Chapter 210 – Players in Motion

Chapter 210 – Players in Motion

The sounds of cheering from the audience reverberated throughout the entire sky. The ground shook with tremors as the ex-slaves pushed each other to get a glimpse at Calron on stage.

While some people shouted their cheers, a few yelled out their doubts.

“Will we really have our own farms?”

“What about the Darkling army, who will protect us from them!?”

“Where will we stay?”

Countless questions were thrown at Calron from all sides of the crowd. Glancing back to see whether the King and the Tower Lords were still frozen, Calron replied back in his amplified voice.

“If you know how to farm, you will get a small land to grow crops. The city will only take a small part of the harvest as tax, but the vast majority of it will be yours. If there are people who know how to construct buildings and houses, your talents will be put to good use. The Raizel clan will be in charge of our defense while we train new cultivators from your group to replace us. Everyone will have a home and a job in the city, it’s my promise to you.”

Calron answered in a firm voice, eliciting another round of cheering from the crowd.


“This is crazy! Did anyone from the clan know Calron was planning this?”

Linda exclaimed in astonishment while looking at her group of friends.

“Big brother never mentioned it…”

Roran still couldn’t believe that his brother openly defied the King and was planning on creating a new city.

“So cooool!”

Rain joined the rest of the crowd and wildly cheered for Calron.

“I don’t think the other clans will be too happy about this. Looks like we’ll be fighting other enemies besides just the Darkling army.”

Asra let out a soft sigh, but a slight smile remained etched on his face. Calron not backing down and defiantly standing up to the Tower Lords and King, showed the dauntless nature of the clan to the entire city. How could he not swell with pride?

“The speech is about to end, let’s go back to the clan.”

Harol interjected, predicting that the crowd would probably go crazy once Calron finished. It was best to leave now so they can regroup with the others in the mansion.

“Boss is so awesome!”

Rebran shouted while sitting on Ellie’s shoulder. He was currently in his cat form, allowing the little girl to carry him around.

“Yup, Master is the best! Let’s hurry up!”

Ellie cheerfully nodded her head and ran after Roran and the others as they made their way out of the crowd.



Sela gently whispered to the young man standing next to her.

“I don’t believe it… Why would uncle try to kill Calron? He’s not that malicious!”

Bren muttered with a despaired expression on his face. As part of the Talok clan, he had the utmost faith in the clan leader, Resir, who also happened to be his uncle.

“We should talk to Calron. Maybe he got misinformed about the identity of his killer.”

Helly voiced her opinion.

“As much as that guy irritates me, you all know he’s neither a coward nor a liar. Calron wouldn’t lie about something like this, leaving my uncle to be held accountable. You’re right. I should talk to both of them before making a judgment.”

Bren shut his eyes briefly before opening them again.

“Trouble’s brewing again.”


“Hohoho! Even I wasn’t expecting that!”

Matias slapped his palm against his right knee while guffawing loudly.

“Elder, we should leave now. Since one of the Ancestors has come out in public, the others will sense his energy and reveal themselves. We don’t want to be stuck amidst that fight.”

The outlaw disciple waiting behind the old man interrupted him and urged Matias to leave the area.

“This kid is someone to keep an eye on, have one of our members shadow-trail him once they exit the city. It seems like the bloody dance is about to happen soon!”

Matias chuckled as he slowly stood up from his chair and prepared to depart. In the span of a few seconds, nothing remained on top of that cliff except for an empty chair and a gentle breeze.


“Time has come for me to leave, so I hope every single one of you here today makes the correct choice, as you will have to live with that decision for the rest of your lives. I ask that you place your trust in me once more!”

Calron got the signal from the Ancestor that it was time to leave. There was a limit to how long he could freeze multiple Heavenly stage experts by himself.

“The Raizel clan will be waiting for you outside the city gates early tomorrow morning, and we will depart to the new territory immediately after that. If the King and the other Tower Lords try to stop you, the Raizel clan will intervene on your behalf and escort you outside. You have until morning to make your choices, so choose well.”

The moment Calron finished talking, he used his Blood Mist Step technique to disappear from the stage and reappear behind the stage, where he waited for the Patriarch and the Ancestor.

He could still hear the ear-shattering cheers from the audience from the back.

That was nerve-racking…

Calron took in several deep breaths to calm down his thumping heart.

“Quite a show, eh?”

The Patriarch appeared behind Calron out of thin air and patted his back while letting out a small chuckle.

“No time for chatter, we need to leave now. The King and the Tower Lords will be breaking out of that bondage soon.”

The Ancestor arrived from the sky above floated mid-air. Spreading out his essence to envelop both the Patriarch and Calron, the Ancestor took them into the air with him.


Calron cried out nervously. He was used to flying as a beast, but it was strangely unsettling to fly as a human instead.

“Hang on.”

The Ancestor yelled, and in the next moment, the three were flying at a monstrous speed.



The King’s voice trembled with rage once he was free of the Ancestor’s bondage. Although his body was frozen, he could perfectly hear the speech Calron just gave minutes ago.

“The Raizel clan wants to openly defy the King and the city? They seem to forget their place after all these years.”

Resir whispered menacingly to the King and the other Lords.

“Prepare your troops. We shall be paying the Raizel Mansion a long overdue visit.”

The King turned around to leave the stage, a violent wave of essence leaking from his body.

“I forgot one more thing… Inform each of your clan’s Ancestors to come out of their seclusion. It’s time to put a traitorous clan to sleep.”

The King stopped without turning back and stated in a cold tone.


The three were almost upon the clan’s mansion after a minute of flying in the air.

“Hey, kid, who gave you the authority to make all those claims on behalf of the clan? What will you do if I refuse to abide by those promises you made.”

The Ancestor smirked while addressing Calron.

“If you had truly wanted to stop me, you could’ve easily done that without any effort. By letting me continue to speak, you already approved of the promises I made.”

Calron flashed a grin.

“Good point.”

The Ancestor shrugged his shoulders and winked at Calron a second later.

However, right at that moment, the Ancestor abruptly stopped in his tracks and let out a quiet snarl. The Patriarch noticed the presence of the enemy half a breath after the Ancestor and similarly took an offensive stance mid-air.

“Now now, where are you boys running off to?”

All of a sudden, a tall and lithe figure of a woman appeared before them as she slowly walked towards them on the air. It was captivating to see the woman’s slender legs walk on air as if she was casually walking on the ground.


The Ancestor spat out with disgust, and a frightening amount of golden essence began revolving around him. The sound of thunder echoed in the sky as grey clouds began to gather above ominously.

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