Chapter 46: The Arena

Chapter 46 – The Arena

The sound of a loud horn suddenly reverberated throughout the entire Arena.

The disciples all abruptly stood erect as they tried to figure out the cause of the horn.


A booming voice of a man echoed within every person’s ears!

“Big brother, let’s go!”

Fatty cried out as he dragged Calron and rushed towards the center of the Arena.

The other disciples also burst into motion as they bid their masters farewell, and searched for the areas designated by the color of their armbands.

The closer Calron approached the center of the Arena, the more awe he felt.

The Arena was simply enormous!

It was circular in shape with a series of booths allocated at its sides for the audience. The stadium itself, which was in the center of the Arena, was filled with sand.

Surrounding the stadium were smaller circular marked areas with different colored flags. An Elder stood within each of these smaller circles and patiently waited for all the disciples to arrive.

“Fatty, I think my batch is here.”

Calron said as he located a black colored flag next to a circular area.

“Mmn, big brother, good luck! If you quit the tournament before you fight me, I will never talk to you again!”

Fatty seriously stated as he firmly clasped Calron’s hand.

He knew that if Calron got bored midway, he would simply quit and leave without caring about the consequences. However, unknown to Fatty, Calron had another reason to participate in the tournament.

“Haha, Fatty, don’t worry! I promise that I won’t quit. I will win this tournament at all costs!”

Hearing his brother’s passionate exclaim, Fatty nodded in relief and bid Calron farewell as he went to look for his own area.

Turning his head to look at the area designated for the disciples with the black armbands, Calron observed his competition.

There were around twelve to fifteen disciples in his batch, all with various ages. He spotted Tarth and his goons talking to the Elder, but Calron paid them no attention.

Sensing two other disciples besides Tarth, with the cultivation of the sixth rank, Calron knew that they were the ones he would have to watch out for. However, it seemed that most people in his batch were relatively weak, with the best of them only at the third or fourth rank.

If anyone had heard Calron’s thoughts at that moment, they would have spat out blood!

A child who had already reached the third rank at such an age would be considered a good talent in the city, but Calron did not even put them in front of his eyes!

It must be understood that the average soldier in the city of Vernia had the cultivation of the seventh rank, while the commoners were mostly around the fifth rank. However, they were all adults! The ones in front of Calron had barely even started going through puberty!

“Tsk, this is lame… if not for that reward for Lora, I would not even bother being here.”

Starting a small whistling tune, Calron walked towards the circular ring.

As Calron neared the other disciples, looks of disdain flashed across their eyes as they saw the dark haired boy casually whistling without any worries.

“That lightning trash… how arrogant! He looks so carefree, but he’ll probably surrender as soon as the fight starts. Hehe, let’s make sure that we give him a beating before the Elder stops us…”

One of the fourth rank cultivators in Calron’s batch muttered as he saw the lightning trash walk past him.

Just when Calron heard those words, he slowly turned his head to face the disciple who just ridiculed him, and flashed a vicious smile.

Seeing the lightning boy’s attitude suddenly change, the fourth rank cultivator felt a mysterious unease well up within his body as he saw that sinister smile on the boy’s face.

“Alright, you bunch of maggots! Listen up!”

Suddenly, the voice of the Elder echoed in the ring as he used his essence to amplify his voice.

Unlike the gentle and calm Elder Calron had met on his first day, the one in front of him was the complete opposite!

With a completely bald head, the middle-aged Elder chewed on a twig as he gazed at the surrounding disciples in contempt.

“Only the disciples with the black armbands are allowed to enter this ring, if you were assigned a different color, then leave before I personally kick you out!”

Pausing to see if there were any outsiders, the baldhead Elder continued.

“All you punks get ready to enter the ring! Also, remember, if you want to surrender, just remove your armband and wave it the air. If a punk attacks you after that, I will personally make sure that not even that punk’s mother will recognise his face after I’m done with him! Understood?”

The bald man fiercely bellowed towards the gathered disciples.

For some reason, Calron liked the baldhead man. Although the older man was extremely rude, there was a certain honesty within his actions that reflected his integrity.


The disciples all loudly shouted.

“Good. Enter the ring and only begin once you hear the horn.”

The bald Elder stated as he stepped out of the ring and stood at the side.

The disciples all rushed towards the ring as they hoped to strategically position themselves with their friends, so that they had a higher chance of being the last one standing.

Although the Preliminary Round was a battle royale where disciples were supposed to fight against each other, most of them usually formed packs early on, to make sure they reached the final stages of the battle. Even though this was a despicable act, it was technically not against the rules of the battle, so the Elders did not stop this behavior.

Seeing the others sprint towards the ring to get a slight advantage, Calron just shook his head and lazily started walking towards the ring. Relying on other people’s strength to achieve victory was the mindset of weak cultivators, so naturally Calron detested it!

Noticing the unusual behavior of the dark haired boy as he casually walked towards the ring, the bald Elder raised his eyebrow but did not make a single comment.

“Interesting… either he is very confident or very stupid. Let’s see… “

The Elder quietly uttered to himself, as his curiosity was peaked.

By the time Calron had arrived near the ring, almost every single disciple was already in their desired position and eagerly anticipating the start of the battle royale.

Just as Calron stepped into the ring, the sound of a loud horn reverberated in the air!


The disciples all burst into action as several groups clashed against each other! Besides a rare few youths, almost everyone was in a group.

“Sigh… I’ll just wait here until there are a only a few left and then join the in on fun!”

Calron stated as he abruptly sat down on the ground!

Seeing that scene, the bald Elder suddenly spat out the twig in his mouth.

“What the hell is wrong with this kid!? And what is with that position!”

The bald man exclaimed as he saw Calron lazily sprawled on the ground, while other disciples were fighting around him!

Initially, Calron was just sitting upright on the ground; however, he soon started to feel his backside ache against the hard ground, so Calron just laid his whole body down! With his right arm supporting his head and one of his knees folded, Calron continued to whistle as he watched several battles unfold before him.

Originally, none of the nearby disciples had bothered Calron, as they all knew he was a weak lightning cultivator, but seeing his completely carefree attitude at this moment, they all felt an intense rage within their hearts.

“Bastard! We are all fighting here and he’s just whistling there like an idiot! Brothers, let’s teach this trash a lesson!”

One of the fourth rank cultivators of the group shouted as he rallied the nearby disciples to deal with Calron. Most of them ignored the fourth rank cultivator as they continued on with their fights, but several individuals soon joined him as they felt mutual irritation at the lightning trash’s behavior.

Seeing that he had a decent amount of people behind him, the fourth rank cultivator gained a lot of confidence and started arrogantly walking towards the whistling Calron.

“Bastard, get up and fight!”

The fourth rank cultivator yelled as he spat towards the side, and disdainfully glared at the laid back Calron.


Calron turned his head as he stopped whistling, and noticed a small group of disciples all angrily glaring at him.

“Did I do something to you?”

Calron inquired with extreme politeness.

“Huh? No, this is a fight! How dare you look down upon this tournament by this blatant disrespect!”

The fourth rank cultivator was a bit taken aback with Calron’s politeness, but he quickly regained his composure and retorted his reasons for confronting the dark haired boy.

“Disrespect? How have I disrespected this tournament? I have been peacefully minding my own business until you came along with those idiots wagging their tails.”

Calron responded in a frosty tone as his mood abruptly changed.

“Y-you dare insult us? A lightning trash like you actually has the audacity to talk back to us?”

The fourth rank cultivator stuttered as he replied back.

Just a moment before, him and his group had suddenly felt a bloodthirsty aura around them, and initially they thought it was the lightning boy in front of them, however, those thoughts soon vanished as they realized that it was simply impossible!

“Trash? I think that I’m starting to get irritated by that word…”

Calron coldly stated as he slowly stood up.

Straining and cracking his muscles, Calron abruptly released his vicious killing intent as he savagely addressed the disciples in front of him.


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