Chapter 147: Lightning Under The Rain

Chapter 147 – Lightning Under The Rain

“Sir, when will you be selling more of these enhancing tiles? Please give me ten- no, just five, and I’ll pay you double of what you charge them normally!”

A man dressed in expensive clothes approached Calron in front of the shop and made his request.

Currently, all the God Tiles on the table were sold and none were remaining. When the crowd had seen that the metal tiles were all gone, several of them surrounded Calron and asked for exclusive deals.

“Sorry friends, but I don’t have any more of the tiles and need to wait until the Azure Pavilion sends me more.”

Calron shook his head in mock helplessness and finally relieved himself of the gathered crowd, as they all gradually dispersed away until only Calron and Roran remained.

Calron did not want anyone to know that he personally produces the God Tiles as that could cause many problems for the future, so he decided to act behind the Azure Pavilion and make it seem like he was just its employee.

“Big brother… I don’t know what to say…”

Roran mumbled in awe while staring down at the pile of gold squares in his hands. This was only a small amount, as most of the gold was stored in Calron’s spacial bracelet.

He had sold around thirty-two enhancing tiles and made over eighty gold in an instant. This was a business that would make any merchant drool with envy, but it also had several risks attached with it.

Calron was a nobody in front of the city’s authoritative powers, so they might try to make a move on him and monopolize the God Tiles. His ruse as acting the employee of the Azure Pavilion might thwart off the city’s factions momentarily until they investigated it, but once they find out that there was no organization in other cities by the name of Azure Pavilion, they would try invade his shop.

“Hahaha, this is only the beginning, brother. By the way, I am worried about Ellie, so return back to the inn and guard her until I return. There will be several people inquiring about us starting today and eventually it will lead them to the inn where we are staying.”

Calron turned serious towards the end, as he firmly instructed Roran.

“Leave it to me, big brother.”

Roran replied with a confident nod.

“Also, take some of this gold and give it to Jolt for the inn’s rent and the meals. We’ll need to celebrate today, so tell him to prepare his best kegs for tonight. I need to buy some things for the shop, so I’ll tour around the market.”

Calron handed Roran a stack of gold squares, and smiled with anticipation for the night. Jolt had helped him a lot during his stay in the city along with his aid in acquiring the shop, so Calron wanted to repay him for his generosity. 

“Don’t be late.”

Roran flashed a cheerful grin and left back for the Wandering Eagle.

Now, where can I find some carpenters and painters in the city?

Calron pondered with a smile as he turned around, and walked into the bustling market in the distance.


“It’s starting to become late…”

Calron murmured to himself as he gazed at the darkening sky above.

“Is this one fine, customer?”

A young boy asked Calron, holding a large wooden plaque next to him that spanned two meters long. The boy was a cultivator himself, so the carrying the heavy wood was an easy task.

For hours, Calron had been scouring the market for items that he would need for the shop and in search of them, he lost himself in time and it was now starting to get quite late.

“The size of this one is perfect, but I prefer the black wood over there.”

Calron replied by pointing at a meter-long black wood stationed at the back of the shop.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have more of the coal wood in stock but we can deliver by tomorrow morning if that is alright with the customer?”

The young boy inquired tentatively, scratching his head in embarrassment.

“That is fine, I’ll take it.”

Calron chuckled at the boy’s nervousness. It seemed likely that today was the first day that the boy was put in charge of the shop and was trying his best.

“That’s great! We’ll take fifty silver for the deposit now and you can pay the rest after the wood has been delivered.”

The boy stated with enthusiasm, as he began noting down Calron’s purchase onto a sheet of paper next to him.

“Thanks for the hard work, kid. I’ll be waiting for the delivery tomorrow.”

Calron smiled at the boy, and left the shop after giving the Azure Pavilion’s address for the delivery.

*pat*    *pat*

A few drops of water splashed on the ground in front of Calron, causing him to glance at the approaching grey clouds above.

“Looks like it will rain soon.”

Calron walked faster, but eventually decided to run when he saw the rain pouring down in a frenzy.


Calron cursed out loud in the middle of an empty alley, realizing that in his haste he had forgotten the directions back to the inn and was now stranded in a place he had never been before.

“I think I came from that way.”

Calron decided to back-track his movements until he reached a spot that he recognized.


Calron’s eyes widened in shock, sensing a bloodthirsty bolt of lightning heading his way. If it wasn’t for his extraordinary ability to detect lightning essence in the air, then even as a lightning cultivator, Calron would not have been able to sense it so fast.


A thick spear made of golden lightning struck the air where Calron’s head was a moment ago, and instead pierced the ground, creating a massive crater.

Thin flashes of lightning surrounded the crater until the golden spear slowly eroded away.

“So, you’re a lightning cultivator as well… this is interesting.”

A gravely voice sounded out from above Calron, as a burly figure of a man descended from the air and crashed onto the ground in front of him.

Streaks of grey invaded Calron’s eyes and gradually the world turned to grey and white.


The sound of rain hitting the ground echoed in the area, as two soaked figures faced off against each other.

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