Chapter 170: The Advent

Chapter 170 – The Advent 

“Haah… ”

Calron rasped, finally regaining control over his body. Avor moved quickly to hold Calron before he tumbled to the ground.

“Thanks, Avor.”

Calron smiled at the blonde-haired man and groaned as he started to feel of the bruises all over his body along with the cut on his neck.

The reticent ex-slave nodded and slowly helped the young man settle down on the ground. Ellie came rushing towards Calron after Roran put her down, and tightly wrapped her arms around his neck while tears flowed down her rosy cheeks. Roran and Mirane soon followed behind the little girl and checked up on Calron. 

There were still multiple battles taking place throughout the area, but the group only had eyes for Calron.

“Master… Master…”

Ellie cried, seeing all the blood on Calron’s face and his battered clothes.

“I am fine, Ellie. I’ll recover soon, but we really need to help the others.”

Calron stated, his head turning to look at the fights taking place amongst the members of his clan and the robed figures. He saw Rain, Harol and Linda, who were teamed up with seven other youngsters in the battle against four hooded enemies.

At the moment, besides the people affiliated with the tower or royal family, the rest of the citizens had already escaped from the area. Calron could not see the tower lords or the king, so they must have retreated back inside the palace. He was not sure how many enemies there were in total, but if there were more than the four figures who were currently in combat, then the rest were probably tailing the lords and the king.

“Big brother, you were just stabbed in your neck.”

Roran commented with a dry expression on his face. His brother was almost killed, and yet his first thought was to go and help the others. However, Roran was glad that they could make it in time to save Calron, and this was partly thanks to Ellie’s scream.

“Please don’t stress yourself, my little brother is fighting with them right now. He’s the strongest from our clan!”

Mirane exclaimed with pride, pointing at the blonde youth fighting beside Harol.

You forgot about my other ability, Roran.

Calron sent a thought to Roran through the legacy and activated the Blood Sacrifice technique of the fourth step. The technique would greatly augment his regenerative powers and heal most of his current injuries.

As a side effect, part of his blood would be consumed, but since his bones were not completely broken and only bruised, the repercussions would not be so severe.

Immediately, Calron’s wounds and the cut on his neck began to heal rapidly. A small gust of hot steam expelled from his body as the blood inside his veins was devoured for the healing process.

“Oh my god.”

Mirane gasped, her hand covered her mouth. She saw the wounds close up in front of her eyes, and she was astonished at seeing a regenerative power so omnipotent. Ellie had the same expression on her face, while Avor simply raised his eyebrow at the Calron’s rapid healing, but did not comment any further.

“Mirane, take Ellie to the Raizel mansion and stay there until this mess is over.”

Calron spoke, wiping away the traces of blood from his mouth and standing up straight without the others’ support.

“B-but, father is still inside the palace! I need to help him. Besides, my brother and the others are close to defeating the four enemies, so we can all go together inside the palace.”

Mirane replied, her voice full of distress.

The group remained silent, waiting for Calron to respond. Except for Mirane, the other three would only follow the Calron’s directions.

“You’re wrong, Mirane. Those four robed figures are clearly just toying with the others. If they wanted to, then they could have easily killed your brother and my clan members. I do not know the reason, but they want us to stay here and not chase after the tower lords or king.”

Calron calmly conveyed, understanding the emotions that the poor girl must be going through. From the instant that he experienced the strength of the bald man, Calron knew that the other members of his clan would have no chance of defeating the enemies as they were still stuck at the Vajra stage.

The power of the soul was not to be underestimated.

“Don’t forget, the draconic monster is still hovering in the sky. And since I cannot even fathom his cultivation base, he is unmistakably a Heavenly stage expert.”

Calron explained while glancing up at the monster silently observing from the air.

Whatever that orb is, it must be the cause of why anyone above the Saint stage is being drained of their strength. However, it does not seem to be affecting the robed figures.

Calron mused, trying to deduce what the enemy’s motives were. 

Mirane stayed silent as she pondered about the details that Calron revealed, and started to realize that the young man’s conjecture was highly likely to be true.

“Promise me that you have a way to defeat those four and help my father.”

Mirane’s misty emerald-golden eyes bore into Calron, the girl on the verge of tears. 

“I promise to defeat those four, but I do not know what the current situation at the palace with your father is. However, the Patriarch of my clan is also inside there, so no matter what, I will go inside to help him.”

He met Mirane’s eyes and displayed his sincerity by making an oath. Even though Calron had recently lost against one of the robed figures, for some unknown reason, Mirane felt reassured when she saw the fire in Calron’s deep azure eyes.

“Thank you…”

The young girl whispered as she grabbed Ellie by the hand and prepared to leave.

“Master, please come back to me!”

Ellie did not refuse Calron’s instruction and let Mirane take her away. The little girl’s tears splashed on the ground as Mirane picked her up and sped out of the area using a movement technique.

“I have too many promises to keep.”

Calron smiled while cracking his neck and rubbing his shoulders. 

“This is going to be a tough battle, big brother.”

Roran said as he stood right next to Calron and observed the four enemies fighting against a group of teenagers in the far distance. Avor quietly stepped up on the other side of Calron and stared at the scene in front of him.

“Can I count on you to deal with one of them?”

Calron turned to face Avor and inquired in a solemn tone.

If one of those four robed figures was detained by Avor, then his plan to fight them might just succeed.

Avor gave a firm nod, his steely eyes showing a determination that Calron had never seen in the middle-aged man.

“Do you think we can win, big brother?”

Roran asked with excitement, his blood boiling at the thought of fighting alongside his brother. 

“We will win, Roran. Let’s go!”

Calron roared, bolting with lightning speed towards the members of his clan, as both Roran and Avor followed behind. Roran returned Calron’s roar with his own and charged ahead.

Bolts of violent blue lightning flashed around Calron’s eyes, foreshadowing the coming battle.

It’s time for the world to see the power of the Azure Lightning!

Calron’s thoughts raced as he prepared to summon the most frightening power that the mortal world has ever seen.

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