Chapter 129: Journey to Retrieve the Small Packages

Chapter 129 – Journey to Retrieve the Small Packages

“We will take revenge for Master, but now is not the correct time. We lack the strength to go against the Kingdom; however, that will change in the future.”

Calron stated with confidence, while squeezing Roran’s shoulder.

Although, he felt an immense fury at the treatment of his Master, he could not rashly charge into the Royal court and start wildly attacking. That was simply asking for death.

If the Royal court had the authority to randomly send a team of Saint stage experts for a little noble like Regis, then one could only imagine the number of powerhouse experts that the Royal family commanded.

In order to prevent the Royal court from intervening, Calron had to reach a stage where the Human Emperor himself would be afraid to offend him.

“B-but they are the Royal court! We cannot go against them!”

Roran protested. Even though he wanted to take revenge for his Master, he grew up within a Noble family so he knew exactly the extent of dominion that the Royal court had. Two kids wanting to take revenge against them was simply laughable.

“Hahaha, who says that we can’t go against them? They were once lowly cultivators just like us! If they can reach that stage, why can’t we? Remember Fatty, we are the inheritors of Master’s Blood Legacy… it is our destiny to conquer our enemies!”

Calron chuckled, his azure irises glimmering under the moonlight.

“Hey! Don’t call me Fatty anymore! Don’t you see all this muscle? Hehe, even big brother is smaller than me!”

Roran retorted, proudly flexing his arm muscles in front of Calron’s face.

“Mmm? What did you say? Do you want another beating right now?”

Calron glared down at his brother, as he proceeded to sit beside him.

“Eh? What beating? Of course big brother can call me whatever he wants, I was just joking… hehe…”

Roran hurriedly replied, beads of sweat already forming on his forehead.

After a few seconds, both teens laughed out loud in amusement. It felt like they were back to old times and with no worries in their minds. The two brothers comfortably laid back down on the grass, as they gazed up at the starry night.

A gentle breeze drifted past their bodies, enveloping them with the pleasant coolness of the night.

“Do you really think that we can become powerful enough to avenge Master?”

Roran asked softly, as he continued to stare at the dark sky above.

“I would never lie to you, Roran. As long as we are together, there will be no one that can stop us in the future.”

Calron slowly replied in an unwavering tone.

Taking a sideways glance Calron and seeing the confident shine within his eyes, a peaceful smile began to cover Roran’s face.

Big brother still has not changed in all these years.

Roran thought with a cheerful mood.

“You know; big sis has been worried about you for all these years. She used to keep asking if I knew you were safe or not. I wish there was a way to send a message to Master so they could all know that you are fine.”

Roran mumbled, his eyelids slowly opening and closing with drowsiness.

“Felicia? As far as I remember, your big sister was too violent…”

Calron yawned, tiredness taking over him.

“Eh? Big sis is so kind and gentle…”

Roran muttered, as his eyes finally closed.

That was only in front of you, idiot.

Calron last thought, before finally succumbing to sleep.




Calron abruptly gasped for breath, feeling a heavy weight on his chest. Quickly opening his eyes, Calron stared into a pair of big innocent purple irises.

The bright sunlight penetrated though his eyelids, pushing away all the drowsiness he was feeling.


Avi whined, as she licked Calron’s face. It was clear that the wolf pup was hungry and wanted some breakfast.

“I think I will die in my sleep if you do that again after a month, especially at the rate you are growing.”

Calron coughed, picking up Avi from his chest and slowly standing up.


Avi sourly nipped at his heel, disgruntled by his comment of her becoming too fat.

When did this rascal learn about these stuff?

Calron pondered inwardly with a laugh. It was surprising to see that Avi understood the social rules without even interacting within a society.

What Calron forgot was that Avi had the ability to inherit her bloodline’s memories and techniques, so she was already growing mentally.

“I meant that you were growing up! Everyone grows through that process and it’s completely normal.”

Calron said in a placating tone, bending down to ruffle Avi’s head.

The dark wolf pup let out a snort, and settled down on the ground.

*snore*   *snore*

Hearing the loud snoring, Calron treaded to the only remaining sleeping figure on the ground.

“Oi! Wake up!”

Calron kicked Roran in the butt, promptly waking up the confused victim.

“Big brother, I have very delicate skin, please don’t bruise it.”

Roran gingerly rubbed his backside, while letting out a long yawn.

“Go find some fruits or berries nearby, and I will hunt for some meat. After eating, we will go to our next location.”

Calron conveyed, stretching his arms and warming up his muscles under the morning light.

“Why do we need fruits? Only meat is enough, so let me sleep for a bit more.”

Roran grumbled, preparing to lie back down.

“Avi likes to eat fruits after meat, so it’s for her. Stop complaining and go.”

Calron chuckled at the expression on Roran’s face, and swiftly left the area to find some unlucky beast.



Roran belched with satisfaction, as he patted his bulging stomach.

Even Avi let out a tiny burp, her tail wagging with content.

“Alright, now that we are done, let’s go to our real destination.”

Calron said, looking at his two companions with humor.

“Where are we going? If it’s far we should find some beasts to ride.”

Roran replied absentmindedly, as he took a big gulp of water from his skin container.

“No need, we will be flying there.”

Calron’s voice sounded out, and before Roran could reply back asking how they were going to fly, Calron’s body started to transform and golden scales emerged from his skin.

“I don’t think I will ever get used to big brother being a bird…”

Roran sighed as he remembered the first time he met Calron as a giant golden bird. After reaching the eighth rank of Vajra stage, Calron’s beast form was even larger than before, almost reaching the length of five meters.

“This will be a quick stop as we just need to pick up some small packages and we will return back to the Beast city.”

Calron’s voice echoed, as he stretched out his wings and began flapping them.

“What are the packages, big brother?”

Roran curiously asked, while climbing up on giant golden bird. Avi was already used to this process, so she was comfortably sitting in the spot between the two metallic wings.

“Just some little brats, haha.”

Calron burst into laughter, his memories going back to the naughty monkey and the band of unruly beast brats.


Roran scratched his head in confusion at Calron’s response.

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