Chapter 132: Hidden Plans

Chapter 132 – Hidden Plans

“Do you both wish to join the sacred Order of the Guardians?”


Roran stared dumbly at the owl-headed man while he scratched his head in confusion.

He did not know who the Guardians were and this was the first time that he had even met the Elder.

“Elder must be joking, right?”

Calron frowned, taken aback by Balis’ question. He had not even known the Elder for that long, so it was suspicious for Balis to invite him to join the Guardians. Moreover, the Elder had even invited Roran whom he had just met a few seconds ago.

“No. I would never joke with the integrity of our Order. So, what is your answer?” Balis asked calmly, his emerald irises gazing at the two youths before him.

Calron briefly shut his eyes in contemplation, and replied with another question, “Please tell me the reason why you chose us?”

“Very well. I chose you simply because of your potential. You are young, but you have already reached the eighth rank of the Vajra stage. You might be able to hide your cultivation from Tarnila through the use of your lightning essence, but it’s useless against me. I will not ask how you were able to suddenly breakthrough so many levels, as it defies common sense and I know you will not reveal it to me even if I asked. However, it is clear to see that you have talent.”

Balis slowly stood up.

“The Order of the Guardians is currently corrupted, and I would need help in restoring them back to their original purpose. I can sense that the boy next to you shares the same Martial Legacy as you, hence I invited him as well. Now that I have stated my reason, what is your answer?” Balis inquired in a serious tone.

Roran stood silently beside Calron, leaving the decision entirely up to his brother as he still had no idea what the owl-headed man was talking about, but it definately sounded important.

Calron returned Balis’ gaze and they stood like that for a full five seconds.

Letting out a light sigh, Calron responded, “I apologize, Elder, but we will have to reject your proposal.”

“If you join the Order, you will be given ancient Martial techniques and cultivation arts that even Heavenly stage experts will fight over for. We have medicinal pills and members who have long ago exceeded the Heavenly stage, and they have broken into a realm even above that. Does that change your mind?”

Balis changed his tactics, and tried to tempt the teen with the benefits of joining.

“My answer is still the same.” Calron stated in a resolute voice, as he shook his head. 

Balis looked stunned with the answer, as if he never expected that the boy would still reject him after his last offer. Any cultivator in the major cities would scramble at the chance of joining the Order of the Guardians, and some experts would even lower themselves to the status of servants just so they could claim that they were a part of the Order.

Seeing the expression on the Elder’s face, Calron explained.

“I do not know much about the Guardians, but it is clear that they exist for a purpose and that is to protect the world. I do not have any wishes to fight for the world… the very same world which did nothing when my family was murdered. I only wish to protect my friends and the people close to me, and I am not selfless enough to sacrifice my life just so that the Royalty and Nobles continue to exploit people like me.”

“The Guardians do not work for either the human or the beast Royalty. We are a separate existence who protect the common people of the world.” Balis conveyed, realizing that it was harder to convince the boy than he initially thought.

“Can you guarantee that? Even you, yourself, said that the Order of the Guardians was corrupted. I do not want to enroll myself in such a chaotic organization. Elder, you said that we will be travelling to Selior city. I think we should get started on our journey.”

Calron could instinctively sense that the owl-headed Elder was a good person, but even with that, he would not want to put himself and Roran into a messy situation. Besides, he still had to find the members of the Raizel clan and that took more precedence than the Order.

“Sigh… I can’t refute your words, and the Order is indeed not what it once used to be. Just know that the offer still stands open if you decide to change your mind in future.”

Staring at Calron’s determined face, Balis softly breathed out, knowing that he would not be able to change the young human’s decision. 

“I will keep it in mind.” Calron answered politely with a light smile.

“Let’s get started then. It will take us roughly five days or so to reach Selior city depending on our flying speed. I assume you will be able to carry your human friend without any difficulties?” Balis asked with a glance at Roran’s large and muscular frame.

“Hahaha, I will be fine, Elder. Let’s begin.” Calron laughed, as he patted Roran’s back while the other teen simply sulked at Balis’ comment.


The sounds of scales grating against each other echoed on the cliff. 


At a luxurious garden, two people stood standing in front of a colorful flower bed. The birds chirped a melodious tune, as they fluttered about from one flower to another. Their figures were similar in height, but the man on the right appeared to be slightly bulkier.

“My Lord, the Raizel family seems to be in a frenzy for the past few days. Even Kail Raizel has withdrawn from Millitary affairs and he seems to be busy with something else. Do you think that they are making a move?” 

The bulky man asked in a quiet voice, while continuing to gaze at the flowers in front.

“I don’t think that they discovered our plans yet, or they would already be charging towards our clan. It appears to be another matter… However, I am curious as to what could cause such a reaction from the usual quiet clan. Contact some of our spies and see if they can gather any information.” 

The thinner man spoke in a husky voice, a sharp glint in his dark eyes.

“I will do so, my Lord.” The bulky man stated in a serious voice, and turned around as he was about to leave.

“Also, tell the red-haired bitch that Master has a new order for her.” 

The Lord commanded while letting out a sinister chuckle.

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