Chapter 47: A Shocking Scene

Chapter 47 – A Shocking Scene


Hearing the fierce roar, the disciples felt their hearts tremble violently.

“W-what is this feeling! Is this coming from that lightning trash?”

The disciples behind the fourth rank cultivator gasped, as the bloodthirsty killing intent started to slowly suffocate them. This feeling was akin to when one met an extremely powerful cultivator; however, none of them were able to believe that they could get this feeling from a boy even younger than them!

“Surround him!”

The fourth rank cultivator shook himself from his daze and commanded the others to follow his orders!

The disciples were clearly in a disarray under the oppression of Calron’s killing intent, so they hurried to follow the commands of their self-assigned leader.

Seeing the bunch of disciples rushing to surround him, Calron just patiently waited as he further increased his killing intent.

“Haha, the weak are truly pitiful! Did you not just call me trash? Why do you need so many people do deal with a waste like me?”

Calron savagely spoke as an intense aura radiated from him.

“S-shut up! T-this is just to make sure you don’t run away! That’s right, we are only doing this to contain you, haha… ”

One of the nearby disciples loudly stated with a quiver in his voice.

“I don’t like the sound of your voice.”

Calron coldly stated, as he suddenly disappeared from his spot and rushed towards the disciple who just spoke!



Everyone stood still as they gaped at the current scene in front of them.

Calron was calmly holding the poor disciple’s hand in a twisted position, and it was clear from the previous cracking sound and the gut-wrenching cries, that the disciple’s wrist was definitely broken!

Calron remained standing in that position as his pupils fiercely bore into the disciple’s eyes.

“Who is the trash?”

Calron’s chilly voice resounded in the vicinity as he turned his head to glare at the other disciples surrounding him.

“The next one to call me trash will get the same treatment as this idiot.”

Hearing the dark haired boy’s threat, the fourth rank cultivator started to feel his hands tremble.

Impossible! He is only a lightning cultivator, so how is it possible for him to suppress us to this extent? This must be a dream! Yes, I’m definitely dreaming!

While the fourth rank cultivator’s thoughts raced about, some of the surrounding disciples suddenly removed their armbands and waved it in the air as they openly surrendered.

They knew from the start that one of the sixth rank cultivators would win this round, so there was no need for them to risk an injury just to be defeated in the end. Seeing the cold savagery of the boy that they had all previously called trash, the disciples all felt beads of sweat forming on their foreheads!

The only reason these disciples had participated in the first place, was to attract the attention of some of the Masters in the school through their fighting ability and techniques. There was absolutely no point in continuing a fight, if there was nothing to gain.

Seeing some of the students wave their armbands, the bald Elder nodded and let them exit the ring.

However, the bald Elder’s gaze remained fixed on Calron.

“This kid… is not so simple.”


Meanwhile, Calron did nothing to obstruct the surrendering disciples from leaving. In truth, he did not really wish to fight these disciples, as they were all extremely weak when compared to him. However, Calron had come to detest the word ‘trash’, so if anyone called him that, he simply could not contain his rage!

Letting the disciple’s hand go, Calron turned around and faced the remaining disciples.

Currently, there were only three people left including the fourth rank cultivator. Although the fourth rank cultivator had also wanted to leave, he knew he could not, as he was the one who had invited everyone to attack Calron in the first place. Wouldn’t he just lose face if he surrendered now?

“I don’t like your clothes.”

Calron abruptly stated in a cold voice.


The three remaining disciples were all confused by the dark haired boy’s statement.

Suddenly, Calron disappeared in a flash and appeared next to the disciple who was wearing a pale grey robe.


Calron tore away the disciple’s robes in the blink of an eye, as he simply left the boy standing there in his underwear! The disciple felt like crying with embarrassment at the public humiliation!

The others watching the scene did not know whether to laugh or to cry. How did this battle royale suddenly take such a comical turn?

This was no longer a fight between cultivators, but public shaming.

Suddenly a loud roar of laughter emerged from the side of the ring.

It was the bald Elder.

“Bahaha! I don’t think I have ever seen a fight like this in all my history of judging the Preliminary Rounds! Good job, kid! Hahaha!”

The bald Elder bellowed as he started to laugh again at the sight of the red-faced disciple standing there with only his underwear!

The remaining two disciples all shivered as they watched the scene of Calron rudely ripping apart their fellow brother’s robe! There was no dignity in this fight! They would rather surrender now, than to face this kind of humiliation!

How would a cultivator ever show his face to others, after being stripped naked in front of everyone?

“Ah, little brother, how about we end this here? Look, the other battles have nearly ended as well! We can team up and finish them! What do you say?”

The fourth rank cultivator spoke with a slight trace of hope in his voice.

He would rather break his own arm than go through that public humiliation!

“Eh? Why should I? Besides, I think I don’t like your robe as well… ”

Calron lazily stated as he shot a mischievous smile at the fourth rank cultivator.

This bastard! How are these robes any different from what he’s wearing? These are the normal robes for the outer disciples! This is just plain bullying!

The two disciples pitifully cried out within their minds as they heard Calron’s words.

Not daring to upset the mood of the little monster they had provoked, the fourth rank cultivator was just about to remove his armband to surrender, when he suddenly felt a steely grip on his arm.

“Shouldn’t you remove your robes first before taking off that armband?”

A cold voice whispered into his ear!

“H-how did you- “


Even while his robes were being ripped away from his body, the fourth rank cultivator still could not understand how the lightning boy had so quickly reached him!

With tears on his face, the fourth rank cultivator ran away from the ring in complete embarrassment! Sounds of laughter echoed behind him, which only seemed to make his tears flow faster.

Wuuwuu, how could anyone be so heartless? What Master would ever bother taking me as their disciple after that public stripping and humiliation!

The fourth rank cultivator thought as he inwardly cried.

“I’m tired now, so I’ll let you go. Scram!”

Calron said as he gazed at the last remaining disciple.

As if he had just heard the voice of salvation, the last disciple quickly removed his armband and rushed towards the edge of the ring.

In truth, Calron felt a bit self-conscious with all the current attention, so he just wanted to end the farce there. Hearing the laughter from the people watching the battle, Calron turned around and gave a sheepish smile as he scratched his head.

“Hehe, anyone want these robes for a copper square?”

Hearing Calron’s words, the audience burst into another fit of laughter!

“Hahaha, what is with this kid? I can’t stop laughing… is he really selling those robes now? Hahaha!”

The crowd erupted in a roaring laughter as they watched the current scene in front of them. Although there were still a few other battles happening within the ring, they were completely ignored and everyone seemed to be more interested in watching the amusing dark haired boy!

*clap*    *clap*

“You should have been a comedian instead of a cultivator. Anyone could defeat those weaklings, so how about having a battle with me?”

A soft and soothing voice echoed throughout the ring.

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