Chapter 35: The Supreme Entities

Chapter 35 – The Supreme Entities

A burst of crimson light flashed throughout the source pool.

The roar of thunder echoed in the background, as the Azure-Crimson Lightning continued to drill into the third seal.

Unknown to Calron, the second seal had long ago started breaking apart, which was evident in the traces of the blood mist that appeared when he was sparring Fatty.

While only in the first layer and being able to bring forth the crimson mist of the second layer, only the Blood Legacy itself could bypass its own rules. This was the reason why Elias was previously shocked seeing the crimson mist, as that meant that the Blood Legacy was helping Calron of its own will!

However, the third seal was completely opposite, as the Blood Legacy did not yet deem it worthy of Calron for the time being. The third seal’s symbols were a lot more intricate and complex in design, and considering the difficulty the Azure-Crimson Lightning seemed to be having, it was clear that the third seal would not break so easily.

Calron was utterly lost on what to do at that moment. The Azure Lightning had never listened to him, and did things out of its own accord. He wanted to leave his conscious and return back outside, but he discovered that no matter how hard he tried, he could not leave the vicinity of the source pool.

Resigned to his fate, Calron just watched the battle between his lightning and the third seal. He could instinctively sense that the Azure Lightning was getting impatient.


Suddenly, a flood of source energy from the pool was sucked into the Azure-Crimson Lightning at a rapid pace!

The lighting grew even thicker and all of a sudden, it took on an illusory form of a gigantic snake beast! This electric snake was very different from the one Calron saw during the dark bow’s mutation, the main being that, this snake had thick blood-red lightning crackling around it!

The electric snake had a pair of long vicious fangs with small lightning bolts sparking near them, and a bloodthirsty aura emanated from its body as it spiraled above the third seal.

The lightning was no longer a mix of azure and crimson, but a complete blood-red color!

However, that was not the only change happening inside the Blood Legacy!

The third seal also started to briskly absorb the remaining source energy, which was on par with the pace of the red lightning.

The ocean of blood within the pool bubbled at an alarming rate and the waves wildly crashed against the darkness as it tried to put up a resistance against the two entities that were draining its power!

Just as the electric snake reared its fangs in preparation to strike, suddenly, as the third seal was absorbing the source energy, the intricate symbols on it started to intensely glow!

An image started to flicker on the steps of the bridge, as a figure just slightly smaller than the lightning beast coalesced behind the third seal. It was humanoid in shape and appeared to be a giant with bulging muscles!

The giant wore nothing besides a scarlet loincloth and plates of armor on its wrists and ankles. Numerous scars covered its body like a map and its skin glowed with an unnatural ruby glow.

As Calron stared at the muscular giant behind the seal, he had a feeling of familiarity, as if he had seen a similar existence like the giant before.

The long rusty mane of the giant obscured its face, as it crouched in order to prepare a charge against the lightning beast. The giant’s muscles coiled like a thick rope as they bulged almost abnormally.

Calron kept scrutinizing the giant. However, despite his best efforts, he could not recall ever seeing another race besides the beasts or the humans, so he thought it was just his mind playing tricks on him.

Casting aside his doubts, Calron intently watched the scene unfold before him.

This was a battle between two supreme entities and who knows when else Calron would ever get a chance to see a display such as this one again. Besides, by watching this battle, Calron might be able to understand a bit of the lightning element that existed inside of him.


Seeing the giant obstructing its path, the red electric snake let out a shrill screech and expanded until it exceedingly towered over the giant and viciously struck the brute!

A cloud of thunder roared behind the blood-red snake!

A trace of fear flashed across the giant’s eyes, but none could see that expression as its mane completely covered the giant’s face. With no other choice but to confront the reptilian monster, the giant braced himself and crossed his muscular arms in front of his chest, as an intense scarlet glow erupted from its skin!


A cloud of hot steam rose from the giant’s skin, as a profoundly dense aura burst around him!


As the giant fearlessly roared, a suffocating aura rushed out from him and pressed down onto the entire surroundings, including Calron.

As the suffocating pressure pressed upon Calron, he was unable to move a single finger. Forced to the ground, Calron knelt with one knee as he desperately tried to resist the dense aura of the giant.

Drops of sweat formed on Calron’s forehead and they slowly dripped onto the ground, as the pressure only seemed to increase by the second. Just as Calron felt that he would lose his conscious, a gentle stream of energy suddenly entered his body!

The foreign stream of energy slowly entered his core and ignited the liquid essence stored there. With a faint tremble, Calron sensed a flood of essence seeping into his body from the core and restraining the suffocating aura that was pressing down on him.

The azure-golden liquid essence soothingly coated his muscles, as the oppressing aura of the giant was slowly expelled from Calron’s body.


As the red electric snake’s fangs penetrated the giant’s chest, the entire source pool quivered as the blood waves madly crashed into each other. It felt like the start of a massive earthquake!

The giant miserably groaned in agony but remained standing firmly against the electric snake as it menacingly gazed into the slits of the reptile’s eyes!

There was a large burnt scorch mark on the giant’s chest, as traces of blood seeped from the sides. However, the giant remained standing defiantly.

*puff*  *puff*

Panting, and out of breath, it was clear to see that although the giant stopped the first blow of the blood-red snake, it had done so at a colossal price to its own life!

On the verge of its last breath, the giant clenched both his fists until his skin cracked under the pressure, and blood slowly dripped onto the ground.

The hair on the giant’s head parted, as it revealed two bloodshot eyes glaring at the monster in front of it. Even in its dying breath, the giant continued to proudly challenge its fated enemy.

As if almost admiring the courage of the entity in front of it, the red electric snake gathered as much of the source energy as it could summon from the nearby pool, and prepared a final strike against the defeated giant.

Watching this scene, Calron felt his fighting spirit surge within his heart! This was a true battle! He thought he had experienced a battle when he fought against Chax, but compared to what he just witnessed, their fight seemed more like a squabble!

With his heart racing wildly, Calron fixed his gaze upon the two existences in front of him.

After a few seconds, the giant abruptly dropped to the floor, with his knees crashing into the ground. Even while kneeling, the giant continued to fiercely glare at the red snake, without a shred of submission on its face.

With the cloud of thunder echoing throughout the source pool, a series of blood-red lightning surged around the electric snake, as it burst into motion and bolted towards the half-dead giant.

As the two supreme beings collided, a flare of bright scarlet light flashed in the darkness, as the giant silently exploded into small fragments of dust!

The symbols on the third step glowed for a brief moment and gently faded away, revealing a third azure step!

The blood-red electric snake rapidly shrunk down to a single small bolt as a stream of source energy dispersed from it into a faint crimson cloud.

Restored back to its original form, the azure lightning rushed towards Calron and quietly returned to the core inside of him.

However, unknown to Calron, traces of small fragmented dust were also absorbed into his body along with the azure lightning.


Meanwhile, a few hours ago, Elias and Fatty had abruptly dropped to the ground on one knee, as they tightly clutched their chests.

They felt the Blood Legacy violently crashing inside their conscious, and their whole bodies quivered as they felt two powerful energies clashing within the source pool!

“Master! What is happening? My chest really hurts…”

Fatty wheezed as sweat formed on his forehead.

Elias was in a better state, but he still felt the intensities of the two auras clashing within the Blood Legacy.

“Th- That can’t be possible! Why did that thing appear on Calron’s bridge? It’s too early!”

Elias mutely whispered to himself.

How could he not know what that giant was? Elias had the most shocking talent in the Blood Legacy from his family, as he was even the Prime Inheritor before Calron!

That giant only appeared when the Inheritor was ready to break the third seal, but Calron was nowhere near powerful enough to break the third seal, as it required the strength of a Vajra stage expert!

Could it be that this child broke the third seal!?

Just as Elias felt his mind go numb, the auras of the two entities abruptly vanished, and his heartbeat gradually returned back to normal.

Even Fatty to the side softly breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the pressure vanish.

Just at that moment, Calron opened his eyes!

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