Chapter 204 – Sparring

Chapter 204 – Sparring

Clouds of white mist revolved around his elemental core while the container of essence rapidly expanded until it was more than three times its initial size. Calron felt an inexhaustible supply of essence filling him along with a strange new power.

The power of soul.

A pleasant coolness spread from the white mist as it seeped into Calron’s bones and flesh, further hardening them. It was a strength incomparable to the Vajra stage realm.

His eyes flashed open, now seeing the world through his new eyes. Calron could detect all wild life near him through the faint white mist surrounding them. Unlike the Divine Perception, his soul power did not put much stress on his health. However, he could not sense the feelings and emotions of the beasts or humans near him, which was the most alluring ability of the Divine Perception.

Taking a deep breath, Calron began to consolidate his new cultivation realm by circulating the new essence and adjusting to the presence of the thick clouds of white mist. His sense of smell, touch, hearing, and vision had all improved significantly.

He could see the small distinctions between each blade of grass, smell the scent of the small bug hovering a few meters to his right and feel the thrum of the earth and count the footsteps of everyone within a hundred-meter radius.

After a few minutes, once he got accustomed to the new changes within his body, Calron got up and stretched his body. His muscles were a lot tougher and denser than before, yet their flexibility remained the same.

“This was unexpected.”

Calron grinned, taking in a deep breath and reveling the soothing sensation inside his chest.


Hearing his stomach rumble, Calron remembered that he had not had anything to eat since waking up in the morning.

“Let’s go see what the runts are doing.”

Calron looked forward to his spar with Rebran. He wanted to see how much the young beast had developed in the time they last met at the Beast city.


“This one is called the Red Felly! I like using this flower for tiaras because it’s so pretty!”

When Calron arrived back at his hut, he was met with the scene of Ellie crouching down on the ground with the little Rebran hanging down from her shoulders, his paws latched onto her collar.

“A tiara? What’s that?”

Rebran asked with curiosity, bending down to sniff the flower.

“Hehe, I’ll make one for you today. I’ll add that yellow flower to yours, so it looks even cooler than the one I made for big sis Linda!”

Ellie giggled cheerfully, plucking a bunch of red flowers and crawling towards the bush of yellow flowers.

“Hey, that one as well!”

Rebran shouted while still clinging to Ellie’s shoulders, noticing a bush of white tulips next to Ellie’s feet.

“Hmm, good idea!”

Ellie nodded her head seriously, almost like she had run a simulation of how the tiara would look with the white tulips in her mind, and approved after being satisfied.

“Oy, what are you two doing?”

Calron stood there with a blank face, struggling to control his laughter.

“Argh! Boss, this midget was forcing me to play with her! I tried to run away, but she’s too strong.”

Rebran quickly leapt away from Ellie and tried to act innocent. He was supposed to show Calron how ferocious of a warrior he had become, and it would not look good if he was caught picking flowers with a little girl.

“Collecting flowers for the kitty’s tiara!”

Ellie remained unfazed and continued to pluck the flowers with a bright smile on her face.

“You ready for the spar?”

Calron asked, not pressing Rebran for the truth as he could see the deep blush on the white cat’s face.

“Of course!”

Rebran replied enthusiastically, his small body slowly transforming back into his original appearance of a two-meter tall lion.

“Follow me.”

Calron smiled and led Rebran towards an empty area away from the hut.

“We’ll only spar with our martial arts and the legacy arts.”

Rebran would have no chance of winning if Calron started to use his lightning, especially after breaking through to the Saint stage. Moreover, he didn’t want to make much noise, as it would alert the clan members of his presence.


Rebran growled, poising himself to pounce on Calron.


Calron waved his hand and taunted the beast to attack him.


Rebran roared, jumping up in the air and launching himself at Calron.


Not so loud, you idiot! You’ll attract everyone’s attention.

Calron cursed within his mind and raised his palm to fend off Rebran’s attack. Hopefully, no one heard the lion’s roar.

“Too many openings.”

He muttered, waiting for the beast to attack.


Rebran snorted just before his body burst into a crimson smoke and reappeared behind Calron.

Calron smoothly shifted his upper body to the side, easily dodging Rebran’s giant paw.

“Like I said, too predictable.”

He palmed Rebran’s chest, expelling the beast a few meters away and on the ground.


Rebran growled, vanishing again with the Blood Mist Step and reappearing directly above Calron.

“Not going to work.”

The moment Calron spoke those words, he sensed a stark change in his environment.


Three large red slashes flung from Rebran’s claw as he swung it towards Calron and managed to hit his arm. It was a powerful attack, and if Calron had been in Vajra stage, that attack definitely would’ve drawn blood. Right now, it barely went further than a scratch.

“What!? That should have done some damage to you!”

Rebran protested mid-air, his massive white wings sustaining his flight.

“Impressive… you adapted the Formless Fist to suit your own body, and changed its nature as well.”

Calron complimented the beast, genuinely taken aback by the attack. His Master, Elias, had taught him that the Formless Fist was a flexible martial art and could be used by any part of the body to manipulate the air currents.

Rebran’s focused the Formless Fist on his claws, allowing him to utilize a long-range attack like the slash he had previously used.

“Che! Dodge this!”

Rebran muttered with annoyance and flew straight like an arrow at Calron. Predicting the young man would evade the strike, Rebran quickly spread his left wing and trapped Calron on the ground.

“Caught you.”

Rebran grinned, his tail striking Calron’s back with a thunderous noise. He could not only use the Formless Fist with his claws, he could also use it with his tail.

“Haha, you’ve grown smart.”

Calron applauded the beast, ignoring the slight tinge of pain on his back. However, he made a mock agonizing face on the outside, otherwise Rebran would sulk more if he knew all that effort amounted to nothing.

“Since you have wings, it’s only fair I bring out mine as well.”

Calron stated while still trapped under Rebran’s heaving wing, and began to shape-shift into the colossal golden bird.


Rebran stared at the enormous bird who was three times larger than his own body.


Calron raised his beak and challenged Rebran. Two pairs of wings fluttered in the sky as the beasts collided against each other in a final showdown.


“I’ll win next time…”

Rebran panted out of breath, his battered body laid out on the grass.


Calron responded calmly, sitting next to Rebran and staring up at the sky. He was not even close to being tired.

“You’ve improved a lot, Rebran. Why did you train so hard?”

Calron asked in a quiet voice, his head still facing the sky while a gentle breeze swept through his hair.

“After you passed the Blood Legacy to me, you changed my whole life. I did not realise what that would mean to you until I understood the legacy and learned what it was. Your decision gave me a new life and I don’t want to waste it. I trained hard in the Blood Legacy because I didn’t want you to think you made a mistake in saving me.”

Rebran answered honestly, conveying gratitude to Calron from the bottom of his heart.

Although Calron did not turn to look at him, he was sure the beast had a few tears in his eyes.

“You don’t have to pay a debt to me, Rebran. Your life is your own.”

Calron replied quietly.

“And I’ve chosen to dedicate that life to grow stronger and help you.”

Rebran got up and rubbed his head against Calron’s knee.

“Let’s get something to eat.”

Calron laughed while petting Rebran’s furry head and stood up.


Rebran hummed happily as he trailed behind Calron.


“Young master, the Patriarch has asked me to guide you to the main hall.”

A clan member arrived at Calron’s hut in the middle of the night.

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