Chapter 40: The Violet-Eyed Executioner

Chapter 40 – The Violet-Eyed Executioner

Calron hoped that Tarth had learned his lesson, otherwise next time, he would not be so lenient in dealing with the blonde haired boy.

It was gratifying to finally be able to act on his feelings, rather than suppressing his emotions in fear that others would find out his secret. For receiving the strength of the Blood Legacy, Calron would be eternally grateful to his Master.

Although the Azure Lightning was a domineering might, it drew too much attention and unless Calron killed every witness that saw his fights, the existence of such an element would only serve to bring him immense trouble in the future.

Calron was still not sure how he felt about killing others. He knew he would have to do it eventually in future, but he would rather not resort to it unless there were no other choices.

Unknown to Calron, his recent battles and fights were already slowly molding his mind to become sharper and fiercer, as he was starting to be no longer opposed to killing.

Being in an extremely good mood, Calron whistled the tune that he once heard from a passing merchant in the village.

Although Calron had not whistled in a long time, especially after his father’s death, it was one of the few things that he had enjoyed in life.

The village kids were not always nice to him, but at the same time, they did not really try to befriend him either.

The stain of being a lightning cultivator’s son was deeply etched in Calron, and made the other kids stay away from him.

Faced with this isolation, Calron used to spend his time wandering around the village market and talking to the elderly folk.

The old shopkeepers never scowled at him or treated him like dirt. Calron would always help around at the shops, doing everything from running errands to cleaning the place up, and in return, the shopkeepers would sometimes give him small treats to eat or tell him stories about the legends of the past.

From all the legends, Calron’s favorite one was about the Violet-Eyed Executioner!

No one knew where this stranger came from, but he was known to roam the entire continent unparalleled as he vanquished the magical beasts within the human lands.

It was said that in the past, humans were actually enslaved by the beasts!

They were treated like livestock or cattle for the beasts to leisurely feast upon! Many of the cities were overtaken by the beasts due to their larger numbers and the shared inherent memories of their ancestors. Unlike humans, some magical beasts had the ability to inherit the memories of their ancestors, which included various cultivation techniques!

At that time, the humans only had the simplest of cultivation techniques and against the onslaught of the superior beasts they were soon miserably defeated.

Only a rare few cities still remained under the control of humans as the vast majority of the lands were rapidly conquered by the Beast Rulers!

Beast Ruler was a title given to any magical beast that reached the cultivation of the Heavenly stage or more! With numerous cities under the control of a single Beast Ruler, it was clear to see the terrifying power that the beasts held back then.

Living in fear every day, the humans desperately fought an uphill battle they knew they could not win. The only path open to them was either a life of slavery or a cold touch of death!

Amidst that agony and desperation, a ray of salvation suddenly appeared in front of the humans!

A mysterious hooded man intervened in one of the battles that the humans were just about to lose and single handedly massacred the entire army of beasts along with their ruler!

The hooded man immediately left after that first battle and a few days later, countless stories of a mysterious man effortlessly slaughtering beasts spread across the entire continent!

The only description of the mysterious man was when in the middle of a battle, his hood accidently flew back, as it revealed the striking features of the man!

A nearby wounded soldier at the sidelines etched that memory deep into his heart as he later spread the story around the barracks.

According to soldier’s tale, the mysterious man had his entire lower jaw covered in a veil, but it was his eyes that completely captivated the wounded soldier’s mind!

Burning with a celestial glow, the mysterious man’s violet eyes bore into the soldier as his heart trembled under the pressure those eyes exuded.

The hooded man’s piercing violet eyes blazed with a fierce intensity as he turned away his attention from the soldier and mercilessly butchered the numerous beasts! The scene of the man slaying the beasts as his eyes glowed with an unnatural violet color, earned him the name of the Violet-Eyed Executioner.

Even the Beast Ruler had only lasted a few seconds longer than the normal beasts against the executioner!

A power that could slaughter a Heavenly stage expert as easily as beheading a pig, shattered the minds of the nearby humans!

Could they have the same power as this man?

Within a few months, the entire beast population had been decimated to a mere handful as they frantically escaped to the other continents or the nearby mountains.

The hooded man then headed to main capital of the human lands, and handed a series of scrolls to the people living there. He said the scrolls were different cultivation techniques and that the humans will have to depend on themselves in future if the beasts attacked.

After he said those words, the hooded man abruptly vanished!

Till this day, none knew his name and even the stories about the Violet-Eyed Executioner were dubious, as most believed them to be tales spun by bored soldiers on the battlefield. However, the truth of the matter would never be known.

Nonetheless, Calron did not care whether the legend of the Violet-Eyed Executioner was true or not, he simply wanted to carve his own destiny like the hooded man!

Shatter his fate of being weak!

Shatter his fate of servitude!

Shatter his fate of loneliness!

It had been a long time since Calron thought back to those days and he abruptly stopped in front of his hut as he reminisced his life back then.

With a sad smile, Calron slowly entered his room.


After a quick clean up, Calron immediately sat down on the mat in a meditative position and activated the second stage of the Thunder-Bird breathing technique!

“Hmm, I’m almost there… “

Just as Calron muttered to himself, a massive amount of essence was slowly being absorbed into his body.

Meanwhile, within Calron’s core, a strange scene started to unfold.

Bolts of blue lightning had again appeared around the core as they unceasingly refined every drop of essence that entered the liquid pool within the elemental core!

The golden-azure drops bubbled as the surrounding essence wildly fluctuated around Calron!

A faint sound of thunder echoed in the room as traces of golden lightning crackled around Calron’s skin.

“It’s starting!”

Calron exclaimed in delight as he saw the changes in his core!

Torrents of lightning essence spiraled above Calron as they were rapidly being absorbed into his body. Within seconds, the new essence was completely refined into the golden-azure liquid and just as Calron felt that he had reached his limit, an explosion reverberated throughout the room!


A gust of wind expelled from the room as the dust on the floor followed the blast of air, causing a cloud of smoke to form around Calron’s hut.

With a series of coughs, Calron forced the smoke out of his room and let out a sudden grin.

“Awesome! I finally entered the fourth rank! With this, I should now be able to contend against Chax with just my physical body! I was at a disadvantage last time, but let’s see him try to fight me again! Hehe…”

As Calron excitedly talked to himself, a nearby servant just gaped at him.

What Calron had not noticed was that he was completely covered in dust and subconsciously pumping his fists in the air.

The servant was in the middle of sweeping the corridor when he saw a lunatic rush out of a hut covered in dust as he excitedly yelled and threw his fists around.

The servant did not know whether to be mad at the boy for the dirtying the place he had just cleaned, or laugh at the silly antics of the kid.

Noticing that someone was staring at him, Calron abruptly turned around until he found a servant just standing there with a broom. Hurriedly regaining his composure, Calron walked up to the servant as he gave a polite bow while stating.

“Sir, I think there is a little bit of dust near there. Thank you for your hard work!”

Before the servant could respond, Calron abruptly starting walking towards the Foundation building.

Meanwhile, the servant burst out in laughter as he saw the boy walking away while still covered in a layer of dust! The boy had not even realized his comical appearance as he obliviously walked away.

“Sometimes, life is just meant to be silly… ”

The servant muttered as he let out a low chuckle.

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