Chapter 137: Opening A Shop

Chapter 137 – Opening A Shop


Calron withdrew back his claw and within seconds, the golden-scaled claw reverted back into his human arm.

Over the past few weeks, he had gotten much better at controlling his beast shape-shifting, and he was now able to semi-transform his body parts.

Roran let out an admiring whistle at the clean way in which Calron had killed the assassin. Even with the severed head on the floor, there was not a single drop of blood in sight. This was because Calron had imbued the essence of lightning into his claws and cauterized the wound while slicing through the assassin’s neck.

Calron knew that the man was coming to murder him because his Divine Perception had sent him a signal revealing the hidden killing intent of the assassin.

“Do you think that it was them?”

Roran asked in a low voice, his murderous intent seeping out from his body. He was no longer the same hesitant boy as before, and if someone threatened him, then he would no longer show any mercy.

Calron bent down on the floor and went through the assassin’s clothes. To even call this man an ‘assassin’ seemed like an insult to other assassins, as the intruder was very obvious with his movements and relied purely on his cultivation base to fight against Calron.

If he was a real trained assassin, then he would be able to stealthily kill someone many ranks above his own cultivation base. Therefore, Calron knew that this man was not a professional assassin, but more likely to be a normal cultivator or martial artist.

Calron did not find much on the dead man, besides a few silver coins and a vial of poison.

“At the very least, they were careful in not revealing their identity. He was most probably part of the knights that we encountered earlier, but we cannot be sure. It seems that we have already made a few unintentional enemies, Roran.”

Calron let out bitter smile while glancing at his brother, and slowly stood back up.

“Let them come, big brother! If they think they can kill us with this measly amount of force, then we will show them that we are not ones to be trifled with.”

Roran stated, as he pounded his fist against his chest.

“Haha, let’s clean this mess up and go downstairs to eat. It’s getting late.”

Calron chuckled at Roran’s proud declaration, and proceeded to burn the dead corpse with his lightning. 

He knew that this was not a simple assassination attempt, and that there was something involved with the blonde-haired girl whom he had met before.

What is her identity?

Calron brooded over this within his mind, while finishing up burning the corpse and making sure that there were no scorch marks on the floor. He planned on getting one of the maids to clean up the ashes from the floor.

After making sure that nothing else seemed out of place, the two teens closed the door behind them and headed downstairs.


*knock knock*

The knocking sound on the door woke Calron up, rousing him up from his sleep. 

“Come in, Tanny.”

Rubbing his groggy eyes, Calron slowly sat up on his bed and shouted for the young maid to enter.

“Kuh? How did you know?”

Tanny asked with a curious expression on her face as she slightly opened the door and peeked through it.

“Hahaha, what is it?”

Calron laughed while throwing the bed cover aside and standing up.

“Hehe, breakfast is almost about to end, and I didn’t see you guys come in the morning, so I thought I should remind you before everything runs out. Byee∼”

Tanny said with a cheerful smile, and ran downstairs.

“Ugh… I think we had too much to drink last night.” Calron groaned while massaging his head.

It was the first time that the two brothers had drank, and they didn’t know their capacity until they were already drunk.

“Oi, wake up!”

Calron nudged Roran’s body, trying to wake up the sleepy youth.

“Just a bit more… big brother…”

Roran mumbled, covering his head with the blanket and going back to sleep.

“Wake up, or there won’t be any breakfast.”

Calron yawned as he began changing his clothes and getting ready to wash his mouth and face.

“Not fair!”

Roran got up quickly at the mention of missing breakfast, but did not stop to complain about it.

“I’m going down now, hurry up.”

Calron yelled from the door after he finished getting ready, and walked downstairs.

I will need to gather some information about the city before I make my move.

Calron thought while treading down the stairs. He currently did not have much information about the major powers here and especially after the assassination attempt yesterday, he decided that he needed to know more.

He initially intended to search for the Raizel family, but he wanted to first assess their situation within the city before he even attempted to reveal himself.

“Morning, Jolt!”

Calron warmly greeted the short innkeeper and pulled himself a chair to sit down at one of the empty tables. During last night’s drinking, Calron had gotten to know more about the reticent innkeeper and they had rapidly developed a friendly relationship.

“Morning, lad! I’ll send Kara to fetch you some breakfast.”

Jolt yelled back and waved to a nearby brown-haired maid to get some food from the kitchen.

After a few minutes, the maid returned with a full tray of food and she smoothly placed it in front of Calron while giving him a bright smile. All the maids and workers at the Wandering Eagle liked Calron, as he was always polite to them, but more importantly, yesterday he had stopped a drunken cultivator from harassing Tanny. The workers at the inn all found out that this gentle-looking youth was in fact a fearsome cultivator.

This only served to increase their goodwill towards him.

“Hey Jolt, can I ask you something?”

Calron said after eating a few mouthfuls of his buttered bread.

“Sure lad, what do you need?”

Jolt walked towards Calron’s table and pulled himself a chair.

“As you know, I am new to this city so I need some information.”

Calron began while looking at Jolt, and the latter simply nodded in response.

“I want to know where is the best place to set up a shop? I don’t have much funds at the moment, so somewhere simple and affordable is best.”

“Hmm… for a shop, the best place is definitely within the inner city but the rent of a single shop there is easily within the range of a hundred gold squares for a month, so that might be too pricey for you. You can try setting up a shop here in the outer city near the Travias District. I have a friend who has been looking to close his shop and move into another district, so I can contact him for you. The rent is usually around fifteen gold for a month but I think I can convince him to give it to you for twelve gold.”

Jolt replied with a slight smile.

“That would be amazing, Jolt, thank you very much!”

Calron said excitedly and conveyed his gratitude. It was clear that the innkeeper knew that the boy did not have much money, so he decided to lend a helping hand.

“If you’re opening up a shop, then you should get some slaves as well.”

Jolt said in an afterthought, while he brushed off Calron’s thanks. For Jolt, helping Calron in this matter was hardly worth mentioning when compared to the fact that the boy had previously helped his niece from a dangerous situation. 

He did not have a high cultivation and if Jolt had waited for the city guards to arrive last night, then Tanny might have been seriously hurt. 

“Slaves? We can buy slaves in the city?”

Calron widened his eyes, taken aback by this piece of news.

This changes my plans for by a bit.

Calron inwardly let out a slight smile.

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