Chapter 189: Elder of the Outlaw Sect

Chapter 189 – Elder of the Outlaw Sect

“What does he want with me?”

Calron asked in a quiet voice. He was still contemplating why this person wanted to see him, and moreover, what he was doing with a criminal organization like the Outlaw Sect.

“I don’t know, but you’ll find out once you meet him. We already drew too much attention while coming here, so it’s best we leave as quickly as possible.”

The leader shrugged and signaled the others to prepare for departure. It was as if he already knew that Calron was coming with them before the young man gave his decision.

“Alright, but please remove those binds on them.”

Calron asked, his head pointing towards the constricted Roran and Avor on the floor. Roran tried to shout something through the elemental rope covering his mouth, but all that came out was a jumble of noises. Avor simply glared at the robed men silently.

“No need to worry, the binds will disappear in a few minutes. Now, let’s go.”

The leader chuckled at Roran’s attempt to talk and walked outside as the rest of his men followed behind him.

“I know who they want me to see, Roran, so rest easy until I return. Ellie, take care of them once the binds have disappeared.”

Calron turned around to address his friends just before he exited the shop as well.

“Master… ”

Ellie whispered with worry, staring at the door through which Calron exited the shop.


“That insolent bastard!”

Resir roared and slammed his fist against the wall, creating a small crater on the concrete.

After his humiliation in the throne room, Resir came back to his residence with the other nobles at the fifth tower. The tower was also known as the home of the Talok clan, a family that ruled over sixty-five percent of the entire city’s economic market.

They were the tower that the King had given the authority to oversee the taxes, banks, and any financial investment within the city. Most of the governmental offices and banks in the city were run by a member of the Talok clan.

Although they lacked powerful warriors, the Talok clan’s strength lied in their wealth. Even the King had to rely on them during times of war to equip the soldiers with weapons, armor, and rations. This was also the reason why the King couldn’t easily ignore Resir’s protest to distribute the slaves and had to call the Raizel clan to respond to their claims.

“My Lord, that boy looks like he will be a problem for our future plans, so we should eliminate the threat before it’s too late.”

One of the nobles started talking, ignoring the crater on the wall and sitting down on the sofa in the hall.

“You overestimate the boy, Leron. He’s just a kid, what could he possibly do to sabotage our plans?”

Another chubby noble interjected with a laugh and walked towards the large window at the side.

“I’m not talking about our current plan with the slaves, Furen. I’m talking about our true goal for the future. The plan that will change everything in the city.”

Leron’s eyes shined with a glint, causing the other nobles to immediately realize what he was talking about.

“There are still many years until we have to execute that plan. What does it have to do with the boy?”

Furen turned away from the window and gazed at Leron curiously, awaiting his response.

“Right now, that boy is no threat. But you are all forgetting that even though the Raizel clan might get majority of the ex-slaves, the slaves did not join them for the clan… they joined them because of the boy.”

Leron looked around to see whether everyone was paying attention or not and continued speaking after seeing that all eyes remained on him.

“If something were to happen in the middle of our plan, that boy could use that situation to start a revolution in the city! It would be incomprehensible if it were just the Raizel clan, but it’s completely different with thousands of ex-slaves fighting for him.”

A deathly silence took over the hall as the rest of the nobles registered what Leron was trying to say. If something like that did happen, then all of their painstaking efforts since the beginning would crumble down to dust.

“That won’t happen. I will kill the boy before things come to that point.”

Resir broke the silence in a cold voice.

“My Lord, doing that will bring down suspicion on us and the King will not take it lightly.”

A noble at the back stated calmly.

“I will not be sending a warrior from any of our factions... I’ll be sending a slave himself to kill Calron.”

Resir growled, his fury still brewing at the way Calron talked back to him in the throne room.

“A battle slave? I think a slave would hardly be able to put a scratch on that boy. We’re talking about someone who was able to fight off a Heavenly stage expert, albeit only for a few moments!”

Furen rejected the pointless idea of sending a slave to kill Calron.

“You’re correct, Furen. A battle slave will be useless against someone like Calron, but what we need is not the boy’s death, but the death of the slave by Calron’s own hands.”

Resir smiled at seeing the expressions on the nobles’ faces.

“What do you think will happen during the speech once the slaves find out that their so called ‘savior’ brutally murdered one of their own?”

Resir vicious laughter echoed in the silent hall.


“You came.”

A voice sounded out from the thick bushes, as an old man calmly walked towards Calron and the surrounding men.


The robed cultivators all bowed to the old man when he stepped out from the shadows and stood before them.

“Why did you call me here… Matias.”

Calron asked in a quiet voice while Matias grinned.

The Elder was the same mysterious fire cultivator that gave the Azure Pavilion’s shop to Calron.

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