Chapter 148: Clash Against the Raizel Clan

Chapter 148 – Clash Against the Raizel Clan

“Care to tell me your name?”

Calron asked in a calm voice, droplets of rain dripping down his hair.

“You don’t need to know, kid. Just stay silent and I’ll quickly take care of you without inflicting much pain.”

The bulky man growled with a quick grin, his pale blue eyes shimmering with violence.

The large man wore a black sleeveless martial artist’s robe, but with his bulging muscles the clothing seemed a bit too tight on him. He was very ordinary looking, neither handsome nor ugly with his square-shaped jaw and his skin resembling the texture of a grainy rock.

“Who sent you?”

Calron inquired, his voice still unfazed by the enemy in front of him.

“Give it up, your questions are pointless.”

The brutish man stated, as thick bolts of lightning flashed all around his body and he bent forwards in preparation to charge at Calron.

Calron remained standing still and watched the attacker in a tranquil pose. His eyes gradually returned back to their azure color, but the darkness of the night prevented the large man to notice this change.


A gigantic golden scimitar abruptly appeared behind Calron and sliced towards his midsection. 


The brute man let out a confused sound when he realized that his scimitar had only struck empty air and not flesh like he had expected. Crackles of golden lightning bounced on top of the blade, exuding a dangerous aura.

“I’ll ask again, who sent you?”

Calron’s cold voice echoed right next to the brute man, startling him and causing his hands to tremble as he held the scimitar.

“This is impossible!”

The large man roared and swiftly pierced his weapon towards Calron.

What in the heavens is going on!? This boy has a greater speed than even me! However, his element is clearly of the lightning attribute, so he shouldn’t have this agility unless…

The man kept slashing his broadsword at Calron, while Calron effortlessly dodged every strike.

On the outside, it simply looked like two human-shaped lightning bolts darting all over the alley.

Throughout this whole time, Calron had not attacked once and continued to evade the incoming attacks. He already had an idea as to who this person was, but refrained himself until he confirmed his conjecture.

“Haah haaah…”

The bulky man finally ceased his relentless barrage and panted with exhaustion. Maintaining the massive lightning scimitar had drained almost all of his essence, and yet the boy did not even have a scratch on him. It would be humiliating if the clan found out that he couldn’t even deal with a boy at the first rank of Vajra stage.

“Why has the Raizel clan decided to attack me?”

A trace of sadness was hidden in Calron’s voice, as he gazed at the tired figure of the brute man.

“So you finally figured that out? Tell me one thing, kid, are you really a lightning cultivator? I have never seen a human with the lightning element as powerful as you.”

The large man’s attitude towards Calron changed after seeing that the boy was truly talented. It was a pity that the young master wanted him dead.

“I am indeed a lightning cultivator. I’ve answered your question, so please answer mine as well.”

Calron asked softly, his mind in shambles after knowing that his family wanted to kill him. Did they already know who he was and wanted him dead, or was there something else in play here? After talking with his attacker, it seemed like he honestly did not know Calron’s identity.

The man slowly stood up straight and coalesced another gigantic scimitar on his remaining hand. Bolts of berserk lightning crackled around the two blades, as the large man solemnly stared at Calron ahead.

“The young master of the Raizel clan wanted you dead. This is my last strike so please try to avoid it.”

The man stated in a serious tone as he warned Calron. Although the young master ordered him to kill the boy, he did not wish to do so after talking with Calron. He was prepared to leave after this final strike if it failed, and willingly take the punishment for not fulfilling his duty.

The moment the man finished speaking, he instantly appeared in front of Calron and struck the massive lightning scimitars straight towards his chest.

However, the large man’s eyes widened in disbelief when he sensed that the boy had still not moved away and was planning to take the attack head-on. He tried to pull back the scimitars but it was already too late to stop the momentum.

*drip - drip*

The scent of blood wafted in the vicinity, as the golden scimitars were stopped by two young hands and stained with his blood.

“I want to meet the Raizel clan.”

Calron’s azure eyes bored into the large man, as he continued to hold the sharp golden scimitars while drops of crimson liquid splashed on the ground.

“I don’t think they will allo-“

The brute man stopped talking all of a sudden when the aura around Calron changed and a stunning scene took place.

“Tell them I am coming.”

Numerous bolts of golden lightning burst from underneath Calron’s feet and enveloped his entire body. This was the first time that the large man had seen Calron call on his lightning so the suspicions on his mind were finally put to rest.

However, it was the following scene that made the man quiver with both excitement and fear.


An illusion of a colossal golden bird formed behind Calron and let out a screeching cry.


“The Inquisitor will see you now.”

A warrior dressed in white and gold robes gave a light bow to Balis and asked him to follow behind.

Something is strange here… why did an Inquisitor from the Guardians come to Selior city? And worst of all, why did it have to be him…

Balis brooded within his mind, his heart at unease and turmoil after seeing the changes happening within the temple.

He was currently inside the ornate Guardian Temple in the inner city grounds, and was on his way to meet the new Inquisitor that had currently taken charge here. The temple’s inside was enormous and was almost half the size of the royal palace itself. It was also decorated quite lavishly with various paintings and beautiful sculptures.

Dozens of humans and beasts alike were present in the temple, and although most were lower ranked Guardians, they were still on par with the elites from the powerful clans and sects from Selior city.

“He is waiting for you.”

The warrior guiding Balis eventually arrived in front of an open balcony which had a view of the palace and the six towers, and promptly left after informing Balis.

Balis took in a deep breath and slowly walked ahead towards the silhouette of a thin man facing the direction of the distant palace. His midnight black robes fluttered gently with the wind, and after a few seconds, the thin man finally turned around to reveal his dark eyes smiling at the owl-headed Elder.

His irises briefly morphed into draconic slits, but quickly reverted back.

“It’s good to see you again, Balis.”

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