Chapter 162: A Strange Connection

Chapter 162 – A Strange Connection

“Calron, what are your plans for the future?”

The Patriarch asked while continuing to walk ahead.

“I do not know… I want to go back to my home to see my Master, and then avenge him by making those who hurt him pay for their actions.”

Calron answered in a quiet voice, trailing behind the old man.

“Mmn. Revenge, huh? I won’t tell you to reconsider… but you should reconsider. Revenge only leaves you with an empty feeling. Instead, cherish the remaining time that you have with your Master. Tell me, Calron, do you wish to stay with the Raizel clan?”

The old man inquired, his footsteps were slow and steady. 

“I don’t know… I’ve always been on the move since my parents died, and no place ever felt like home without them. However, now I have a brother and people to take care of, so as long as they are with me, I do not mind wherever we stay.”

Calron replied. The face of the little white tiger, Rebran, came into his mind, but Calron did not know if Rebran would be willing to travel with them when he already had a family of his own.

However, Rebran was too far away for Calron to communicate with him through the Blood Legacy.

“I understand. Here, this will be your room from now on. In the past, I used to come here whenever I wanted to think in peace, but you can use this as your room from today, or at least when you finish your training.”

The Patriarch turned around and smiled at the boy in front of him.

The room was in fact a small hut made of bamboo sticks. It was surrounded by the lush greenery of small plants and flowers, exuding an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Maybe the old man guessed that Calron would be uncomfortable being around a crowd, so he chose an isolated place for the boy.

Calron was awestruck by the scenery in front of him that he failed to even properly thank the Patriarch.

“Here are the instruction manuals for the lightning paths, and a communication crystal if you want to ask me something.”

The old man took several thin books and a blue rock out of his spacial ring and handed them to Calron.

“Is this really ok?”

Calron asked with hesitation, not sure whether or not he should accept the Patriarch’s generosity. 

“Regardless of your future plans, you are still a descendent of the Raizel clan and as the Patriarch, it is my duty to make sure to teach you the ways of our clan. Your friends should be at the main hall, so meet them before they leave. Unfortunately, I cannot let them stay here since they are not members of the clan.”

The Patriarch fondly ruffled Calron’s hair while the youth let out a gentle smile hidden by the locks of his hair.

“When you are ready, you should meet the rest of the clan. They are all very excited to see you.”

The old man began to walk away, leaving Calron in front of the wooden hut.

“Brat… you are not alone in this world anymore.”

The Patriarch whispered silently, his words meant only for Calron to hear.

“Yes… ”

Teardrops streaked down Calron’s cheeks as he closed his eyes with the smile still etched on his face.

Father… Mother… your son finally has a family to belong now.


“No! Why can’t we stay with Master?”

Ellie clung onto Calron’s sleeve, not letting him go. She was still distrustful of the Raizel clan, and she did not want her Master to be alone here. The man, Kail, absolutely irritated Ellie since no matter how hard she tried to bite him, the older man simply looked at her like she was an adorable and harmless bunny.

Calron had come outside to the main gate to greet his friends and tell them about his decision to temporarily stay at the clan.

“It is important that I train here, Ellie. And besides, it is only a matter of couple days and I will be back with you and Roran after that.”

Calron chuckled at the little girl, and turned to face Roran.

“Come back here tomorrow morning, Roran, and I will give you more God Tiles to sell at the Pavilion. If you have any troubles at the shop, just send Avor here and I’ll immediately make my way there.”

Calron knew that it was a risk to continue using the Divine Perception without learning to control its power, but he simply had no choice at this point. If he stopped selling the tiles at the shop, then they would lose the momentum and it will be hard to recover in the future. Previously, since it took a while before the Divine Perception started to affect his mind, Calron deduced that he could use the technique a few times before it harmed him.

At this point, Calron was desperate to breakthrough into the Saint stage.

“Understood, big brother. Will you be alright here?”

Roran was utterly unaware of the dangers that Calron would have to undergo with using the Divine Perception.

“Haha, it will be fine.”

Calron laughed, pulling Ellie’s cheeks and bidding her farewell.

Although the little girl was reluctant to let go, she knew that she could not convince her Master otherwise. Moreover, Calron said that she could come to visit him whenever she wanted, so Ellie acquiesced under those terms.

“Bye, Master∼ I will come tomorrow with Avor!”

Ellie shouted half-way while departing with Roran.

Calron waved back and slowly returned back to his hut. The guards all stared at him with curiosity but none tried to approach him. 


Which path do I take? The path of agility seems powerful, but I also like the path of weapon manifestation…  I could try a combination of them, but that seems very tedious.

Calron pondered on which path to train in, while walking back to his hut.


All of a sudden, the Azure Lightning in his core was active once again and it tried to push him towards another direction.

Beads of sweat formed on Calron’s forehead as he tightly clutched his chest, and stared in the direction that the Azure Lightning was telling him to go.

Not this again.

Calron inwardly cursed, seeing that the Azure Lightning had been triggered again in the Raizel mansion.

Unlike last time, he did not resist so the lightning stopped constricting his body and let him move in the direction that it wanted him to go.

*step*   *step*

Calron treaded through the dark, arriving at a location completely unfamiliar to him.

“W-what is that?”

Calron gasped, noticing the massive statue of a bird in front of him.

It resembles the images I saw of Raizel when he shape-shifted in my memories.

Standing at a height of over five meters, the statue gave off an ethereal feeling almost like it was not of this world.

The more Calron stared at it, the more life-like the statue felt.


A thin bolt of bright Azure Lightning emerged from Calron’s chest and it instantly struck the center of the statue... the place where the bird’s heart would be located had it been alive.

The thin torrent of azure lightning continued to flow from Calron’s chest and into the bird.

Calron’s eyes widened, as he sensed a strange connection being formed between him and the statue.

What is happening?

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