Chapter 128: The Truth About What Happened

Chapter 128 – The Truth About What Happened

“Wait… you mean… Master is not dead?”

Calron whispered, his face stunned in shock at the news.

“Eh? You didn’t know?”

Roran inquired in confusion.

This was not his fault, as he had not seen his Master use Titan’s Fury like Calron and only met him after the conflict was over. Meanwhile, Calron was with his Master until the end and had witnessed Elias’ meridians beginning to erode away the moment his Master triggered the Blood Legacy to save him.

“How is this possible? I still cannot sense his bridge within the source pool…”

Calron stated, as he once again sent his consciousness inside the source pool to confirm this fact.

“Master did survive, but… “

Roran sighed with melancholy, as put down the piece of meat and stared at the ground with profound sadness.

“What happened?”

A trace of coldness seeped into Calron’s voice. His Master was prepared to sacrifice his own life for his, so if any harm came to Elias, then Calron would make sure that the perpetrators would pay for their sin.

“Master actually wanted to come with me to look for you when I ran away from home, but it is too dangerous for him right now. The reason is because… he is physically crippled and moreover, his meridians have been destroyed so he cannot practice Marital Arts or use the Blood Legacy.”

Roran spoke gently, brooding within his own thoughts that he did not notice the signs of bubbling anger on Calron’s face.

“What do you mean physically crippled?”

Calron took a deep breath before asking the question.

He already knew that his Master’s meridians would be destroyed after forcefully using Titan’s Fury. Elias was already an Element-less so he couldn’t cultivate essence, but now without his meridians, he couldn’t even use the Blood Legacy or any Martial Art.

Calron could not imagine how his Master was feeling right now. For a prince of a forgotten Kingdom and mighty general, this stroke of misfortune would be enough to make him take his own life.

“Master’s right arm… was cut off.”

Roran’s bloodshot eyes filled with grief bore into Calron.


Even the wind and the fluttering leaves seemed to be frozen in time.

Blood violently rushed within Calron’s veins, his heart furiously pumping it into his body, almost like feeding it more anger and fury.


Calron closed his eyes slowly, but the bulging veins around his body and the red tint on his skin spoke of the extent to which he was restraining his wrath.

“It was the City Lord, Regis! I wanted to kill him right there, but I was stopped by my father’s shadow guards. Even my father wanted to massacre Regis and his family after he found out that Master was my teacher, but Regis is still a Noble of the Kingdom and my father can’t take any action without any reason. In front of the Nobles’ rules, it was simply Regis punishing a citizen of his city.”

Roran continued with sorrow, pulling his knees to his chest and burying his head within them.

“I trained everyday relentlessly, as I wanted to become stronger so I could take revenge for Master on my own. However, it was all useless… Regis pleaded the Royal court for protection in case my father decided to act, and they sent him the elites of the army. I thought I could still take them on, but those soldiers… were all at the Saint stage!”

Roran’s voice was miffed, as his head was still buried within his knees but the sound of tears hitting the soil could be heard under the silent night.

“I did not know why the Royal court would even send elites of that level for a useless City Lord like him, but they did. They suppressed my father until him and the Shadow guards were forced to leave the city and back to our home territory. We passed by the Desolate Mountains on our way, and I knew big brother was here so I sneaked away in the middle of the night to search for you. Master came with me until the edge but without any strength, he would die in the mountains, so I begged him to return with my father. He really wanted to see you, big brother… I think he was more worried about you than his own crippled state.”

Roran’s voice choked at the end, but he continued.

“I knew I couldn’t take revenge on my own. Even though I cannot take revenge with my pitiful strength, I just wanted to see you. You always gave me hope when I was hopeless. If I never met you, I would still be the same weak fatty that everyone liked to bully.”

Sounds of sobbing could be heard, as Roran shared with his brother all the painful memories that had occurred after their separation. For a young child to experience all of this at a tender age was too cruel.

During this whole period, Calron remained silent.

Avi silently crawled towards Roran and nudged her little furry head against the human’s side in comfort.

“woof woof!”

It was at this moment that Calron stood up, and walked next to the seated Roran who still had his head between his knees.

“I am truly sorry, brother… you had to go through all of that alone.”

Calron spoke gently, his hand warmly landed on Roran’s shoulder.

“Look up. Do you see those stars? Even when surrounded by darkness, they continue to shine brightly. You are that star, brother.”

Roran slowly raised his head and gazed at the starry sky above. His tears already dried up on his cheeks.

The reflection of the numerous stars was glowing within Roran’s eyes, as the teen was captivated by the celestial scenery above.

“The stars can never exist without the light. Never forget the light around the star, brother, for that light is me. I will be there with you until the very end.”

Calron promised solemnly, his azure eyes illuminated by the glow of the moon.

“Big brother!”

Roran smiled brightly, rubbing his eyes with his hands to wipe away any remaining tears.

I will also make this other promise today, Roran. I swear to kill anyone who hurts you or Master. Since Regis dared, his life is already… forfeited. 

Calron made an oath inwardly, while staring into the glowing face of his brother.

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