Chapter 177: Epilogue

Chapter 177 – Epilogue 

“…. Haaah….. haaaah….. dammit!”

Zarvel panted while out of breath as he finally escaped from the outskirts of Selior city and collapsed inside an overgrown forest.

There were still a few guards from the tower clans chasing after him, so he could not stop for a single moment of rest. If not for the soul attack by the vile dragon, Zarvel could have easily killed the guards with his Heavenly Domain.

Who was that? An entity like that cannot enter the mortal world as their presence itself would shatter the mortal dimension.

Zarvel pondered, scrutinizing his memory to find any clues. His own master was a Deity, but that did not mean that he was the most powerful one amongst the gods. Deity was merely the general term to describe them and not their cultivation level.

“I need to hurry up and find the portal.”

He had hidden a teleportation portal outside the city just in case things went awry. Zarvel could no longer go to the Guardians’ Temple as they would have already found out about his betrayal and would be scouring for him.


Zarvel inwardly exclaimed, noticing the subtly-hidden cave opening under a small hill. The opening was covered with various grass, vines, and bushes, so it was almost impossible for anyone to locate it unless they already knew where it was.

However, just as Zarvel took a step forward, he felt the coldness of a metal blade pressing against his neck.

“I told you that if you failed, I would be the one crushing your neck.”

A seductive voice whispered into his ear, followed by the blade cleanly slicing through his throat.

“Kah… Guhh… ”

Zarvel choked on his blood as he crumpled to the ground, his blood staining the green grass. Gazing at the reddish-orange horizon, Zarvel saw the back of a crimson haired woman slowly walking away from him.

As if detecting his stare, the woman tilted her head to the side with a sultry smile etched on her face.

It was the smile of one who harvested lives.


“Father, I have made my decision.”

A young white lion kneeled in front of a massive shadow.

“Are you sure about this, Rebran? The outside world is cruel, heartless and full of struggle.”

The giant griffin spoke while looking down at his son.

“I am sure, father.”

Rebran answered calmly while two pearly-white wings spurted out of his back.

It is time for me to return to my legacy brothers.

Rebran’s heart thumped with excitement as he leapt off the balcony and flew into the sky.


Deep inside a human city, the gates of the Axiel mansion opened wide as an ornate carriage guarded by a whole regiment of troops marched out.

 Inside the carriage, two people were seated opposite each other.

“My lady, do you think that the young master would be happy to see us?”

A young girl’s voice echoed in the carriage.

“Hahaha, I think Rory would definitely be happy to see us, but I am not so sure about the other one.”

Felice laughed while glancing out the window, a mysterious emotion hidden on her face.


“Calron Raizel, please step up to the podium. 

A loud voice reverberated inside the throne room.

Inside the magnificent and lavishly ornate hall, more than a hundred people were gathered as they all stood facing the large throne in the back-center. It was a stark contrast to how the palace looked after the aftermath of the battle.

It had been a week since the attack by Zarvel.

Everyone was dressed in fashionable outerwear, while the ladies adorned themselves with luxurious jewelry and gems. It was clear that everyone present inside the throne room were either nobles or high-ranking officials of the city.

After the announcement, a young man stood up from his seat at the front row and calmly walked towards the podium with a confident poise. Wearing a black-gold robe of the Raizel clan, Calron stood at the center of the stage as the crowd wildly cheered for him.

The loudest of his fans was a little girl standing next Roran, who pumped her fists up and down. 

“Hurray for Master!”

Ellie chanted with glee, proud and happy for the man who gave her a new life.

“That’s right, go Calron!”

Rain emulated the little girl and raised his fists as well. Roran, Linda and Asra laughed at the sight of the little girl and Rain competing at cheering for Calron. They had all gathered today in the throne room for the award ceremony.

Compared to the excitement of Calron’s friends, the rest of the people were muttering amongst themselves in whispers.

“Why is he not kneeling in front of the King…. Who is this boy…. The guards are still not arresting him… ”

The nobles were shocked at Calron for not kneeling before the king, and standing serenely on the podium.

While the mutterings continued, the man sitting on the throne waved his hand to silence the crowd. With a cloth covering the top of his forehead, the king smiled at Calron who stood patiently in front of him.

The king was gravely injured in the battle, but he had not died in the midst. He was still recovering from his injuries as seen by the cloth covering his forehead, but it looked like he would soon recover completely.

“I’ve been told by the tower lords that it was you who played a major contribution in our survival in the battle last week. I do not know how a Vajra stage cultivator could possibly contend against one such as Zarvel, but I am glad that you did.”

The King began, his mellow voice rousing everyone’s attention.

“I hear that you are associated with the Raizel clean, but would you like to work for me? I can give you the best cultivation resources, gold you’ve never seen before and even a mansion for your personal use.”

The king’s eyes shined with interest as he looked at Calron.

Meanwhile, the Patriarch at the back chuckled with mirth when he heard the king’s words. He already knew what Calron wanted, and was looking forward to the expression on the king’s face the moment he heard it.

“Thank you for the offer, but I do not want to work for anyone at the moment.”

Calron replied politely, not wanting to offend the king.

However, it seemed like the king was already expecting this answer, as he nodded his head and leaned back on his throne.

“Then tell me what reward you would like from me? I will give it to you as long as it’s within my authority.”

The king inquired, his fingers tapping on the throne’s armrest.

Hearing those words, a slow smile crept on Calron’s face.

“I do indeed have a wish that your Majesty can fulfill.”

He began, while the whole crowd waited with anticipation.

“I would like you to abolish all slavery inside the city and ban the slave traders from entering.”

The instant Calron stated his wish, the entire throne room gasped with astonishment. Slavery was a big economic part of the city, and also a highly taxable industry so losing it would cause a big loss to the royal family.

“Do you realize what you are asking of me?”

The king asked with a frown on his face. After talking to the other tower lords and especially the Patriarch of the Raizel clan, the king knew how important Calron really was. If the teen managed to break into the Saint stage and unlocked the power of the soul, he might even be able to fight against real experts.


Calron answered in a serious tone, his azure eyes boring into the King.


Everyone waited for the King to respond, but no one believed that he would actually acquiesce to Calron’s request.

After it felt like a decade had passed, the King finally spoke in a somber voice.

“From this day onwards, all forms of slavery shall be banned within the city and all slave traders will be given three days to depart.”

“Oh my god… ”

The crowd erupted with shock, especially the nobles who made their profits from slave trading.

I have agreed to your request, kid. What shall I do with the free slaves now?

A deep and regal voice sounded inside Calron’s mind.

Staring into the solemn King’s eyes, Calron instantly knew that it was him who had spoken inside his mind. Even Calron was surprised that the King so easily agreed to his wish, but he guessed it was because the King had probably still not given up on recruiting him.

“I will take them all.”

Calron let out a little laugh as he saw the King’s eyes widen to his response.

If there was a war in future, then Calron needed an army to fight it.



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