Chapter 219 – Loss

Chapter 219 – Loss

This can’t be happening…

Calron stared down at his bleeding stump on the left limb. His arm from the elbow down was cut cleanly and lay lifelessly on the ground below him. Calron felt the strength leave his body as his knees gave, and he collapsed on the ground.

I’m losing too much blood.

He thought, seeing the puddle of blood near his severed arm increasing in volume through his blurry eyes. Even his healing ability from the Blood Legacy wasn’t fast enough to stop all the blood flow in time.


The captain of the guards cried out, frantically rushing towards Calron’s mangled body on the floor.

“Forgive me, young master, please forgive me…”

The man wailed as he saw the stump on Calron’s left arm. All the guards and the prominent figures in the clan knew that Calron was going to take the place of the Patriarch once he matured. This young man was the future of the clan, and now Calron had lost his arm under his watch.

With tears flowing down his beard, the captain placed his palm over the stump and cauterized the wound with his lightning.


Calron roared with agony at the feeling of his skin being roasted.

“I’m sorry… sorry…”

The man sorrowfully muttered to himself. Even through Calron’s impaired vision and hearing due to the blood loss, he could still faintly hear the captain’s words. He wanted to convey that it wasn’t the man’s fault, but no words came out of his chapped lips.

“Quite tragic.”

The Heavenly expert smirked at the two, amused by Calron’s reaction to his severed arm. The Tower Lords and the King wanted his head; hence it didn’t matter if he maimed the teen or not.

“Quickly finish off the last one and escape with the young master!”

The captain turned around and yelled at the three remaining guards who were still locked in battle with the remaining Saint stage enemy. Corpses of enemies, the guards, and Vala were all spread out within the rocky domain.

“Yes, Captain!”

The guards shouted back in exhausted voices, their faces smeared with dry blood, dirt, and bruises. Some parts of the armor were dented by weapons while other pieces had broken off completely. They were in bad shape, but it was better than being dead.

The last Saint stage enemy was close to being defeated and was fighting with his last breath.

“Useless shits, couldn’t even last a few minutes. Go ahead, kill that one as well so I don’t have to share the reward with him.”

The brute laughed, not caring in the slightest about his subordinate’s life.

Hearing his leader speak those words, the Saint stage expert stopped mid-movement to curse at him but taking advantage of that gap, one of the guards thrust his spear into the already weakened enemy’s heart.

Immediately after killing the last enemy, the guards sprinted over to where the captain and Calron were. Seeing Calron’s bloodied state, a cold rage covered the guards’ faces. Circling their young master’s body, the guards created a human barrier to protect Calron.

“Give it up already. None of you will be able to escape from my domain.”

The Heavenly expert shook his head and reproached them like they were little children who didn’t understand the situation they were in.

Meanwhile, inside Calron’s mind, he desperately tried to think of a way to reattach his left arm. The first thing that came to his mind was the Blood Sacrifice ability of the Blood Legacy; however, that could only regenerate broken bones and re-attach them to the flesh. He did not know if the Blood Sacrifice could even re-grow an entire arm. Just the sheer amount of blood it would require on his part would be enough to kill him twice over.

Unless there was a miracle pill that would help re-grow severed limbs, Calron would have to live as a cripple for the rest of his life. Besides, if there were a miraculous pill like that, he’d have already heard about it.

“Piss off.”

The Heavenly expert yawned as he raised his arm and brought it down in a quick motion. Four granite swords came raining down and pierced precisely through the top of the captain and the three guards’ skulls, and impaled them to the floor. It all happened in a single flash. What chance did Saint stage cultivators have against a Heavenly expert?

It was a gruesome death.


Calron’s mind froze, seeing his clansmen fall to the ground. They all died because of his stupidity and arrogance in thinking he could stand up to the King and easily free the slaves. Every choice has a consequence, and he was facing his now.

“Kill… me…”

Calron choked out the words, unable to face the captain’s and Vala’s dead eyes. He was a cripple now, so what use did he have as a warrior? Any enemy at the same stage as him could effortlessly defeat him. He would rather die than be the shame of the Raizel clan.

“With pleasure. I didn’t want the granite sword to ruin your face as the Tower Lords, and the King will want to confirm that it’s indeed you.”

The brute grinned while walking towards Calron.

His dull eyes stared back at the Heavenly stage expert, accepting what was about to come.

A giant granite halberd appeared within the brute’s hand, and he aimed its edge at Calron’s neck. “I should ask for the Raizel clan’s mansion after giving up this guy’s head to the King.”

The Heavenly expert gleefully muttered to himself as he raised the halberd to the air.


The ear-shattering cry of a bird echoed above and a massive shadow loomed in the sky. In the next moment, the sound of numerous rocks exploding reverberated in the vicinity as the rocky domain crumbled and the walls eroded away like dust.

The brute stared up with his mouth open, confused as to what beast had the power to destroy the domain of a Heavenly expert. He didn’t have to wait for long as a colossal golden bird pierced through the cloud of dust and dove straight towards the brute.

“The Raizel clan!?”

The enemy muttered in shock once he saw the golden bird and turned around to make a quick escape. There were only a few Raizel clansmen who had the ability to shape-shift, and each one of them was exceedingly powerful.

Without stopping, the golden bird swooped down to the ground and brutally bit off the Heavenly expert’s head.


Flapping its metallic wings, the golden bird rose to the sky and swirled towards Calron on the ground. As the giant bird neared the ground, its body began to shrink mid-flight and morph until it took the appearance of a tall human. Calron did not have to witness the shape-shifting as he already knew who it was.


The old man bellowed up as he landed on the ground and ran towards Calron.

“Pa… tri…arch…”

Calron rasped, feeling the strength leave his body. Just before he lost his consciousness, Calron saw several gigantic golden birds all flying towards him.

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