Chapter 133: Selior City

Chapter 133 – Selior City

“Do you remember everything that I said?” Elder Balis inquired, gazing down at the two human youths.

“Yes. We will make sure to contact you after a few days.” Calron replied in a calm voice, continuing to sip his warm tea that the group had made earlier by collecting various herbs.

It had been four days since they began their journey, and now they were only a few hours away from reaching the outskirts of Selior city. The journey took much shorter time than Balis expected, this was mainly due to the astonishing speed that Calron displayed. 

Although, Calron could not match the Elder’s maximum speed in the air, he was very close to it. This certainly befuddled Balis, since a Vajra stage cultivator nearing a Saint stage expert’s agility was simply unheard of.

He was tempted to use his soul power to delve into Calron’s mind and uncover his secret, but he restrained himself as it would be counted as simply bullying a junior.

“Leave half a day after me, and make sure not to get into trouble. I’ll see you both soon there.”

A pair of massive feathery wings spurted behind the Elder, as he gave a final nod to Calron and flew away from their camp.

Balis had previously suggested that they enter the city separately, as two unknown youths in company of a Guardian would draw too much unneeded attention. Unlike the Beast city in the Desolate Mountains, Selior city was far larger and multiple factions held authority there. Even the politics of the city were much more complicated, so Balis wanted to make sure that they took all the precautions.

Calron continued sipping his tea, his mind distracted by various thoughts. He knew from Valis’ memory that the Raizel clan was situated in Selior city and they were one of the major factions there. He was nervous at the prospect of finally meeting his blood relatives, but his thoughts constantly coming back to one thing:

Why was his father isolated from the Raizel clan?

It did not make sense how a secretive clan like the Raizel clan would allow one of their members to split away. Unlike the case with Valis’ mother where she was kicked out, the Raizel clan would still secretly keep tabs on her. However, Calron knew that the clan was not even aware of his father’s existence and similarly, his own existence.

“Sigh… I’ll figure it out once I meet them.”

Calron breathed out while placing down his emptied coconut shell, and glanced at the nearby Roran.

“He’s changed quite a lot in these past few years.”

Calron smiled, seeing his brother cultivating his essence with diligence. Roran had been seated in the meditative position for more than an hour and he remained cultivating. Strands of ice-blue essence orbited him, exuding a faint aura of chilliness akin to that of a calm blizzard.

Each of Roran’s breath oscillated with the wave of nature, his muscular chest softly rising and falling.

I wonder how far he has trained in the Blood Legacy… but sadly, we do not have enough time for a spar right now.

Calron thought while walking towards the seated boy and gently tapping him on his shoulder.

“Time to go, brother. We will be flying much slower this time so we have a few hours of gap between the Elder’s arrival and ours.” Calron conveyed.

“Understood. Big brother, it might be late to ask this now… but what are we going to be doing in the city exactly?”

Roran laughed, as he slowly stood up and patted the dust from sitting on the ground off his clothes.

“Hahaha, I can’t believe that you are asking this now. Well, my main reason for going to this city is to find some clues for a clan.”

“Clan? Are they our enemies?”

Roran cracked his knuckles with excitement.

“No… not exactly. However, I am not sure about how they will react to us either. I do not wish to hide anything from you, Roran, but there is a high chance that this clan is related to my family and shares the same beast blood as me.” Calron answered in a grave tone, waiting for his brother’s reaction.

“You mean that they are big brother’s relatives? That is great! Let’s hurry up, so you can finally meet them!” A bright smile lit up Roran’s innocent face. 

Similar to Calron, Roran had a tough and lonely childhood. Although it was not as bad as Calron’s past, it was similarly grieving. His own step-mother had tried to poison him once, which ultimately crippled his meridians. She even prevented his sister from visiting him, so he was lonely most of the time. If it wasn’t for Elias passing on the inheritance of the Blood Legacy, Roran would have remained a cripple his whole life.

So he was naturally happy that Calron had a family, as he himself understood how it felt to be alone in the world.

“Uhn, let’s go.”

Calron smiled back at his brother. Looking at his jubilant expression, Calron did have the heart to tell him that the Raizel clan would not necessarily welcome them as they did not even know about Calron’s existence.


“One gold square for one admission, so two gold squares for the both of you.” A skinny and bearded guard stated roughly, his bored eyes staring at Calron and the line behind him, suggesting to the boy to hurry up and pay.

“There you go.”

Calron smoothly placed two gold squares on top of the bearded guard’s palm and he received two pieces of written paper from another guard standing nearby. Balis had already informed them about the entrance fee to the city and he had also given them more than enough coins for staying at an inn as well.

“Keep these papers with you at all times. If you lose them, you will have to pay an additional gold square for a copy.” The other guard spoke nonchalantly and proceeded to deal with the other newcomers behind Calron and Roran.

“Big brother, let’s go find your family!” Roran cheerfully laughed out loud, and passed through the gate while Calron followed behind him with amusement.

“Wow… ”

The moment that they stepped past the gate, both Roran and Calron stared dumbly at the city in front of them.


Deep in the Desolate Mountains.

A small white beast stood still under the heavy force of the waterfall above. The white lion’s silky fur was drenched with water, but the beast continued to keep its eyes shut.

All of a sudden, it flashed its eyes open and stood up on its hind legs while letting out a fearsome punch. A small sound of an explosion echoed near the river in front of him. 

This was the explosion of air itself.

It was also the first step of the Blood Legacy… The Formless Fist.

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