Chapter 48: Are you a Boy or a Girl?

Chapter 48 – Are you a Boy or a Girl?

“Hmm, comedian? I think I like being a cultivator more. After all, it’s a lot more exciting, don’t you think?”

Calron calmly responded without turning his head to face the stranger.

Hearing the arrogance in the dark haired boy’s voice who was not even bothering to face him, the stranger gave a low growl as he released his essence.

“Sigh… this was why I did not want to participate. Everyone has such big egos here…”

Calron lazily turned around as he decided to face the stranger.

Hearing Calron’s words, the nearby audience felt like knocking their heads against a wall, as from the beginning of the round, it was clearly Calron himself who was looking down on everyone else!

The stranger was a skinny boy around the age of twelve, with long dark green hair and coppery skin. His feminine features made him appear more beautiful than handsome, and if not for hearing his voice, Calron would definitely have thought that the boy in front of him was a girl!

“Yo, are you a boy or a girl?”

Calron asked with a curious tilt of his head.

A dense aura was suddenly exuded from the feminine boy, as he furiously yelled.

“I’m a boy, you idiot!”

“Eh? Really? You sure don’t look like one to me. Drop your pants, let me see!”

Calron said in an unconvinced tone.


The crowd just stood there with their mouths open. This kid had completely changed the whole tournament. First, stripping the disciples of their robes and now asking another cultivator to drop his pants in front of everyone. This was simply too unbelievable!

“Y-you’re joking, right? Just fight me!”

The feminine boy stammered as he tried to get his words out.

The dark haired boy in front of him had completely destroyed his calm demeanor!

“We can fight later, but right now I want to see whether you’re really a boy or not. C’mon, just show it!”

Calron stated with no intention of fighting whatsoever, and eagerly awaited for the feminine boy to follow his request.

Unlike the twelve year old feminine boy, Calron was still eight years old and inexperienced in the different aspects between man and woman. Although he was fierce and brutal when it came to battles, he had not yet learned about the dignity of a male’s body part.

“You bastard, how shameless!”

The feminine boy roared with a furious anger on his face.

A light green essence coalesced around him as a violent burst of gust erupted beneath his feet!

“Enough of this pathetic joke, after I defeat you, I will only have one more opponent to beat to reach the top fifties of the ranks!”

The feminine boy coldly stated as he rushed towards Calron.

“Huh? Only one? If I’m the second last left, so who’s the last one left?”

Calron asked as he looked around the ring.

It was true!

Besides himself and the feminine boy, there was one another disciple nervously standing in the ring as his eyes met Calron’s.

“Haha, so it’s Tarth! Yo, wait for me until I confirm whether this guy here is a boy or a girl, and I’ll fight you next!”

Calron laughed as turned his head back to face the feminine boy.

“I guess, I’ll just have to see the truth for myself!”

Calron said as he slowly cracked his knuckles.

Unlike the previous weaklings he had stripped naked, the green haired boy in front of him was a genuine sixth rank cultivator!

It was finally time for the Formless Fist to appear!


Meanwhile, Tarth was sweating profusely as he saw the battle unfold before him.

I knew this bastard would be one of the last ones standing! He’s only gotten crueler since I last met him!

Tarth inwardly thought as he glanced at Calron. At least Tarth was not publicly stripped naked in front of the entire audience like the other two! It was better to get his head smacked a hundred times, than losing his dignity in front of such a huge crowd.

Tarth shuddered as he thought of what would happen to the feminine boy if the that little monster caught hold of him.

“Little girly brother, I sincerely hope that you escape from that devil’s clutches… ”

Tarth quietly murmured.


Outside the ring, another figure hastily appeared as he pushed through the crowd to see the battle in the ring designated to the black armbands.

The figure was quite muscular with a childish glint in his eyes. Upon his right arm, was a pristine white colored armband that radiated within the crowd.

Seeing the pure white colored armband on the boy’s arm, the crowd quietly let him pass without obstruction.

“Hehe, I wonder if big brother won in his batch as well!”

Fatty muttered as he arrived at the front of the ring.

“…..Drop your pants, let me see!”

A familiar voice echoed within the ring.

“Eh? Big brother wants to see someone’s legs?”

Fatty was utterly confused as to what his big brother was talking about. It was a battle royale, so why would he want to see someone drop his pants?

Seeing his opponent, Fatty exclaimed.

“Woah! What a pretty lady!”

“That’s not girl, son. He is a boy, just like you.”

An elderly man next to Fatty quietly spoke.

“Huh? That’s impossible! She’s definitely a girl! So, that’s why big brother wanted her to drop her pants… YEAH, DROP YOUR PANTS!”

Fatty abruptly bellowed from within the crowd!

“What is with this year’s tournament, there are idiots everywhere… yes, but nothing can compare to that child who stripped his seniors naked … yeah, that was brutal… “

The people near Fatty quietly gossiped while shooting glances at the nearby Fatty, and Calron who was standing in the middle of the ring.



The sound of an explosion reverberated throughout the ring.

As the smoke dispersed, it revealed two figures with their fists touching each other!


A soft quiet voice emerged from the feminine boy’s mouth. Only the person in front of him could hear his words.

“A lot of chocolate milk?”

Calron sheepishly responded as he gave a quick wink to the green haired boy in front of him.

“Hahaha, you really are funny… unfortunately, I lost this round. Can you tell me the real reason of your strength?”

The feminine boy asked in a sincere voice.

“Hmm, maybe later. But, drop your pants first, I still want to see!”

Calron asked in a persistent tone.

“Y-you would really humiliate me like that!”

The feminine boy asked in an unbelievable voice.

“Well, it’s fine if you don’t want to… “

Calron said as he gave out a small sigh.

He really wanted to confirm his doubts, but unlike the disciples from before, this feminine boy only had wanted to fight him to test his strength, and not because he thought of Calron as trash like the other disciples.

A fighting spirit was worthy of Calron’s admiration!

Hearing the words of the dark haired boy, the feminine boy felt extremely relieved. He had tasted the strength of the boy’s fist, and knew that he was no match for his shocking strength!

If the others knew just how strong the lightning trash was, they would have definitely spat out blood in shock!

What confused the feminine boy was that even towards the last moment of the strike, he had not detected a single trace of essence from the boy in front of him!

“Hey, what’s your name?”

The feminine boy asked softly.


“Calron? I like that name! I’m Aryn, by the way.”

The feminine boy replied as he gave Calron a slight smile. Removing his black armband, Aryn slowly exited the ring.


The audience was speechless at the conclusion of the previous fight. A sixth rank had cultivator lost to a lightning cultivator? This was absolutely unbelievable!

Before the crowd could dwell any further on their thoughts, a loud voice echoed within the vicinity.

“This is the final battle! Both of you, get ready!”

The bald elder conveyed through his booming voice.

The crowd felt their hearts racing as they waited in anticipation for the last and final battle of the first round!

*thump*   *thump*

The winner of this battle would immediately enter the top fifty ranks of the disciples, and have the chance to become one of the elite students of the Red Boar School!

Suddenly, the large blond haired boy turned towards the elder and removed his armband as he firmly stated.

“I surrender.”

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