Chapter 127: Reunited Brothers

Chapter 127 – Reunited Brothers


A gentle breeze floated around the tranquil grassland, the bushes faintly dancing along with the direction of the wind.

“This sucks! Nothing but grass, trees, then grass again, and even more trees… I wonder where big brother is.”

A tall and muscular youth bitterly complained, as he trudged dispiritedly through the grass. Equipped with light leather armor and a pair of shiny metallic gauntlets, the youth exhibited an aura similar to that of a trained warrior.

It had been weeks since Roran first entered the outskirts of the Desolate Mountains, and he still had no clue on how to go about searching for Calron. He tried using the connection from the Blood Legacy to locate his brother, but since he was not the Prime Inheritor like Calron, he could not use its full power.

“Seems like a little pest has latched onto me.”

Roran mumbled, as he rubbed his steel gauntlets together and wiggled his fingers.


A throaty growl resounded behind Roran, as a large cat-like creature stealthily pounced at him.

“Guess, I know what I am having for lunch right now.”

Roran calmly stated, as his body burst into a cloud of crimson smoke and instantly reappeared behind the beast. This was his Blood Shadow step.


The large feline beast let out a confused grunt, before it felt a hammer-like collision against its chest and life slowly faded out from its eyes.

It thought that the human would be an easy target since he carried no weapons. However, the current Roran was a completely frightening individual.

In the past, he was bullied for being fat and weak as a cultivator; however, after he awakened as an elementalist and inherited the Blood Legacy, his mind and body underwent an astonishing change.

Within the years that Calron had disappeared, Roran had been painstakingly cultivating his elemental essence and the Blood Legacy to the point where the reached the first rank of the Vajra stage.

He did not ever want to feel that helplessness he felt when he couldn’t help Calron back then.

Excluding Calron, Roran could now be said to be one of the most talented youths among the human kingdom.

“I should have brought some spices from home. Constantly eating these tasteless meat for the past few weeks has been killing my appetite. But, tasteless meat is still better than no meat…”

Roran dejectedly stated, as a bright blue strand of essence coalesced on top of his palm and he began using it to skin the carcass.


*Thump Thump*

It was at that moment, that the legacy’s source pool within his body started to rumble, and his heartbeat started to thump madly.


An ear-piercing screech of a bird echoed in the sky above Roran, his eyes wide in shock at the sight of a bird so humongous and magnificent at the same time. Golden scales shimmering under the sunlight, and wings sharper than a steel sword, the golden bird soaring above was truly a scene to behold.

“Shit! I don’t think I can fight that. It’s just my luck… that monster is coming directly towards me”

Roran stood up from the ground, his fists clenching in tension while he continued to stare at the rapidly descending beast.

“Eh? Is that… a puppy?”

It was a bizarre sight, seeing a tiny pup within the clutch of a giant bird, as what kind of mighty predator would hunt a small pup who hardly had any meat. What was even more strange, was that the pup had an utterly bored look on its face, almost like it was used to flying and not even slightly afraid of the beast holding it.

Why do I feel like I know that golden bird?

Roran pondered, his source pool still raging inside, trying to tell him something.

How could he have known that the big brother he was looking for, was actually the quickly nearing golden bird!

Then, an incredible scene took place. Just as the massive golden bird was a few meters above ground, its body started to tremble and the golden metallic scales shrunk in size, while the wings withdrew back. Bit by bit, the body of the bird became smaller, until it resembled a young human teen.

Gracefully catching the dark-furred puppy mid-air, the human teen weightlessly landed on the ground.

“Heavens… you… you can’t be…”

Roran stuttered, failing to talk properly.

Although most might not recognize the human teen before him, but how could he not know the face of his brother? Dark obsidian-like hair, chiseled cheekbones which still contained a hint of youthfulness, and especially those eyes, bright azure eyes that exuded an aura of unrivaled strength.

“You’re still such a little wimp.”

Calron said softly, his voice full of warmth and affection as he saw the tears drip from Roran’s face. Avi leapt from Calron’s hold and landed on the ground.

“Hahah, sniff… I finally found big brother… sniff”

Roran sniveled, his voice choked with emotion.

“I missed you… brother.”

Calron swiftly appeared in front of Roran, and pulled him to a tight hug.

Calron did not even notice that his cheeks were already wet with tears.


“So, why is a runt like you here in the Desolate Mountains?”

Calron teasingly asked, as he chewed on a grilled chunk of meat.

After the long hug, the two brothers finally settled down at the grassland, while Calron quickly cooked the dead beast with his lightning.

“Runt? Hmph, say that to me once you’ve grown as me!”

Roran retorted, then resumed to gnaw on the roasted hind leg. Although Calron was now as tall as an average adult human, Roran was still taller than him by several inches.

“You little…”

Calron dropped the chunk of meat, and grabbed Roran’s neck while rubbing his knuckles against his head.

“Oww ow! I gib ub, I gib ub!”

Roran quickly surrendered, his mouth still full of meat.

“This is bullying! Except for Master and you, no one dares to insult me like this…”

Roran grumbled in dissatisfaction.

“Wait… you mean… Master is not dead?”

Calron whispered, his face stunned in shock at the news.

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