Chapter 39: A Deathly Smile

Chapter 39 – A Deathly Smile

“A trash like you really thinks that he can get away?”

Calron abruptly stopped as soon as he heard the cold voice.

He had anticipated this outcome, but he had also hoped that he was wrong.

Giving a soft sigh, Calron turned around and faced the owner of the cold voice.

“What do you want Tarth? I have some important business to take care of, so make it quick.”

Calron stated in a chilly tone.

Calron would rather not fight if he could avoid it, as he already had too many restrictions placed on him to not reveal his strength, but if he continued to get pushed around, then Calron would return the favor multiple times and then deal with the consequences with his Master later.

Hearing the disdain in the smaller boy’s voice, Tarth furiously gnashed his teeth as he burned with indignation.

“Bastard! Let’s see how you escape from me now! There is no girl’s skirt for you to hide behind this time!”

Tarth raged as a strangely powerful energy surged around him!

It was not elemental essence.

Calron was shocked as he realized what that energy was! It was something that he himself had!

It was the power of a Legacy!

Seeing the shocked look on the boy’s face, Tarth grew even more arrogant as he coldly laughed.

“A country bumpkin like you has probably never even heard of a Legacy! Don’t try to scream for help, I already have the area surrounded by my boys to make sure that no one enters this area! Hahaha!”

Just as Calron heard the last sentence, a bone-chilling smile slowly started to spread across his face, as a thick killing intent surged around him.

Calron’s biggest worry was people finding out his true strength, as that would bring further complications to his life, especially if the city Lord found out. However, Tarth had unknowingly paved an easier path for Calron!

Noticing that the expression on the boy’s face had drastically changed, Tarth felt his heart slightly tremble as the thick killing intent slowly drew near him.

Pushing away the doubts about the abnormal aura around the boy, Tarth regained his vigor as he fiercely bellowed.

“Punk! I will show you the might of a Legacy Inheritor!”

Suddenly, a pale grey source energy exuded from his fists, as the blonde haired boy rushed towards Calron.

Seeing the pale grey source energy, Calron let out a low laugh.

Compared to the vicious source energy of the Blood Legacy, this pale grey energy almost seemed like a joke! Calron did not know the path of Tarth’s Legacy, but seeing no weapons on him, he guessed it was related to a body-type path.

“The might of a Legacy? Let me give you a little taste of it.”

Calron quietly muttered as he savagely drew the source energy from his pool. However, on the outside, not a single trace of the energy leaked!

Although there was no threat of any wandering disciples, Calron still did not want Tarth to know the existence of the Blood Legacy. He could sense that the blonde haired boy was not very proficient in using the Legacy, as his energy leaked out everywhere. So Calron knew that Tarth would be unable to detect the source energy inside him.

Just as Tarth’s fist was an inch away from his face, Calron abruptly moved to the side, as a whistling sound echoed behind the Tarth’s fist.

Stunned that his fist met empty air, Tarth glanced around as he tried to find Calron.

“Looking for me?”

A low deathly whisper sounded out from behind Tarth.



Before the blonde haired boy could even look behind him, a palm with a colossal amount of strength grasped his hair and viciously struck him against the ground!


“Tarth, you’re so handsome!”

“Noo! He’s mine! Go away!”

“Tarth, do you think I’m pretty?”

Tarth confusedly gazed around as he tried to understand where he was.

Where am I?

Why are these girls all touching me?

Tarth numbly sat there, as the two girls and a woman argued around him. Tarth knew these girls! He had a crush on one of them a few months ago, the other one was a new disciple to the school and the last woman was his teacher who had taught him back home.

“Huh? What are they all doing here? Maybe they all came to visit me!”

Just then, the woman stroked his blonde hair as she softly said.

“Tarth, why aren’t you listening to me? Am I too old for you?”

“Eh? N-no way, teacher! You are really pretty! I have always had a crush on you!”

For some reason, Tarth felt completely relaxed here, so he openly confessed his feelings.

“Hmph, I thought you said you loved me! Didn’t you ask me out a few days ago?”

A brown haired girl retorted as she turned her head away from Tarth.

“B-but, didn’t you reject me?”

Tarth stuttered as he glanced at the brown haired girl.

“That was before I knew how strong and handsome you were! I definitely love you now, so say that you love me!”

The brown haired girl pleaded as she pressed herself against Tarth.

Unable to contain the joy inside him, Tarth blurted out.

“Of course I love you! I still have the sweets I wanted you to try, which you spat them out after slapping me… “

Tarth stated as his voice slowly died down towards the end.

Wait, why would she slap me last time and suddenly say she loves me now?

Before Tarth could think any further, the third girl turned around!

“Hey, muscle brains, can you hear me?”

The third girl’s face twisted as it changed into the face of the skinny boy he met today!


Tarth felt a mind-crushing impact to his face as his head stuck the ground again!

“You bastard! How many times do I have to repeat myself?”

Just as Calron was about to smash blonde boy’s face into the ground again, he heard a small whimper escape from Tarth’s mouth.

“I’m s-sor… sorry”

Tarth’s heart was burning with humiliation as he realized that he was completely at the mercy of this brat!

How old was this kid? He appeared to be much younger than even his little brother, but attacked with such a vicious killing intent!

This boy was a monster!

Just wait you little punk! I will have my revenge a hundredfold the next time I see you!

While Tarth’s thoughts furiously burned through his mind, Calron continued.

“Curse your stupid muscle brain! Do you know how much time I wasted by trying to wake you up by smashing your head? Who the hell sleeps during a fight!”

Hearing the boy’s words, Tarth wanted to dig a hole and bury himself there.

This brat! Did he really continue to smash his head against the floor for the whole time? How Brutal! And I was not sleeping, you punk, it was you who struck me till I went unconscious! Does my head look a bouncing ball to you!?

As Tarth pitifully cried out within his mind, he did not dare say those words to the lunatic boy above him.

“Hmm, whatever, my hand hurts now so you can go away. You know, you have a really thick skull! I had to smash your head over thirty times to wake you up… ”

Calron slowly said as he gingerly rubbed his arm.

This time, Tarth could not hold his tears any longer.

Monster! You didn’t have to smack my head every time! You could have just sprinkled some water to wake me up!

Tarth miserably cried within his mind.

He still did not understand how this skinny kid could completely suppress him to this extent. Let alone his inherited Legacy, Tarth’s cultivation itself was at the peak of the fifth rank! With his Legacy, he could even contend against a cultivator of the sixth rank!

“You can try to bring others after me, but the result will only be worse for you. Next time, I won’t leave with just a few smashes to the head.”

Calron coldly whispered these words as he bent down next to Tarth’s ears.

Hearing the savageness in the boy’s voice, Tarth did not doubt for a second on what would happen to him the next time he pulled a stunt like this. A kid that did not even slightly hesitate to brutally smash his head, would definitely have no trouble doing worse things!

“I-I under… stand”

Tarth wheezed out the words as Calron pressed his head against the ground.

“Never try to bully a weak person again…you never know just what they might be hiding.”

Calron coldly stated as he slowly stood up.

“Besides, I doubt you would want others to know that you got crushed by a weak little lightning cultivator! Hahaha!”

Calron provoked the defeated bully, as he started walking back towards his hut.

A cheerful whistling tune echoed throughout the corridor.

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