Chapter 144: Blood Sacrifice

Chapter 144 – Blood Sacrifice

“Make sure that no one else enters the room, Roran.”

Calron said quietly while turning to his brother, and then walked towards the edge of the bed where Ellie was sleeping.

Roran gave a quick nod and remained at the door’s entrance with his arms folded in front of him. He also expanded the radius of his surveillance, making sure that no trace of foreign essence would approach their room.

On the other hand, Calron gently shook Ellie awake and then checked her internal body with his Divine Perception.


Ellie groaned with sleepiness, not sure whether or not it was indeed Calron that was in front of her. After their initial encounter at the slave trader’s shop, Ellie had never seen Calron again, and it was her first time looking so close at his face.

Calron would have preferred not to have woken up the tired girl for the Blood Sacrifice technique, but since the procedure would re-form the bones in her body, it was significantly painful, so it was better for Ellie to be awake in order to endure the pain.

“Don’t call me Master, just call me big brother.”

Calron said kindly while gazing into Ellie’s dark eyes.

“No, Master is Master…”

Ellie repeated resolutely.

“I will be using a technique on you that will cure your bones, but it might cause a lot of pain. Is that alright with you?”

Calron sighed at the young girl’s refusal to call him big brother, and went on ahead to ask her permission for using the Blood Sacrifice.

“Does that mean that Master can cure my body? If it is truly possible, then no matter the pain, I will endure it, so in the future I can repay Master back for his kindness.”

Ellie weakly pulled up her upper body to an upright position on top of the bed.

I wonder what this poor girl’s past is.

Calron was curious as to what had happened with Ellie and how she ended up as a slave; however, now was not the right time.

“I need you to empty your mind, and focus on the happiest memory you have in your life. The pain will only last a few minutes and, if you can endure it, then I promise you that your body will be completely cured.”

Calron bent down to look deeply into the young girl’s eyes, asking her to trust in him.

“I will do as Master says.”

Ellie responded with a delicate smile and nodded her head once she was ready.


Calron glanced back at his brother and gave him a signal.

“Understood, big brother.”

Roran stated firmly, as he extended his arm towards Calron and Ellie.


A giant translucent water bubble formed around Calron and Ellie, preventing any sound escaping from the barrier.

“Get ready, Ellie.”

Calron whispered in a hoarse voice, as gusts of steam were already expelling from his body.

His appearance was very similar to his transformation under the Titan’s Fury, the only difference being the crimsoning of his skin.



Ellie let out a high-pitch scream of agony the moment Calron’s finger touched her skull.

If it wasn’t for Calron’s plan earlier to have Roran contain the screams, then the whole inn would have been struck with panic at the mournful cries of the young girl.

“Hold on, Ellie!”

Calron roared, his hair fluttering behind him as a hurricane of steam expelled out from his skin. It seemed as if his body was starting to crack under the pressure and there were already traces of his skin beginning to tear.

Calron’s blood was being rapidly consumed along with the source energy from the Blood Legacy’s pool.

However, as the seconds trickled past, striking changes were occurring within Ellie’s body. Sounds of bones cracking resounded within the sphere bubble along with Ellie’s screams, but it was clear to see that the girl was starting to look better. Her sunken cheeks gained a bit of flesh with the rest of her body, and her limbs seemed to have more strength than before.

Although the Blood Sacrifice only healed the weakened bones inside one’s body, Calron was expending more of his energy and blood so that he could temporarily give Ellie some of his regenerative powers.

“Big brother…”

Roran said silently to himself, his emotions in turmoil at seeing his brother torturing his own body so the young girl could be healed.

“Almost done now, Ellie…”

Calron gasped with exhaustion, feeling the life draining out of him.


Ellie continued to howl painfully, as her bones started to re-grow and strengthen her body.


Ellie’s thoughts reminisced back to her childhood, a memory that she thought she had forgotten.

It was the happiest moment of her life.

It was her family.


“Careful, big brother!”

Roran bolted over, catching Calron before he stumbled to the ground.

“Haaah… I’m exhausted, Roran. Take me back to the other room and send someone to bring me food in an hour. Return back to Ellie after that and protect her until she regains her consciousness.”

Calron instructed Roran, and just seconds after doing so, he fainted.

“Leave the rest to me.”

Roran smiled with pride at his big brother, and carried him to his new room.


The next day.


Calron groaned while stretching his body, and looked at the bright morning sun outside.

His body had completely recovered since yesterday. After Ellie had woken up from her sleep, she had been extremely excited with her new body, and she was constantly jumping up and down on the floor.

It was only after Calron insisted that she return to bed and pretend to still be sick, that the young girl finally relented. It was not that Calron wanted to curb Ellie’s excitement, but because it would look too suspicious if Ellie had recovered in a single night, especially after the healer had stated that she was in critical health not long ago.

Calron instructed Ellie to gradually show signs of recovery to others, and after a few days she could return back to ‘normal’.

After making sure the young girl was alright and telling Roran to watch out for her, Calron returned back to his room and continued with building more God Tiles.

This time, he had only used a quarter of the original metal sheet, so its effect was noticeably reduced from the version that Roran had tried earlier. After a whole night of preparing the God Tiles, Calron woke up feeling refreshed this new morning.

“Time to introduce the God Tiles to the world.”

Calron smiled in anticipation of the coming days.

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