Chapter 124: Descendent of House Raizel

Chapter 124 – Descendent of House Raizel

“Valis, what do you think of the humans?”

A man with long bright-red hair asked, as he swung his sword towards his opponent.

“They are weaklings, and most are greedy for wealth and power, your Majesty.”

Valis calmly responded, parrying the incoming strike and returning an attack back at the Emperor.

“Do you know what my father said before he handed me the throne? He said that we must start to work on an alliance with the humans.”

The Emperor’s scarlet eyes burned with seriousness, while Valis remained silent.

“We will soon be facing off against an enemy that will bring the destruction of our continent, and if we do not join hands with the humans, it could mean our end.”

The Emperor spoke in a solemn tone, sheathing his sword and gesturing for Valis to follow him.

The two began walking back towards the palace, and the stationed guards gave their respected salutes each time the Emperor and the Captain passed by them.

“I need you to do something for me, Valis.”

The Emperor started, glancing at his most trusted friend and subordinate.

“Anything that you command, I will complete the mission to the best of my abilities, your Majesty.”

Valis calmly conveyed.

“I want you to arrange a small elite unit and depart for Selior city. Get into contact with the human clans and aristocracy and initiate a hand of friendship and establish a trade deal. We will test the waters by trading our goods and then form an alliance.”

The Emperor laid out his plans and waited for Valis’ response.

“Do you believe the humans will choose to ally themselves with us?

Valis inquired with clear doubt in his voice.

“I might be naïve in hoping so, but if we do not even try to approach them then both our races will be in peril.”

The Emperor stated with a sad smile. Even he knew that his plan was too ambitious and the nature of humans will be hard to change.

“I will carry out your wishes, your Majesty.”

Valis knelt on the ground as he accepted the mission and bowed his head.

Gazing at the slender back of the man before him, he felt as if the Emperor was carrying the burden of the world on his shoulders.

I miss your cheerful smile of the past, your Majesty.

Valis inwardly thought, and left to gather his troops.


“I will take my leave now, mother.”

Valis wished his mother goodbye, as he did not know how long he would have to stay in Selior city.

“Valis, one moment.”

His mother interjected, as she stood up and walked towards him.

“If- If you come across the House of Raizel… could you please see how they are doing?”

Elna asked nervously, her deep azure eyes requesting for this favor.

“I can’t promise to be civil, but I will visit them for you.”

Valis sighed, his anger for the Raizel family had dissipated through the years as he found the true reason for them banishing his mother but a slight hostility still remained.

“Thank you.”

A glowing smile covered Elna’s face, as she softly patted Valis’ rough cheek.


More than hundred fragments of memory darted within Calron’s mind, but his mental strength was exhausted and he failed to experience any more of Valis’ memories.

“He was your clan member, despite having more dragon blood in him than of yours, he still had a streak of of the Raizel blood. If he had awakened the fearsome Azure Lightning before his death, then with his power in the top tiers of Saint stage, he would have been able to threaten even experts in the Heavenly stage.”

Ezkael said with remorse, watching the last vestiges of the dragon soul vanishing. As both his and Calron’s soul were connected, he glimpsed the same memories that his student did.

“Kid, I think we should pay the Emperor of the Desolate Mountains a little visit… Calron?”

Ezkael voice was tinted with confusion, realizing that the boy had not responded for a long time. Glancing sideways at his student, the smoky face of Ezkael turned to shock.

The strange white symbol had reappeared on top Calron’s forhead, and his irises were now colored grey instead of the usual azure shade.

However, the shocking fact was not that Calron was using his Divine Perception, but that the last remaining traces of the dragon’s soul were being sucked into white symbol on his forehead.


 A transcendent pearl-white glow filled the area around them, making the daylight appear even more brighter.


Torrents of Azure Lightning from the fading dragon soul crackled wildly around Calron, and the bolts started to seep into his body.


The azure electric snake suddenly coalesced behind Calron, its body starting to coil around the boy.

“What in the heavens is happening here?”

Ezkael muttered with befuddlement. He had never heard of a mortal being capable of devouring the soul of another… that ability was privileged to only the Immortals in the upper realms!

Calron’s body abruptly shuddered, and he slowly began to sit down on the ground. From the blank expression on the boy’s face, it was clear that he was not consciously doing so.

This is starting to worry me, should I stop this?

Ezkael battled within his mind.

Not knowing what was happening with Calron’s body was beginning to scare Ezkael. The power of the soul was a mysterious thing and only when one reached the Saint stage could they start to comprehend its mysteries. With Calron’s cultivation still within the Vajra stage, the absorption of a foreign soul could completely destroy his mind.


The electric snake around Calron’s body hissed in a displeasured tone as it turned around to face Ezkael, almost as if questioning the ghost’s intelligence. “Do you think I will let any harm come to my Master?” The reptilian eyes seemed to convey.

This boy truly has a penchant for trouble.

The Teacher hopelessly sat down and patiently waited for Calron to wake up.


Deep within Calron’s consciousness, a draconic voice rumbled.

“I will lend you my strength…. decendent of my mother’s family…”

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