Chapter 123: Memories of a Soul

Chapter 123 – Memories of a Soul

In a small library, a silhouette remained seated on a simple wooden chair as he silently read the book within his hands.

At this moment, the door of the small library room opened and a humanoid beast entered the library’s space.

“Your Majesty, I have returned.”

A tall man with a red draconic face stated, as he knelt on the ground. The light armor on his body shone with a rich metallic glaze, while his deep purple cloak fluttered behind him. A mysterious symbol was engraved on the cloak’s back.

“Jaron, what is the response from Selior city?”

A soft melodic voice breezed from the seated man.

“The clans are in favor, but the sects and the aristocracy are adamant in not taking any action.”

Jaron replied with a disappointed shake of his head.

“Sigh… humans are blinded by the present greed of wealth but cannot see the dangers of the future. Did you personally confront the royal family?”

The seated man asked calmly.

“I tried, your Majesty, but the guards refused to allow me entrance to the palace.”

“This is troubling… they openly refused to meet a member of the Guardians… do you think that we are too late?”

The seated man finally put down his book, as a flash of worry flickered across his face.

“I hope I am wrong as well, but the signs are all showing that the enemy has already infiltrated our continent. I’m afraid even the order of the Guardians is compromised, your Majesty.”

The red dragon-headed man stated, lowering his head in sadness.

As a member of the proud and noble Order of the Guardians, Jaron could not get rid of the anxiety about the future of his brothers and sisters.

“Alas, destiny has already been set in stone… anyways, let’s put these depressing thoughts aside and talk about the matter for the future.”

The Emperor’s mouth upturned into a gentle smile.

“Haha, your Majesty has already noticed.”

Jaron broke into a beaming smile, as he put his hand into the satchel at his side and lifted up a large golden egg.

“I am happy for you and Elna, Jaron. Have you decided a name yet?”

The Emperor laughed out loud seeing the jubilant expression on the usually stoic Guardian.

“We have… His name will be Valis!”


“I don’t think we should be doing this, your Highness.”

A meter-long tiny dragon vehemently shook his head, while staring at the cliff below them. His soft golden scales shined under the sun’s rays and his childish azure eyes worriedly glanced at the figure next to him.

“Haha, you worry too much, Valis! If you are so scared now, how will you become my protector when we grow up?”

A melodic adolescent voice spoke, as his bright scarlet eyes excitedly bore into Valis.

Standing next to Valis was a much tinier figure covered in flames. It almost appeared as if the figure was entirely made of a deep red inferno.

The tiny figure was the member of the legendary race of Phoenix.

“I will always protect your Highness!”

Courage started to bloom within Valis’ little heart when he heard his friend’s words, and his nervously swaying tail straightened up with confidence.

“Great! Whoever reaches the other side of the cliff will win and the loser will have to kiss Lisna. You ready?”

The little phoenix challenged the golden dragon, as he waltz towards the edge of the cliff with a confident swagger.

This is a grave matter… I cannot afford to lose this, but if I do Lisna will definitely give me a beating and if refuse this challenge, his highness will definitely be sad.

The little dragon thought while gazing at his companion. However, seeing the look of pure happiness on his friend’s face, all thoughts of backing away vanished and a single thought took over.

I will protect that smile.


Valis spread out his wings and leapt off the cliff.


A colossal golden bird with a length of a staggering eight meters flew in the sky, its metallic wings shimmering under the morning’s light.


Its cry pierced the clouds, scattering away any nearby beasts on the ground below.

“Mother, I thought Dad was going to teach me aerial combat?”

A golden dragon the same hue as the colossal bird steadily flew behind. Over three meters long and traces of dense muscle covering its limbs, the dragon emitted a strong aura.

“Why, is your mother not good enough?”

The golden bird sharply turned her head, glaring at the teen dragon following her.

“Ah- No! I meant, your teaching might be too complex and high-level for me.”

The dragon stuttered, especially under the piercing glare of his mother whose azure eyes resembled so much like his own.

“Nice save, kiddo. Anyways, your father is a little busy so I decided to teach you the basics myself and he can teach you the rest later.”

The bird stated, her mighty wings sending out gusts of wind each time they flapped.

“Besides, in an aerial combat, I could beat even your father… It would have been nice if you had awakened to the element of lightning instead of that lousy element of light.”

Elna grumbled quietly, but the little dragon was too busy within his own thoughts to pay any attention to her.

Actually, this might be the perfect time with mom alone. Dad told me never to ask her, but as her son I think I have a right to know. I don’t know why they still continue to hide this from me.

Valis brooded, and nodded his head as if he had made a decision.

“Hey mother, why don’t we ever visit your family? Where do they live?”

Valis bolted ahead, as he flew side-by-side with his mother and asked his question.

Elna was startled mid-flight, but continued on while staring at the tranquil horizon ahead.

“My family… they banished me.”

She spoke in a whisper, as memories of her father, mother, uncles and cousins dazed within her mind.

“What!? They banished you? Tell me their names, I will go and fight for you!”

Valis shouted out in rage.

“Hahaha, first learn how to properly fly and then you can fight.”

Elna shook her head out of the daze, and nudged her son mid-flight while letting out a fond chuckle.

“Besides, it was not their fault, it was mine and the consequence of my decision.”

Elna stated, and almost as if an afterthought, she added.

“Your name is actually the same as my father’s…. Valis Gior Raizel.”

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