to his worries, Calron had completely stunned him by the antics he displayed in front of everyone.

“I just hope this does not become a habit… I will have to talk to him later about a person’s sensitive body parts, so he understands why he can’t ask anyone he meets to remove their pants! Haha… ”

Elias gently said, as he could not hold back his laughter.


“Alright, so ‘Calron’ has been registered in the top fifty ranks. After the tournament has been concluded, your rank will be assigned to you.”

A young lady in her twenties strictly stated as she handed back Calron his white armband.

“You are the fifteenth in line for your duel, so please wait at the contestants’ booth.”

The young lady declared in a serious tone.

Before Calron and Fatty had reached the main stadium, sounds of a battle could already be heard and they knew they were late.

Fatty had stopped in the middle of their walk to go to the bathroom, so Calron was forced to wait for his brother.

Fortunately, all fifty batch winners must participate in the second round, so they were allowed to be registered after a quick scolding from the organization Elder.

“Hehe, I’m the third in line for the duel, so I will get to fight before big brother!”

Fatty excitedly claimed as he dragged Calron to the contestants’ booth.

Just as the two brothers entered the booth, a relieved voice sounded in their ears.

“Rory! You made it!”

A blur in a blue dress suddenly rushed towards the boys, as she happily hugged Fatty.

“Big sister!”

Fatty exclaimed in a similarly joyous tone.

Meanwhile, Calron just silently backed away. He knew that Felice still held a grudge against him, so he did not want to give her any chance to act on him.

“Hmph, how did a bunch of trashes like them enter the top fifties? Sigh… this school is seriously lowering their standards.”

A deep rumbling voice echoed in the booth.

Seeing the new figure, Calron felt his blood boiling as he restrained the rage he felt welling up inside him!

Calron could never forget the first time someone dealt him a vicious blow and drew his blood.


A savage growl was heard, as a bloodthirsty aura suddenly emanated around Calron!

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