Chapter 214 – Unspoken Words

Chapter 214 – Unspoken Words

“Are you out of your mind!?”

The King roared at the group of people gathered before him.

A meeting was currently taking place inside the throne room with all five of the Tower Lords and the Ancestors present. The Lords were seated around a round table as the Ancestors had just arrived to convey their message.

“If you don’t want to see the end of this city, then you must let the Raizel clan go.”

Xin firmly reiterated the same words she had said before. Unlike other nobles or citizens, she didn’t have to address the King with honorifics. Her status as an Ancestor was greater than the hierarchy set by politics.

“The Raizel clan has been hiding many secrets for years… As much as I hate it, we have to give them a free pass.”

Talok sighed.

“Do you have any idea how much ridicule I will face if I simply let the Raizel clan leave the city without retaliation for their actions against me in public? Not just me, but the other Tower Lords as well.”

The King stated in a quiet voice, hints of anger spreading across his reddening face.

“His Majesty is right. The moment the Raizel clan steps out of the city, our people and the enemy kingdoms will claim our authority has weakened, and this will incite both riots within and invasion from the outside.”

Resir stood up from his chair, voicing his opinion and support for the King. If he let Calron and the Raizel clan escape from the city, he would never have a night of peaceful sleep again in his life. Calron was too dangerous and prone to violence.

I shouldn’t have risked everything on a filthy slave.

“I know the Ancestors have recently awakened from their slumber and may not feel like engaging in combat with another one of their own, but as the King of this city, I cannot follow your advice.”

The King stated in a dauntless manner. Offending the Ancestors might come at a hefty price, but he can’t relinquish the integrity of his throne.

“May I ask why the Ancestors are so opposed to attacking the Raizel clan?”

Tower Lord Laxerus stood up from his chair and faced the Ancestors. One thing had been bugging him since the start: Why did he sense nervousness from them?

The Ancestors were beings at the apex of the mortal realm, and there were very few things that could cause them to be nervous.

“If we attack the Raizel clan, it’s unknown who will win the battle, but at least two Ancestors will die if we go through this.”

Laxerus smiled at his descendant and then addressed everyone in the room.

Xin and the other Ancestors remained silent.

“Although I knew Morain was the strongest amongst you six, is the gap between you really that vast?”

The King inquired, a confused expression etched on his face. He didn’t think that the Raizel clan’s Ancestor would be able to contend against five other peers and even manage to kill two of them.

“We don't fear Morain. We are afraid of how many other Ancestor-level experts will join him once the fight starts.”

Orian shook her head, drawing all attention towards herself from the words she’d spoken.

“What do you mean?”

The King frowned.

“Morain is not the only peak Heavenly stage expert within the Raizel clan. They have many Ancestor-level experts in the clan, but since the exact number is known only to them, we’re unsure of what we’ll face once the battle starts.”

Xin revealed the secret, watching the King and the Tower Lord’s faces crumble with shock and horror. If the Raziel clan does have multiple peak Heavenly stage experts, then this city and their fate was doomed from the beginning.

Seeing the sudden change in mood, Xin let out a sigh and was relieved that a war between the city and the Raizel clan had been averted. None of the Tower Lords spoke up in favor of attacking the Raizel clan anymore, including Resir, because if any of them lost their clan’s Ancestor, they would no longer be able to hold their position as a Tower clan.

The title and the Tower building was only given to the six strongest clans in the city.

“Are you sure of this?”

The King whispered, his spirit diminished by the sudden news.

“If I wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t bring this to you.”

Xin responded evenly.

The King closed his eyes briefly while rubbing his forehead. Everyone could see the pressure the man was struggling with to make a final decision. It did not take long for the wait to end.

“Tell all our troops and guards to withdra-“

The King slowly opened his eyes and started with a dark and tired voice when his body abruptly froze, and he stopped mid-sentence. It wasn’t only the King, but the other Tower Lords were frozen in place as well, unable to move a single muscle.

“You’re too narrow-minded, child.”

A sweet and beguiling scent drifted into the room along with the mesmerizing stranger’s voice.

“Tch, so he woke up as well.”

Talok grumbled with irritation.

“This guy always creeped me out…”

Xin muttered under her breath; her eyes fixed on a spot near the door’s entrance.

“Who says we have to attack the Raizel clan from the front when their guard is up? Even a powerful bear can be taken down when it’s sleeping.”

A man with long silky-white hair and lithe body gracefully walked towards them. If not for his masculine voice, the stranger could have easily been confused for a woman. His elegant movements and the way he carried himself highlighted his starkly feminine qualities.

No guy should smell like that.

Talok shivered as a floral scent wafted towards them, hoping that man didn’t come too close to him.

“We'll attack them once they’re out of the city and have their backs turned to us.”

The white-haired man arrived in front of the table and smiled at everyone seated. However, no one was comforted by that smile.

The King was the first to move, as he got up from his chair and kneeled before the stranger.

“I greet the Royal Ancestor.”


“Calm down, Calron. It’s me.”

Kail walked towards the young man while waving his hands.

“Uncle Kail!”

Calron exclaimed with surprise and quickly withdrawing his essence back into him.

“Do you really think we’d let an assassin inside the mansion? You must not have any faith in our clan’s guards.”

Kail laughed and sat himself down next to Calron on the grass.

“Eh? No, I didn’t mean that… I was just lost in my thoughts.”

Calron chuckled and resumed watching the stars above.

“I didn’t see you with everyone else, and I wanted to check up on you to see how you were doing. Everything has been going so fast…”

Kail laid back with Calron and joined him in star gazing.

“Yeah… it has…”

Calron closed his eyes, recalling everything that has happened to him so far in the city.

Seeing the tired look on the young man’s face, Kail gently patted him on the shoulder. “Go to sleep, Calron. I’ll wake you up if we are under attack.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll stay awake.”

Calron didn’t want to sleep while the others had to remain vigilant.

“You’re too young to bear this much weight. Just let the elders do their job, and have some rest. I’ll stay here with you.”

Kail playfully flicked Calron on the forehead.

“Thank you, uncle Kail.”

Calron smiled at the older man. The two gazed at the starry sky for a long time before Calron finally fell asleep. Kail looked at Calron’s sleeping figure and whispered silently before letting out a short sigh.

No one knew the words that Kail spoke that night.

At least, not for a long time.

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