Chapter 224 – Trouble Brewing

Chapter 224 – Trouble Brewing

“A bit more.”

Calron concentrated on his stump and willed the golden scales to stretch even further. His left arm was entirely covered in scales, while the bottom end of the stump was left open as the golden scales slowly extended outwards. It had elongated Calron’s left arm by a whole five centimeters.

Bulging veins popped around Calron’s neck and forehead as he pushed himself to his limits. The desperation of having a limb again forced him to cease all precautions about his body, leaving only the thirst for success.

The scales quivered and began duplicating themselves, extending until it reached the point where Calron’s wrist formerly would have been.

Crashing to his knees and his body soaked with sweat, Calron gasped out of breath and stared at his golden-scaled arm. It was still missing the claw or his hand, but that didn’t stop the grin on his face from spreading to the corner of his mouth.

“It’s possible!”

Calron whispered with elation, swinging his semi-complete arm around in arm.

I can’t feel any sensation from it.

He realized after a few moments that unlike his right arm, he could not feel a single thing from his left counterpart. Even touching the scales didn’t register any feeling in his body.

“I need to learn more about shape-shifting from the Patriarch.”

Pushing aside the previous issue, Calron figured that he needed to ask the Patriarch more about their clan’s shape-shifting and learn how to master it, especially if it was the only way he could have his left arm back.

The method of ordinary shape-shifting was rooted in his bloodline, and it was akin to instincts, but partial shape-shifting was more of a technique that required expertise and practice. Calron had discovered a new muscle in his body, and now he needed to learn how to train himself to control it.

Reverting his left arm to normal, Calron morphed back into the golden bird and flew up in the air. Hopefully, the Patriarch had some knowledge about partial shape-shifting.

Meanwhile, the clan’s guards silently trailed behind Calron. Their invisibility hid the stunned expressions on their faces.


They’re already at work. Uncle Kail sure doesn’t waste any time.

In the sky, Calron’s eyes widened at seeing the thousands of ex-slaves bustling around chopping wood and building pillars for the new constructions. There were even several earth cultivators helping create walls around the area and aiding in lifting massive rocks.

Straightening his wings, Calron glided down and began his descent to the ground. Judging from the aura around the tent in the center, he knew that the Patriarch and Kail were there. A few folks in the crowd stared at golden bird coming down, but most continued with their work as they had already witnessed it earlier.

The three figures standing around a table outside the tent all glanced up at the sky, sensing the familiar presence of the young man.


Kail yelled in surprise as Calron reverted to his human form on the ground.

“Uncle Kail.”

He greeted the man with a friendly nod.

“This must be the young man everyone’s been talking about. I’m Daren, Kail’s younger brother, and this geezer’s son.”

Daren stepped forward with a slight smile and held out his hand to Calron.

“Geezer? Boy, I can still kick your ass!”

The Patriarch snorted while landing a swift kick to Daren’s backside.

“Nice to meet you. I see you guys have already started the construction of the new city.”

Calron shook Daren’s hand and gestured towards the busy workers at the back.

“Yeah, Daren’s taking care of the buildings and organizing the labor, so we should start seeing results in a week or so. Leaving that aside, I’m so sorry for what happened to you Calron.”

Kail walked towards him and placed his hand on the young man’s shoulder. Guilt and remorse clouded Kail’s face as he looked down at Calron.

“It’s not your fault.”

Calron shook his head in response.

“But I was the one who put you at the back of the trail.”

Kail hung his head.

“I think that very decision might’ve saved my life instead.”

Kail stared at Calron in confusion over his words as the young man continued, “If I was at the front where the main enemy force attacked, who knows if you or the others could have stopped them in time before they struck me. It was a surprise attack, so it’s expected that our response would have been slow and in that time, the enemies would have already killed me. After facing a Heavenly expert, I know that I’m no match for them. However, they didn’t expect me to be at the back of the trail, and it’s how I managed to survive until you guys came in.”

Hearing his words, Kail let out a relieved sigh and ruffled Calron’s hair. “Thank you.”

“Grandpa, do you know anything about partial shape-shifting?”

Calron turned to the Patriarch and asked the essential question he came here for.

“Eh? Why the sudden interest in that?”

The old man raised his eyebrows at the abrupt inquiry.

“Just something I’m researching about. So, do you know anything about it?”

“Several Elders can partially shape-shift; however I’ve never been really good at it. I think there might be some books on it in our clan’s treasury; I’ll send them over to you this evening.”

The Patriarch scratched his head in contemplation, curious as to why Calron would require it.

“Great! See you guys later!”

Calron rushed out of there before the three could ask him any further questions.


Daren commented with a laugh and returned to inspecting the map on the table before them.

“Well, that’s Calron. Always mysterious.”

Kail chuckled and patted his father on the back.

“Time to get to business. How long do you think we have before the Beast Kingdom takes notice of us?”

Kail placed his hand on the table and turned to his brother.

“How long? You’re mistaken, brother. They already know we’re here.”

Daren’s serious face stared at the map, his eyes locked in focus at a particular spot.

“The only question is: what are they waiting for?”


“Will you kill me as well?”

A man sitting in an empty room whispered, closing the book he was reading and placing it gently on the table.

Several seconds passed before a tall figure coalesced in front of the man.

“Laxerus was always the smart one. I'm not surprised that his descendants are as well.”

Morain smirked, walking towards the Laxerus clan’s Tower Lord.

“I heard a Raizel clan member killed Resir, or someone pretending to be them. The King wasn’t sure as that locket could have been set up as a trap, but seeing you here means that it was all true.”

The Tower Lord sighed, unfazed by Morain’s presence. Either he’d already accepted his death or was confident that the powerful being before him would not harm him.

“A price must be paid for trying to kill one of our clan members. I have simply collected the payment.”

Morain yawned as he pulled up a chair to sit, his eyes gazing at the Tower Lord before him.

“The Talok Ancestor is livid and so is the King. If it wasn’t for the Royal Ancestor, Talok would have charged straight to your camp.”

The Lord stated dryly.

“They’re welcome to, but then I’ll just have to kill them. I don’t want a massacre, kid, and I don’t think the other Ancestors want it as well. They all know what’s coming in the future and in order to survive, we need as many powerful cultivators as we can.”

Morain said seriously, eliciting a stunned look on the Tower Lord’s face. It was clear that the latter had no idea what Morain was talking about.

“Anyways, tell your Ancestor to convince the others of leaving the Raizel clan alone. Otherwise, more blood will flow in this city.”

Morain stood up and began walking away.

“Wait, why me? You could’ve gone to my Ancestor directly.”

The Tower Lord asked with curiosity.

“It’s simple. You can’t force me to answer your questions like him, and it’s bothersome whenever Laxerus gets nosy and talkative.”

Morain winked as he disappeared from the room.

“There’s an enemy that even the Ancestors are afraid of?”

Laxerus closed his eyes, a wave of nervousness spreading within his body.

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