Chapter 158: The Collision

Chapter 158 – The Collision 

“Is this the place?”

A muscular youth asked the figure next to him.

“This is the inner city, but I don’t know how to find the first tower.”

Calron answered Roran, as the trio stood in the middle of a clean and stylish sidewalk. Avor remained at the inn just in case Balis came looking for Calron. Calron felt bad for postponing what Balis wanted to discuss, but his condition caused by the Divine Perception and the need to break into the Saint stage took precedence over everything else.

After leaving the inn, Calron, Roran and Ellie had arrived at the inner city and were on their way to the first tower. The only problem was that now that they were inside the inner walls, they could not distinguish between the first tower and the others. 

There were much fewer people wandering in the inner city, but one could tell from a single glance that the people here were all practitioners of either martial arts or the elements. 

It was the auras of experts.

“Let’s try asking someone.”

Calron suggested, stopping a stranger who was just about to pass by them.

“Excuse me, do you know the directions to the first tower?”

“…… ”

The man simply looked at Calron and his company with scorn, looking down at their shabby appearances and wondering what business they had with the Raizel clan.

“I advise you to not irritate the Raizel clan, as they are not a very welcoming family. Try finding jobs somewhere else.”

The stranger did not waste his time and departed before Calron could reply.

The man thought that Calron and his group were simply within the inner city to look for jobs in the famous sects or clans like many commoners do from the outside. However, the first tower belonged to the Raizel clan, and they were reputed to be violent and very harsh against any outsiders who were not from their clan.

“He’s so rude!”

Ellie cried out angrily, about to rush at the stranger.

“It’s fine, Ellie.”

Calron latched his palm on top of the little girl’s head, halting her movements.

I guess I have no choice.

Calron thought, about to activate the Divine Perception and scout for the Raizel clan’s location. 

“If you really want to visit the first tower, I can take you there. However, don’t try to go inside or else their guards will forcefully attack you.”

A young voice sounded out from behind the group as an ordinary-looking teenager walked towards them. It seemed like he had overheard their discussion with the previous stranger.


Roran looked curiously at the teenage boy, who appeared to be only slightly younger than him and Calron.

“You guys don’t look very dangerous, and besides, it’s not much trouble for me to take you to the first tower as it’s already on the way to my school.”

The teen said while waving at the cute Ellie, and gesturing for Calron and Roran to follow him.

We can trust him.

Calron sent his thought to Roran through the legacy, and treaded behind the youth with Ellie latching onto his clothing. Even without using the Divine Perception, he could feel that this youth was not lying and had no ill intentions.

Roran let out a small sigh and decided to follow the youth as well.


“Well, that’s the first tower. The towers are actually just massive decoration pieces as you can’t really live inside them. Each tower is situated where the corresponding clan or sect lives, so that mansion over there is the house of the Raizel clan.”

The teenager stated, pointing at a colossal mansion that was the biggest building that the trio had seen ever since they had entered the inner city.

There were several guards who were adorned in light metal armor that were stationed outside the door, and each one of them exuded a violent and dangerous aura.

“Thank you… ”

Calron paused, waiting for the teen to give his name.


The youth flashed a smile.

“Thank you, Leor.”

Calron continued, excited that they had finally reached the Raizel clan’s home.

His home.

“No worries! Anyways, I’m late for my classes, so good luck.”

Leor pleasantly wished them luck, and departed for another connecting street.

“Feeling nervous?”

Roran turned to his brother and inquired, seeing that Calron did not move after Leor had left.

“Kind of.”

Calron replied with embarrassment. It was his first time meeting the rest of his blood family, and he was feeling a strange nervousness about it all.

“Don’t be nervous, Master! If they try to hurt you, then I will bite them away!”

Ellie secretly whispered next to Calron, giving him a big thumb’s up.

“Let’s go.”

Calron chuckled at Ellie’s words, his nervousness eroding away and moving towards the gate.

Seeing the trio approach the gate, the guards instantly switched to an alert stance and Calron could detect them gathering their essence.

Are they this aggressive to everyone?

Calron wondered, taken aback by the hostility shown to them.

Calron was just about to yell that he was a member of the Raizel clan, when two bolts of golden lightning struck near the gate and a pair of gold-black robed figures appeared in their place.

“Let them in. The Patriarch has invited them.”

Calron heard one of the robed figures order the guards, causing the stationed guards to look with shock at the approaching commonly-dressed trio.

The two robed figures then turned to face Calron and gave a light nod before vanishing from the spot. Calron did not even have the time look at their faces or to talk to them.

They were definitely Saint stage experts!

Calron mused, sensing the essence fluctuations just as they teleported away.

The guards quickly shifted around until they were standing at the edges of the gate, making the center open for Calron and the group to pass by. The guards remained silent as they walked past the gate, however, their eyes latched onto Calron and Roran with unmasked curiosity.


The moment that Calron entered the Raizel clan’s territory, the Azure Lightning in his body sprang into motion, urging Calron to head in a different direction which was deep inside the mansion.

Small bursts of azure lightning danced around the corner of his irises, as Calron found it more and more difficult to restrain the mighty lightning.

Roran and Ellie stopped in their tracks once they realised that Calron had abruptly stopped moving.


The sound of explosive thunder suddenly reverberated from within the mansion, like it was calling out for something or someone. 


“He’s here.”

The Patriarch smiled mysteriously while standing in front of a gigantic statue of the Divine Bird.

It was the same artifact that he had forbidden the clan members from approaching a few months back.

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