Chapter 164: A Promise of Eternity

Chapter 164 – A Promise of Eternity

“You are ancestor Raizel’s brother?”

Calron asked in astonishment.

It was no wonder that Calron had initially mistaken the golden-eyed man for Raizel when he first saw him. 

They were brothers.

“Yes, Raizel was my younger brother.”

The man smiled at Calron and continued.

“You should not stay here for long, as you are currently draining the energy from the celestial beast, and it is already in a weakened state.”

The golden-eyed man conveyed while glancing at the electric-blue snake coiled around Calron.

“You said that about the Azure Lightning before as well… is this not its true form?”

Calron asked while rubbing the head of the tiny snake.

If the Azure Lightning is so overwhelmingly powerful in its weakened state, then what stage would it reach once it regains its former strength?

It was surprising for Calron to see that the powerful lightning in his body was actually the tiny and adorable blue snake.

“After the celestial beast chooses a new master, it reverts back to its baby stage and begins to grow once again. That is also the reason why you cannot control its powers yet. Once it approaches maturity, it will be able to rein its own power without destroying your body and guide you in commanding the might of the Divine Element.”

The man answered in a quiet voice, his eyes staring into another space like he was reminiscing about the past.

“That’s why I have such a hard time controlling the Azure Lightning.”

Calron murmured to himself as he looked down at the little snake.

He looks like ancestor Raizel… but there is something off about him. He doesn’t give off the distinct aura of a person who shares our bloodline.

Calron brooded within his mind. Unlike the presence that was given off by other members of the clan like the Patriarch, Asra or uncle Kail, the golden-eyed man in front him did not exude the same familiar feeling.

“If it’s not too rude, can I ask you something?”

Calron started, nervous that he would offend the golden-eyed man.

“You want to ask whether I am truly related to Raizel.”

The man chuckled in amusement as he turned to look at Calron.

“Your Patriarch asked me the same question when he first met me as well. I am indeed Raizel’s brother and we both had the same mother and father. However, unlike him and my parents, my true form is not that of a lightning bird.”

The golden-eyed man explained in a gentle voice.

“Tell me, child, have you ever thought of why your true form has scales instead of feathers like any other bird species?”

The man inquired, his golden eyes shining with mirth.

“I haven’t really thought about that before.”

In the past, it never occurred to Calron that having metallic scales as a bird was unusual and instead, he simply got accustomed to it.

“ssssa… ”

The tiny snake coiled around Calron let out a low whimper as it opened its eyes and looked at the golden-eyed man.

“You should leave soon since it looks like the celestial beast is almost at its limit. However, before you go, please let me see the bow that you have in your possession.”

The man asked in a hurry, realizing that they did not have much time. Unlike the Patriarch who was close to the peak of the Heavenly stage, the boy in front of him was only at the Vajra stage.

Confused as to why the man would want to see his bow, Calron slowly took out the bow from his spacial bracelet and handed it to the man.

“It seems that the winds of destiny are truly revolving around you.”

The golden-eyed man stated in a warm tone, as he took the bow and fondly stroked its body.

“Safei Arata… ”

The man whispered in a foreign language, and all of a sudden the dark metallic bow cracked and split into two equal sized parts.

Before Calron could cry out in anger, the two small parts of the bow floated towards him and attached themselves to his wrists. In the next moment, both of them began to bend and twist until they transformed into two mini-crossbows.

“What is this?”

Calron whispered, baffled at the sight of the two new weapons fixed on each of his wrists.

“That is the true form of the weapon that you hold. Its previous owner was someone who even your ancestor, Raizel, was afraid of offending. I wish that we could chat more, but it is time for you to leave. Here is a little parting gift to commemorate our first meeting.”

The golden-eyed man looked at Calron with a forlorn expression and placed his hand on the boy’s head.

A pleasant sensation coursed through Calron’s body, as a mellow energy seeped into his elemental core and began filling it up.


Bolts of thick golden lightning wrapped themselves around Calron, and he knew then that he had finally broken into the ninth rank of the Vajra stage. The refreshing feeling and the increase of the available essence inside his core all signified his breakthrough.

“Thank you, but why di- “

Calron was elated by his breakthrough, but he did not understand why the golden-eyed man was so kind to him.


However, the golden-eyed man simply smiled at Calron and pushed him out of the white room.


Calron’s knees hit the hard ground, and after glancing around, he knew that he was back at the Raizel mansion.

“Thank you again.”

Calron bowed his head in front of the gigantic bird statue, and slowly got up on his feet.


“Brother, I do not know how long this piece of my soul will last in the mortal world, but I think that I won’t have to stay here for long anymore.”

The golden-eyed man spoke quietly to himself with a smile etched on his face, as he stared at the place where Calron previously stood.

“He reminds me of you, Raizel. His actions, the way he carries himself and he even shares a perfect resemblance to you when you were his age. I just hope that he does not follow you in the matters of love.”

The man shook his head while chuckling.

“You know, brother, sometimes I regret making that promise to you… ”

A drop of tear soundlessly splashed on the pristine white floor, and in the same instant, the golden-eyed man disappeared from the room.

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