Chapter 198 – Successful Mission

Chapter 198 – Successful Mission

I see two darklings coming from the east, one is standing with his back to me a few meters away, and there’s another darkling inside that tent.

Calron observed the area around him, the darklings’ silhouettes glowing with a bright white light within his eyesight.

After sneaking into the enemy camp, Calron activated the Divine Perception and used its ability to detect where the darklings were and using their blind spots to move around the camps.

Alright, now!

Calron’s eyes flashed with grey light as he rushed to the right once the two darklings passed by him.

His target was the black-colored tent at the side.

Throughout the whole camp, there were numerous tents spanned across the plains, however, some of them stood out from the vast majority as those were the enemy leaders’ tents. There were several other black tents around Calron, but he chose this specific tent as it was currently empty and with only a single darkling guarding its entrance.


Calron quickly sent a shock of lightning into the guarding darkling’s body, instantly paralyzing the creature. In one smooth motion, he dragged the guard into the tent with him and electrocuted the beast while covering its mouth, to not let out any of its screams escape.

He could have directly killed the guard, but the flash of lighting would draw attention out in the open.

Once the guard was dead, Calron burnt the corpse with more lightning until even the flesh turned to ash. He did not want to leave any traces behind, so it was necessary that he take care of his tracks.

Looks like the tent's owner is not high up in the command.

Calron commented, inspecting the insides of the tent and noticing the meager goods around.

Ignoring the decorations, Calron swiftly moved to the center table where multiple sheets of paper and maps were lying around. That was what he came for.

“What a weird language…”

He muttered, picking up one of the scrolls and opening it. The higher ranked darklings could speak the same language as the humans, but their written language was completely different. The scripts seemed alien to Calron, but maybe the King had someone who could translate.

Taking out a beast skin from his spatial bracelet, Calron spread it out on the table next to him. The beast skin was from the countless animals the group had hunted for food throughout the journey. He was initially collecting it to make several fur coats for Roran, Ellie and others at the Raizel clan.

Staring intently at the foreign scripts, Calron began inscribing them on the inside of the beast skin with his lightning. The smell of charred flesh was slightly inconvenient, but he had no other tool to write.

After a few minutes, he finished writing down everything that was in the dozen scrolls or so into the beast skins. At Calron’s stage, looking at something once was enough to remember even the minute details.

“Let me take look at the maps now.”

Finishing with the written scrolls, Calron moved onto the maps on the table. The scrolls were probably the commands the leader received from the higher-ups, so the maps might prove to be more useful in constructing a strategy against the darklings.

I should hurry up as well, the Divine Perception won’t last much longer.

Since the event with the golden dragon, Calron’s resistance to the side-effects of Divine Perception had increased greatly, but there was still a lash back if he used it continuously. Calron had been using it non-stop as he needed it to keep track of the darklings outside and to know if any of them were nearing the tent.

“Is this their route?”

Calron could see some strange markings on the map, but he recognized the familiar layout of Selior city.

The darklings were definitely planning on attacking the city.

However, the route of the armies was split up and each one was heading off into various directions, re-grouping later and then splitting off again. It didn’t make any sense to Calron, making him feel like something fishy was going on with the darklings’ movements.

“Hopefully, the Elders will be able to make any sense out of it.”

Retrieving a fresh beast skin, Calron began inscribing the details of the map as well. The finished product was not as pleasing at the scrolls due to Calron’s sub-par drawing skills.

I think even Ellie would have done a better job.

He lamented while gazing down at the squiggly shapes on the beast skin.

“Time to leave and check the next tent.”

Calron whispered, putting the beast skins back into his spatial bracelet and replacing the scrolls and maps in the position just as he first found them.

It was at that moment when an ear-splitting horn sounded out in the camp.

What’s going on? Did they discover my presence?

Calron started to panic, seeing countless white darkling shapes all rushing out and bustling with energy. Standing still, Calron prepared to shape-shift into his beast form in case the darklings poured into the tent.

However, the crowd of darklings ignored his tent and rushed to the center of the camp where the main commanders of the army were.

Breathing out a relieved sigh, Calron slipped out of the tent once the wave of darklings passed. He really wanted to go to the center of the camp to find out what was going on, but it was simply too risky.

I should have practiced that technique more…

Calron was thinking about one of the Divine Perception’s techniques where he could control the enemy’s mind and senses to mask his presence. If he had mastered that, there would have been no need for him to hide in the enemy camp. Calron could have walked out in plain sight and none of the darklings would be able to see him.

“Damn, they increased the guards for the other tents!”

Calron cursed, noticing more guards than before outside the leaders’ tents. He thought that he could slip in another tent more easily with the distraction in the center of the camp, but luck was not with him.

I need to get out. I think I already collected a decent amount of information for the Elders.

If the other tents were increasing their security, the one which Calron had been in would soon be crawling with more guards, hence it was best to leave before they started questioning about the missing guard.

Activating the Blood Mist Step, Calron began darting out of the enemy camp in somewhat of a zig-zag route, as he had to take paths which were in the blind spots of the guarding darklings. Eventually, he managed to make it to outside the camp and back to the location where he separated from his team.

“That must be their General.”

From his elevated point, Calron could now see why the darklings had rushed to the center. Their General was speaking to them.

Calron could not understand a single word the enemy General was saying, so he decided to not waste time and head for the city as soon as possible.


Calron murmured, halting mid-step as he felt something on his neck. His hand slowly came across a dart which had already penetrated into his vein and possibly his bloodstream. The strange thing was that Calron did not even know when or from where the enemy had attacked.


Calron whispered in a hoarse voice, his body falling to the ground as the poison seeped into his blood.

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