Chapter 122: A Connection

Chapter 122 – A Connection

Divine pillars of light embedded themselves on the ground, entrapping the two shadows and forcing them to their knees.


The golden dragon roared to the heavens, lamenting his death and for leaving the side of his liege, the Emperor, at this critical time. He had already left his physical body and sent his consciousness into his soul dragon.

“You will pay for this.”

Vilas spoke softly, his golden maw now facing down to gaze at the two shadows.

The celestial pillars of light shone brightly at this moment, revealing the identities of the two shadows.


Vilas yelled out in fury, realizing that it was the humans who were trying to meddle in the affairs of the Desolate Mountain and were targeting the Beast Emperor.

“Die, scum.”

The golden dragon declared, as dozens of spears made of light penetrated into the humans’ bodies. Dark crimson blood soaked their robes, as the two bodies lifelessly fell to the ground.

These humans were only at the first and third rank of Saint stage and yet they dared to kill him. If he was not so desperate and the poison had not corroded all his meridians and essence, he would not be forced to destroy his elemental core for a final revenge.

If the golden dragon had known Elias’ technique, then he might not have had to sacrifice his life.

His only regret was dying in the hands of the weak humans.


The divine pillars of light began to break apart, signifying the incoming explosion.

“Forgive me, your Majesty… I will not be able to protect you from this coming danger in future.”

Vilas sighed, as he closed his eyes for eternal rest.


All of a sudden, bolts of mysterious lightning burst from within his broken elemental core and Vilas’ eyes flashed open with an azure glow.


“Hurry up and get back, kid!”

A familiar voice reverberated inside Calron’s mind.

“Teacher, you’re back. I have a lot questions to ask!”

Calron exclaimed as he abruptly stopped in his tracks.

“Leave that for later. Quickly change into your beast form and fly as far away as you can. Quickly, before you lose your life.”

Ezkael urged his student.

Sensing the slight trace of fear within his Teacher’s voice, Calron immediately complied as a series of golden scales covered his body and a pair of metallic wings spurt from his back.


Compared to his Blood Mist Step, his flying speed after Tarnila’s training was at least twelve times faster.

In the span of a few seconds, Calron was already close to the clouds in the skies when a thundering explosion quaked the earth just below him.

“What the- “

Completely stupefied that he had just narrowly escaped his death, Calron blankly stared at the waves of golden essence orbiting around the cave.

To be exact, the area which used be a cave. Now, it was just a crater surrounded by dry and barren land.

“It should be safe now, the explosion just now was a Saint stage expert combusting his elemental core and soul for a powerful attack.

Ezkael stated in a serious tone. Calron could feel from his voice, that his Teacher was greatly disturbed by this scene.

“Are they our enemies?”

Calron asked nervously, unsure of the reason why Ezkael was so perturbed.

“I… do not think so, but I sensed a very familiar presence before that expert’s death. Let’s go see what is in the center of the explosion, at the least, it is safe as I sense no alive creature nearby.”

Ezkael said slowly, as his ghostly form materialized on top of Calron’s scaly back.

“A familiar presence? But we don’t know many Saint stage experts, so who could it be?”

Calron inquired while flapping his wings and descending to the ground.

“The feeling… is the similar to yours, Calron… “

Ezkael quietly murmured, but with Calron’s enhanced senses he could clearly hear the shocking words that were spoken.

“You think it might be a member of House Raizel?”

Calron asked with a shaking voice, his beast body slowly reverting back to human.

How could he not be shaken? After finding out that members of his family existed somewhere in this world, it became his most important goal to reunite with them.

“I don’t know, let us enter the cave and see. Even though I don’t sense any presence, it’s best to be on guard.”

Ezkael warned while his smoky body drifted ahead.


Calron conveyed, but a hint of excitement was underplayed in that voice.


“This is a pity… “

Ezkael whispered morosely, staring at the hazy and transparent image of a golden dragon in front of him.

“Is it still alive?”

Calron questioned, staring at the flickering form of the dragon.

“No, the dragon has already died. What you see before you is the empty husk of its soul, or in other words, the empty container of the soul itself. It is already starting to fade away.”

Ezkael sadly stated, his ghostly hand passing through form of the golden dragon.

“I wonder what happened here.”

Calron muttered, glancing at the devastated land around him. He walked next to his Teacher and observed the fading soul of the dragon with curiosity. Even after its death, the magnificent presence of the dragon could not be denied. Compared to Weir, the presence of the golden dragon was much more intimidating and noble.

Why do I feel so sad for its death?

Calron pondered, as he slowly stretched out his hand to touch the disappearing form of the dragon.


Bolts of Azure Lightning abruptly crackled around his arm and burst into the dragon, as it rapidly covered the whole dragon.

Under an azure flash of light, the dragon opened its eyes.

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