Chapter 193: The Four

Chapter 193 – The Four

“Big sis, do you really have to fight?”

Helly nervously yelled, seeing Sela stepping in front of Calron to confront him.

“Haha, of course!”

Sela grinned and stretched her arms behind her as a warm-up. The light armor on her chest was perfectly glued to her body like a seamless skin of protection. With her arms and navel showing, Sela looked like the beautiful image of a woman warrior with both looks and brawn.

“You really think that I’m a chump, right?”

Calron remained composed, but if Roran or others were here, they would have noticed the tell-tale sign of Calron about to truly become angry.

The group seemed intent on ostracizing Calron. He figured it would not be easy to work in a team of youngsters who were born in privileged clans, but condescending him based on his origins was something which Calron would not stand for.

“You might have beat back a few Saint stage experts, but that is nothing compared to us. At the Academy, even eighth rank Vajra stage students are able to defeat those common Saint stage experts. Besides, Sela is from the second most powerful tower family in the city. Raizel clan warriors might have strong elemental powers, but Xin clan’s martial arts won’t lose to the Raizel clan in terms of raw strength.”

Bren smirked from the side.

He had absolute confidence in Sela, as even amongst the other Academy students, she was the cream of the crop. It was said that before entering the Academy, the Xin family had sent Sela out into the wild to hunt a hundred Vajra beasts before allowing her to join the school.

It was training to see whether she had the tenacity to represent her family in the Academy. For the Xin clan, strength was everything… regardless if they were a son or daughter.

“I’ve fought with warriors from your clan before. They were strong, but nothing compared to me.”

Sela yelled before leaping into the air and diving with a kick at Calron.

Too slow.

Calron remained still and planned to block off her attack with his hand.

However, it was right then that a slow smile spread across Sela’s face and a light purple essence enveloped her body.

That’s not essence… it’s source energy!

Calron realized it too late as the kick was already upon him.


He swiftly stepped back and groaned in pain. Looking at his bruised hand, Calron was stunned that someone’s kick had managed to hurt him to this extent. It seemed that his instincts warning him of Sela at their first meeting were not false.

She was a legacy inheritor like him as well. Moreover, compared to his level of training in Blood Legacy, she appeared to have surpassed him greatly in her own legacy arts.

“This is disappointing. Even though I knew you were not on par with us Academy students, you should still not be this weak.”

Sela pouted, turning her back to Calron.

Should I use the Azure Lightning? No, I cannot control it properly so I might kill her by accident. Since normal attacks won’t work on her, it leaves me with only one choice.

Calron contemplated, and all of a sudden, a cloud of crimson source energy coalesced around him similar to Sela.


Sela’s head whipped back in Calron’s direction the moment she sensed the presence of another legacy inheritor. Even Bren and Helly were shocked.

“When did the Raizel clan have a legacy art? Have they been hiding this from us since the beginning?”

Bren frowned, realizing that something was strange. If the Raizel clan also held a powerful legacy art besides their lightning prowess, they would truly be a monstrous force amongst the tower clans.

“I don’t know what the Academy is, but they must not be as special as you talk about them since they haven’t even taught you to never underestimate your opponent.”

Calron spoke while activating the Blood Mist Step and darting behind Sela.

“Formless Fist.”

It had been a while since he utilized this technique, and it was time for him to start honing his martial arts. Although the Azure Lightning was overpowering, Calron can’t use its power for long due to the high essence consumption and he needed to master his martial arts if he wanted to survive for long on the battlefield.

Calron’s fist struck towards Sela’s armored chest plate but thanks to her quick reflexes, Sela blocked the fist with both her arms.

“That was too close.”

Sela muttered, glaring into Calron’s azure eyes.

“You sure?”

Calron smiled.


Sela roared in pain as a shockwave traveled throughout her body from the area that Calron’s fist hit her. Her armor couldn’t stop that attack.

Back when Calron was learning the Formless Fist, Elias had told him that the power of this technique relied on compressing and bursting the very air in front of the fist. If this was applied to a human’s body, then they would also burst like a watermelon under this attack.

However, because Calron had not trained sufficiently in the Blood Legacy arts, he could only send a shockwave to Sela’s body.

“You’re no match for me, please stop.”

Calron halted his movements and waited for the girl to give up.

With beads of sweat rolling down her forehead, Sela furiously shouted. “Now you’ve done it, bastard! I was going easy on you, but it looks like I’ll have to beat you up thoroughly. Besides, who hits a frail and pretty girl like me that hard?”

“You can hit me, but I can’t hit you?”

Calron raised his eyebrow.

“Of course!”

Sela yelled, unfazed by her contradiction.

“Your logic doesn’t make sense.”

“Shut up!”

Sela retorted as gusts of light purple source energy fluctuated around her. Without giving Calron a break, she charged at him with a low kick.

Not going to work.

Calron evaded the attack by jumping into the air. He prepared to use the Formless Fist again in a counter-strike.


Sela’s low kick suddenly switched to a high kick aimed at Calron’s knee in the air. Calron grunted when the attack landed on him, and just as he was about to strike with his fist, Sela spun and launched a roundhouse kick to his face.


The sound of an explosion reverberated throughout the area, the collision of two legacy arts.

“Haaah…. Haaah….haaaah…. ”

At the last minute, Calron managed to block Sela’s kick, but doing so caused his right hand to break upon impact. His head was still ringing from the shockwave.

She has a powerful legacy and it’s clear she’s trained in it a lot more than I am. Her legacy probably focuses on hand-to-hand combat judging from her dangerous kicks. 

Calron tried to guess what Sela’s legacy might be.

Immediately after the roundhouse kick, Sela shifted her stance to a crescent kick and struck Calron in the shoulder. She gave Calron no time to recuperate or gather his wits. It was just a flurry of kicks.

However, this time Calron evaded her attack and struck his fist towards Sela’s face. He thought he had her, but she dodged his attack by a hairsbreadth and landed a sidekick on his ribs.

“Your fist is strong, but your martial arts are lacking in technique and finesse.”

Sela commented while evading another one of Calron’s fist and kicking his shin to destabilize his stance.

“You keep falling for my feints.”

She continued her barrage of attacks, but strangely, she stopped trying to goad him and started to instruct Calron on what he was doing wrong.

She’s right.

Calron began to time his attacks and even landed another strike to her stomach, but it was soon followed by a double kick to his chest.

Calron could have easily defeated Sela with his Azure Lightning, but for some reason, he enjoyed the physical spar with her and he had a feeling that she did as well.

Bren and Helly continued to spectate, ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ at whenever Calron got hit or when Sela dodged his fist.

He’s weak.

Bren thought as the fight progressed.

However, it was only Sela who realized mid-fight that Calron was simply holding back. His fists would miss her constantly, but even she could not deny the power that was behind them. And it seemed like by each strike, his fist was only getting stronger and faster.

But, it was during those clashes when Calron’s eyes would spark with a mysterious blue lightning that Sela realized Calron was hiding his true power. The sensation that the tiny flickers of blue lightning gave her was enough to cause a chill run up her spine.

“You need to use your lower body to attack as well instead of your fists.”

Sela spoke to Calron during their spar and followed to kick him in the chest.

“Phew… ”

Calron exhaled while lying on his back on the floor.

“That was fun.”

Sela laughed and extended her hand to Calron.

“Yeah, it was.”

Calron chuckled and grasped her hand to stand back up. His body was covered in bruises and cuts, but Calron was satisfied with this spar. Sela was a genius in martial arts and technique and if he practiced with her more, then he would not have to solely rely on the Azure Lightning.

“Welcome to the team, Calron.”

Sela winked at him and welcomed Calron to the team, while Bren protested in response.

This was the day the four of them first met each other, each not knowing that their destinies were changed forever due to their fates colliding.

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